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Sir Jonathan Burton "Othership Connection" LISTEN

New CD featuring "Born To Sing Southern Soul Blues", "Beach Music Party" and an 11 minute remix of "Too Much Booty Shakin'"!


1. Born To Sing Southern Soul Blues
2. Beach Music Party
3. Willing To Try
4. Dynamite
5. Bull City Funk
6. Second Time Around
7. Anything Goes
8. The Party Don't Start REMIX 2
9. Shout Outs 4
10. Too Much Booty Shakin' 11 Minute REMIX
11.Already Missin'You
12. A Very Special Christmas

CDS 12.99
OB Buchana "Pop Yo' Bottle"  

1 You're Welcome to the Party
2 Pop Yo' Bottle
3 That's My Song
4 Turn It Up
5 Take My Wife Back
6 We Just Can't Leave Each Other Alone
7 O. B. Shuffle
8 Party on the Weekend
9 It Should Have Been Me
10 Private Party
11 What's the Deal

Ecko 14.49
Tucka "Groove City"  
 1 Bad News (Groove City)
2 Back to the Sweet Shop
3 Love Doctor
4 What's Your Flavor
5 Love Train
6 Give Me Music
7 Back in Stride
8 Blowing in the Wind
9 Touch Your Spot
10 Say You'll Be Mine
11 Move Something (Remix, Pt. 2)
12 Dancing With Fire
13 Slow & Easy
14 I'm Gonna Be Somebody
Groove City 13.99
Challenger "Under Shallow Seas" LISTEN

**This is a DANCE/POP CD released on the label CDS Records**

CDS 9.99
Pokey "Josephine Son Pokey" LISTEN

with guests Tucka, Tyree Neal and Stephanie McDee

1 Excuse Me
2 Swing Out
3 They Call Me Pokey
4 Don't Rock the Boat
5 I'm A Trail Rider
6 Do Tha Hokey Pokey (feat. Stephanie McDee)
7 Judy (feat. Dellanor)
8 The Gingerbread Man (feat. Tyree Neal)
9 Then You'll Know Love
10 Older Woman (feat. Dellanor & Akilah)
11 I Can't Spoil You
12 Float On (feat. Bruce Dillon)
13 Mr. Hit It and Quit It (feat. Mylana)
14 They Call Me Pokey (Remix) [feat. Tucka & Tyree Neal]
RMG 12.99
Various Artists "Blues Mix 13: Grown Folks Soul"

1 Turn It Up O. B. Buchana
2 That's My Song O. B. Buchana
3 Bobby's Gone John Cummings
4 Stay with Your Wife Sheba Potts-Wright
5 If You Can't Help Me (Remix) Carl Sims
6 Same Woman Donnie Ray
7 Energizer Bunny Ms. Jody
8 Mr. Do Right John Cummings
9 That Black Magic Donnie Ray
10 Weekend Lovin' Ms. Jody
11 What Goes Around Comes Around Sonny Mack
12 Private Fishing Hole Sheba Potts-Wright
Ecko 9.99
Rue Davis "Shake It Loose" LISTEN

1. Shake It Loose
2. I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled & Crazy
3. Bring It On Home To Me
4. Cher
5. I Got A Crazy Woman
6. Let's Make Some Whoopie
7. Let's Do The Shag
8. Talk To Me
9. Touch Me
10. Two Way Lover Affir
11. You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It To
12. Thank You Greeting
Kon-Kord 12.99
Various Artists "Southern Soul Smashes 4" LISTEN

includes 5 unreleased tracks including Floyd Taylor "I Like The Way (Remix)"


1 Sexy (Remix) Ricky White
2 I Like the Way (Remix) Floyd Taylor
3 Still Pretty Gregg A. Smith
4 Old School Girl Blind Ricky McCants
5 After Your Man Is Gone Patrick Henry
6 Get Yo' Dance On Uvee Hayes
7 A Woman's Needs Earl Duke
8 Meat on Them Bones Sir Jonathan Burton
9 She's Got That Ooo Wee Jerry L
10 I Dance Better Charles Wilson
11 Lockdown Stan Mosley
12 Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It Jim Bennett
13 When I'm Gone Luther Lackey

