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Sang'n Clarence CDs

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Sang'n Clarence "Greatest Hits"

Limited Stock. Get It While You Can

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1. Thank God Its Friday
2. Change Gonna Come
3. I Come To Party
4. Let Me Lick
5. Rocket In My Pocket
6. Ole' Dirty Rat
7. "Escalade"
8. Swingers Only
9. I Wanna Lay
10. 2ND Time Around
11. Cheatin' In The Same Room
12. Meals on Hills
13. Johnny Taylor Slide
14. Heaven
R.S. 13.99
  Sang'n Clarence "Layin' It Onya"*  
1. Ol Dirty Rat
2. Have Your Cake And Eat It To
3. Older Man, Younger Woman
4. Whatever
5. Mama Meant 'Dat
6. Runnin' In And Outta' My Life
7. I Just Wanna Lay With You
8. Till You Come Back
9. Nut Don't Fit A Screw
10. Don't Walk Away
11. Wake Up
Waldoxy 13.99
  Sang'n Clarence "It Ain't Mine" *  
1. It Ain't Mine
2. I Run This House
3. Got Me Burning
4. Yes I'm Ready
5. Lump in My Throat
6. Mama Told Me Not
7. For the Love of U
8. Hole in the Wall
9. Next Door Neighbor
10. Losers Weepers
11. Skin Tight
Da Blu 14.99



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