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Bobby Conerly CDs

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Bobby Conerly "Soul Singer: The Best Of" LISTEN

all his best plus brand new song **"Soul Singer (The Tribute)" a tribute song to Mel Waiters, BB King and more**

 1 So Beautiful
2 Take What's Left of Me
3 Now I Know What
4 Baby Can I Come Back
5 Belly
Rubbing Blues
6 Let Me Spend Some Time with You
7 Just How Bad I Feel
8 Never Had It so Good
9 7 Come 11
10 We Got to Make a Change
11 Wonderful Love
12 In Love Again
13 Letter from a Soldier
14 Soul Singer (The Tribute)
Aviara Music


Bobby Conerly "Take What's Left Of Me"

In Stock

1 We Got To Make A Change
2 In Love Again
3 Take What's Left Of Me
4 Belly Rubbing Blues
5 Home To You
6 Crossroad Of Life
7 Trap Of Infidelity
8 Just How Bad I Feel
9 I've Had Enough
10 7 Come 11
10 Same Thing That Made You Laugh
11 Now Unto Him
Aviara Music 12.49

Bobby Conerly "The New Old School"

In Stock

1 Now I Know What
2 Don't Do It
3 Baby Can I Come Back
4 So Beautiful
5 Lonely People
6 Let's Go Party
7 Never Had It This Good Before
8 Call On Me
9 Something About You
10 Wonderful Love
11 Let Me Spend Some Time with You
12 A Letter from a Soldier
Aviara Music 9.99



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