CDS 11.88
David Brinston "Back On Track" LISTEN  
1 Diamond in the Middle
2 One Way
3 Your Love (Is Unpredictable)
4 Tragic Love
5 911
6 What You Gonna Do (In the Morning)
7 It's Cold Out Here
8 Lonely Guy
Delta Down 12.99
Lou Pride "Ain't No More Love In This House"  
1. Ain't No More Love in This House
2. I Didn't Take Your Woman
3. Take It Slow
4. Never
5. She Boom Boom Me
6. We Can Do What We Want
7. Love Come Got Me
8. Key to the World
9. I Gotta Move On Up
10. Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
11. Holding Back the Years
Severn 11.99
Big Jay Cummings "Bobby's Gone" EP

John Cummings' tribute to Bobby Blue Bland


1. Can We Ever Go Home Again (Long Version)
2. Can We Ever Go Home Again (Radio Version)
3. Can We Ever Go Home Again (Karaoke Version)
4. Bobby's Gone (A Tribute to Bobby Blue Bland)
5. Bobby's Gone (A Tribute to Bobby Blue Bland) [Karaoke Version]
6. Bobby's Gone (A Tribute to Bobby Blue Bland) [Instrumental Version]

Jaden 3.99
Carl Sims "Are You Serious?" LISTEN  
1 Are You Serious
2 Go On
3 Six Pack of Common Sense
4 Just Because
5 If I Could I Would
6 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (feat. Debra Benson)
7 Trapped "live"
8 17 Days of Loving "live"
9 All These Things
10 Just One Night
11 I Want to Thank You for Loving Me
Soul Singer 14.99
Floyd Taylor "Shut Um Down" LISTEN  
 1 What About My Love (4:52)
2 Shut Um' Down (3:09)
3 Girl If You're Dancing (3:03)
4 One Thing About (3:41)
5 It's On Me w/ Mel Waiters(3:58)
6 Misunderstanding (3:30)
7 Can't Get Enough (4:16)
8 I Know You Do (3:47)
9 Couldn't You (3:52)
10 Get Back to Loving (3:26)
11 Turning Up (3:16)
Artia 13.99
"Ricky White Presents Combination 2" LISTEN

12 with 10 new and found only on this cd! Including TK Soul, Betty Padgett, The Love Doctor, Stephanie Pickett, Nathaniel Kimble and more

1 Bad Mama Jamma - Nathaniel Kimble (4:06)
2 Looking For a Lady - T.K. Soul (4:22)
3 Can't Have Your Cake - Tonya Youngblood (4:52)
4 Room 229 - William Calhoun (5:02)
5 What One Man Won't Do - Stephanie Pickett (4:45)
6 Pop That Coochie - The Love Doctor (4:55)
7 Ladies Got To Get That Money - Gwen White (4:56)
8 I'll Take Care of You - Henry Rhodes (4:45)
9 Can You Handle It? - Betty Padett (4:55)
10 Live My Life Again - Ricky White (5:24)
11 She's Got Papers On Me - Jerry L (4:41)
12 Knockin' the Boots - Larry Milton (4:07)
CDS 13.99
T.K. Soul "Life After Love" LISTEN

1 Now This is a Party (3:48)
2 Somebody Loves You (4:28)
3 The Goodbye Song (5:07)
4 I'm Looking For a Lady (4:14)
5 Where I'm From (5:16)
6 Caught Up In Doing Wrong (4:12)
7 That Kind of Man (3:41)
8 I Stay Ready (4:22)
9 Get It (4:21)
10 Everything (4:17)
Soulful 13.99
MS. Jody "It's All About Me I'm Taking Back My Life (DELUXE Edition)"

with 4 bonus songs

1 He's My Candy Man (4:30)
2 The Rock (5:35)
3 I'm Not a Cougar (4:37)
4 It's All About Me (4:46)
5 I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (4:42)
6 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide (4:40)
7 Every Woman For Herself (4:23)
8 I'm Gonna Stand By You (4:23)
9 My Cat Smells a Rat (5:14)
10 Another Bad Habit (4:43)
11 One Hour Baby (4:58)
12 You're the Best No-Good Man I Ever Had (4:35)
13 Let Me Ride (4:39)
14 I Apologize (5:31)
Ecko 14.99
Ricky White "Majic" LISTEN

 1 Sexy (4:54)
2 Ride Your Body (4:13)
3 Ricky White (Shuffle) (4:43)
4 If You Don't Want Me (4:52)
5 Casino Blues (4:50)
6 Bagg It Up (4:30)
7 Freaky Lover (4:54)
8 Blues Is All Good (4:36)
9 Shake (4:50)
10 Jook Joint (4:31)
CDS 13.99

Big G "Last Pay Check" LISTEN


 1. Last Pay Check
2. Party House
3. Rainy Days
4. Work It Out
5. Somebody Like You
6. When You Find the One You Love
7. Cheating
8. I Can't Promise You Nothing
9. Wanna Dance With You
10. Someone's Taking My Love Away

Stone River 12.97

LOLA "Cleaning House" LISTEN

 1. Creepin'
2. The Other Shoe
3. Mind Games
4. Treat Me (Like You Want To be Treated)
5. Leave The Past Behind
6. I Deserve Better
7. Same Ol' Story
8. It Ain't Worth It
9. What Goes Around
10. Still Standing and Walking Proud
11. It's All Good
Wilbe 13.99

Various Artists "Gospel Southern Soul Style Vol 1" LISTEN

 1. Ivan Ray Sturdivant "Make It me"
2. Frank-O Johnson "By His Stripes"
3. Sisters Of Vision "Shuffle For Christ"
4. Anthony Watson "Awesome God"
5. Lee Shot Williams "Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus"
6. Sir Jonathan Burton "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do"
7. Gregg A. Smith "We Ain't Got Long To Stay Here"
8. Stan Mosley "I Don't Know How You're Gonna Move, But You Will"
9. Sisters Of Vision "You're Always There"
10.Charles Wilson "I Believe Jesus Loves Me"
11.Frank-O Johnson "Heavenly Father"
12.Bobby Conerly "We Got To Make A Change"
13.Nellie Tiger Travis "None But The Righteous"
14.Cicero Blake "Let Jesus Lead You"
15.Carl Marshall "Make A Joyful Noise"
CDS Gospel 9.99

Jimmy 100% Sterling "I Lived It All" LISTEN


  1.Heavy Love
2.I'm The One That Should've Been
3.Never Gonna Give You Up
4.I Lived It All
5.At Least I Tried (New Version)
6.I'm In Love With A Woman
7.Statue Of A Fool
8.You Could Lose It All
9.Thank Yous
10.I Lived It All (Extended)
Bonus Tracks:
11.I Believe In Love
12.Got To Give It Up
13.At Least I Tried (Original Version)



Aretha Franklin "A Woman Falling Out Of Love"

her latest album!

1. How Long I've Been Waiting
2. Sweet Sixteen
3. This You Should Know
4. U Can't See Me
5. A Summer Place
6. The Way We Were
7. New Day
8. Put It Back Together Again
9. Faithful
10. His Eye is On the Sparrow
11. When 2 Become One
12. My Country 'Tis of Thee
Aretha 9.99

Cool Ricky Blues "My Blues My Soul" LISTEN


1 I'll Kiss Your Feet
2 Dirty 30, Naughty 40
3 Everybody That Says Goodnight
4 You're Stacked Like a Pile of Dirty Clothes
5 A Picture Speaks Louder Than Words
6 Roll It
7 Baby I'm Sorry
8 Girl You Hot
9 Your Babies
10 Work It

Bettye Lowe 13.99

Vel Omarr "Cookin' With Vel Omarr"



15 soulful tracks featuring originals and superb Sam Cooke tributes

Special Soul MUsic


Various Artists "CDS Records Southern Soul Smashes 3" LISTEN

   1. I Don't Need No Man Stephanie Pickett
2. I Can Still Roll It The Love Doctor
3. What One Man Won't Do Charles Wilson
4. Everybody Love You, But You Patrick Henry
5. Damn Fool Cicero Blake
6. Jealous Kind of Fella Garland Green
7. Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse Barbara Carr
8. It Don't Take All Night Lee Shot Williams
9. Pull up from Behind Bobbye Doll Johnson
10. Flossy Glossy William Calhoun
11. All of You, All of Me Floyd Taylor
12. Get You Some Business Anthony Watson
13. Look Good for You Carl Marshall
14. The Greatest Song I Ever Sang Vel Omarr
CDS 9.99

Cicero Blake "Cicero" LISTEN

  1. Be Careful of My Heart
2. Damn Fool
3. We're Gonna Have a Party
4. Yes I Do
5. It's You I Need
6. Caught in the Wrong Again
7. The Nightshift
8. Get the Hell On
9. That Love Is Gone
10. It's the Blues Uprising
11. I'm into Something (Original Version)
CDS 12.99

Sir Jonathan Burton "Juke Box Party" LISTEN

OFF THE CHAIN GOOD!!! all new jams from SJB including a bonus remix of "The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get There" with Black Zack

 1. Got to Get My Party Right
2. No Bones About It
3. Juke Box Party
4. Somebody Like You
5. Can't Touch This
6. The Other Woman
7. Don't Start the Fire
8. If This Is the Last Song I Ever Write
9. Better off Now
10. The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get There (Remix) [feat. Black Zack]
11. Shout Outs 3
CDS 12.99

Various Artists "Soul Blues Sampler 2" LISTEN

includes new songs by Jesse Graham, Jim Bennett, Blind Ricky McCants & more 13 songs!


 1. Jody Got It All (Sir Jonathan Burton Remix) Jim Bennett
2. Can U Still Drop It? Gregg A. Smith
3. Jumbalaya Dance Jesse Graham
4. Steppin' out Tonight Anthony Watson
5. Let's Get the Party Started Blind Ricky McCants
6. You Don't Know How to Feel Love The Real Brown Sugar
7. Tastes Like Candy Koree' Rupolph
8. Can't Help Myself Willie West
9. Do the Ladies Run This Mutha? Ricky White
10. She Laid a Freak on Me (Sir Jonathan Burton Remix) Jim Bennett
11. I'm Takin' My Man Back Stephanie Pickett
12. Doctor Doctor Travis Haddix
13. This Ain't Burger King Randolph Walker

CDS 8.99

Cool Ricky Blues "Ric E Bluez Sexy Soul" LISTEN



Bettye Lowe 8.99

Gregg A. Smith "Wanted: One Soul Man" LISTEN


1. Can You Still Drop It?(4:49)
2. Still Pretty(4:56)
3. Over My Head(3:52)
4. Time to Go to Work [Remix](4:07)
5. Ms. Katie(4:15)
6. Leave Well Enough Alone(3:46)
7. If I Have to Buy Your Friendship...(3:20)
8. I Don't Like Some Things that You Like(4:12)
9. Take Care of You for Me(3:43)
10. Precious Lord(3:47)

CDS 9.99

Ricky White "Combination" LISTEN

 1. Shake (Remix) Ricky White
2. Do the Ladies Run This Mutha? Ricky White
3. My Woman's Fed Up Ricky White & Bobbye Doll Johnson
4. Pay Before You Lay Betty Padgett
5. I Need a Man Bobbye Doll Johnson
6. Southern Soul Party Funky Larry Jones & Ricky White
7. The Other Woman Gwen White
8. Don't Run Your Good Man Away Kimberly Adams
9. She Lied on Me Jerry L
10. Shake (Extended Club Version) Ricky White
11. When a Woman's Had Enough Ricky White
12. Repo Woman Gwen White
13. I Still Love You (Remastered) Ricky White
14. Just Ain't Christmas Without My Baby Ricky White & TK Soul
CDS 9.99

Koree' Rudolph "Said I'm Looking" LISTEN

 1. Let's Get It Started
2. If I Can Touch You
3. Said I'm Looking
4. All I Want
5. Sometimes You Can Treat 'Em Right
6. Baby It's Over
7. Sexy Lady
8. So Glad
9. You Don't Have To Cry
10. Tastes Like Candy
CDS 9.99

James Smith "Get Off My Track" LISTEN

 1. I Miss You Baby
2. You Better Get Him
3. Bad Habit
4. Comfort Zone
5. Talk the Talk
6. Get Off My Track
7. I Wanna Roll With You
8. Lay Your Body Down
9. Talk the Talk (Concert Mix)
10. Plumber Man
Coday 9.99

Jerry L "A Million Women" LISTEN

1 She's Got That Oo Wee - Ricky White (4:37)
2 Girls in the Hood (4:34)
3 A Million Women (4:10)
4 That Nookie Stuff (4:04)
5 Get Busy Loving You (3:38)
6 Your Girlfriend (4:18)
7 Make a Choice (4:55)
8 When the Ladies Are Happy (3:49)
9 It's Gonna Be Good to See You Again (4:28)
10 Don't Turn On Me (3:59)
11 I Like Being with You (4:19)
12 Oops That's My Bad (3:54)
13 The End of the Rainbow (4:32
CDS 9.99
Various Artists "Sexy Southern Soul & Blues" LISTEN

14 "sex-rated" Southern Soul & Blues songs from Charles Wilson, Stan Mosley, Chick Willis, Travis Haddix, Stephanie Pickett, Barbara Carr, Mister Zay, Lee Shot Williams & more

1 Backbone Stan Mosley
2 Watch It Shake Charles Wilson
3 Jimmy The Real Brown Sugar
4 30 Minutes Lee "Shot" Williams
5 Number 2 Barbara Carr
6 The Lollipop Man Can [Remix] Chuck Roberson
7 Cialis Before I See Alice Travis Haddix
8 Family Man Stephanie Pickett
9 Change It Up [Remix] Walter Waiters
10 Buffet Booty Woman Da' Twinky Man
11 Yo' Cat Is About To Kill My Dog Chick Willis
12 Brother Buck Naked Jody Sticker
13 Back Door Jody Mister Jay
14 Did The Dog Get It All? Dicky Williams
CDS 9.99

Carl Marshall "The Best Of" (Limited Edition CD + DVD)

re-issue of classic CD with bonus of 3 out-of-print songs  the DVD "Grown Folks Live"

 Disc 1

1 Good Loving Will Make You Cry
2 This Is For Grown Folks
3 Ainít No Party (Like A Grown Folks Party)
4 Reap What You Sow
5 Just Jingle My Bell (Most Loved Vers)
6 You Canít Stop A Woman
7 A Woman Want A Man (She Donít Want No Punk)
8 I Want Some More
9 Pray With Me Baby
10 Grown Folks Party With Me
11 September 11th
12 You Gotta Let It Go
13 My Lady
14 My Heart
15 Look Good For You (Mel Waiters Mix)

Disc 2 "Live DVD"

CDS 11.88

Carl Marshall "Songs People Love The Most, Vol 2" LISTEN

1. 21st Century Grown Folks Party [New Version] - (featuring Garland Green/Lady Audrey/Gregg A. Smith/Mel Waiters/Patrick Green)
2. Show Some Sign [New Version]
3. I Didn't Wanna Cry (Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry, Pt. 2) [New Version]
4. Living In Love
5. God Won't Let America Separate
6. Bootleggers Gimmie My Money - (remix)
7. You're Mine
8. Look Good For You [New Version]
9. From The Church To The Motel [New Version]
10. I'll Wait [New Version]
11. All The Big Shots Been Shot
12. Joyful Noise To The Lord!
CDS 11.99

Chick Willis "Blues Me Before You Lose Me" LISTEN 2 CD Set!

features Chick's last recordings :(


Disc 1
1. The Blues Is Gone
2, Mother Fuyer
3. Black Widow Spider
4. Keep Singing The Blues (Shag Mix)
5. Why We Need Obama
6. The Train Is Gone
7. The Gas Is Too High
8. Don't Deceive Me
9. In The Mood We're In
10.Four Wives Too Many
11. What I Say
Disc 2
1. Intro (Let Me Play My Blues)
2. Short-Haired Woman
3. Picture on the Wall
4. Just a Bad Dream
5. On Your Way Fishing
6. Crush on My Next Door Neighbor
7. My Fannie Mae
8. Don't Know What You Got
9. We're Going to Boogie
10. Worried About You
11. Money Is the Name of the Game
12. Since I Fell for You
13. Let Me Play My Blues

CDS 10.88

Floyd Taylor "All Of Me" LISTEN

 1. Everyone Celebrate
2. I Like The Way
3. Baby I Love You
4. I'm 'Bout It 'Bout It
5. All Of You, All Of Me
6. Cut To The Chase
7. Don't Go
8. That's My Lady
9. Wanna Make Love
10. Someone To Love You
CDS 10.99

Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 3" LISTEN

 1. Can't Touch This Sir Jonathan Burton
2. Let's Step Carl Marshall/Rue Davis
3. Let's Do This Again Simeo
4. We're Gonna Swing Out Stephanie Pickett
5. Grown Folks Party (Remix) Charlie Brown
6. Grown Folks Little Phil
7. Work with It Will Easley
8. Mississippi Hideaway Bobbye Doll Johnson
9. I'm 'Bout It 'Bout It Floyd Taylor
10. I Make It Do What It Do Earl Duke
11. The Body Roll Jim Bennett
12. Make It Move Jody Sticker
13. Satisfied Cicero Blake
CDS 9.99

Various Artists "Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 5" LISTEN

 1. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You Earl Duke
2. Mr. Bus Driver, Turn the Radio On Walter Luv
3. Blind, Blind Snake (Single Version) Luther Lackey
4. I Can't Clarence Dobbins
5. I'm Tired of Being the Woman on the Side The Real Brown Sugar
6. Up Close & Personal El' Willie
7. Someone Who Cares Walter Luv
8. I'm in Love with a Man I Can't Stand Nellie Tiger Travis
9. Party Party Party Uvee Hayes
10. Still My Love Grows Vel Omarr
11. Roll That Thang Jody Sticker, Sir Charles Jones
12. Don't Let Our Love Slip Away Barbara Carr, Roy Roberts
13. I'm in Love with a Woman other Women Talk About Captain Jack Watson
CDS 8.99

Charles Wilson "That Girl Belongs To Me" LISTEN

with Mel Waiters & Willie Clayton


1. I Donít Need To Be a What-You-Want Somebody
2. Party Tonight
3. That Girl Belongs With Me (with Willie Clayton)
4. I Can Dance Better
5. Something Different About You (with Mel Waiters)
6. Lovemaking On My Mind
7. Give Me Your Love
8. Sex Appeal (Mel Waiters Remix)
9. Would You Dance With a Man Who CaníT Dance?
10. Your Man DoníT Do That
11. Something Different (Sax Version)



Big Cynthia "It's My Time" LISTEN

 1. You Got to Pay Me (feat. Big Josh)
2. Ain't Nothing Like a Big Woman (feat. Tyree Neal) (Remix)
3. She Working That Nookie Thang (feat. Big Josh)
4. Zydeco Round-Up (feat. Big Josh & Big Jerry)
5. Eating Still Ain't Cheating
6. Sho Wasn't Me
7. Big Leg Woman (feat. Tyree Neal)
8. You Drive Me Crazy (feat. Charlene Neal)
9. I Wanna Thank You
10. Big Woman (Extended Version)
Big Cynthia Ent./CDS


Dorothy Moore "Blues Heart" LISTEN


 1. Coming Down With the Blues
2. Let the Healing Begin
3. Make Up
4. My Time On Earth
5. When the Hurt Comes Down
6. I Found Someone
7. Nosey Neighbors
8. Institutionalize
9. Merry Go Round
10. Ode to Billie Joe

Farish Street 8.99

Cool Ricky Blues "Ric E Bluez Sexy Soul" LISTEN



Bettye Lowe 9.99

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