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Heh Heh Heh. Although often thought as a bawdy soul comedian, Clarence Carter is actually one of the greatest pure soul singers of the 60s. Born January 14, 1936, in Montgomery, AL, Carter was blind from birth. He majored in music at Alabama State University, learning to transcribe charts and arrangements in Braille. With blind classmate Calvin Scott, Carter in 1960 formed the duo Clarence & Calvin, signing to the Fairlane label to release "I Wanna Dance But I Don't Know How" the following year. After the 1962 release of "I Don't Know (School Girl)," Clarence & Calvin left Fairlane for Duke, renaming themselves the C & C Boys for their label debut, "Hey Marvin." In all, the duo cut four Duke singles, none of them generating more than a shrug at radio ó finally, in 1965 they traveled to Rick Hall's Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL to record "Step by Step" and its flip side, "Rooster Knees and Rice." Atlantic Records took notice and released "Step by Step" on its Atco subsidiary but it flopped. In 1966 Clarence, Calvin and group were in an auto accident that left Scott injured. Carter continued as a solo act, signing to the Fame label for 1967's "Tell Daddy," which inspired Etta James' response record, "Tell Mama." Several more solid singles followed until Carter released one of his masterpieces, "Slip Away". The record hit #6 on the Pop Charts. "Too Weak to Fight" also hit #13. Several more great soul singles followed like "Snatching It Back", "At The Dark End of the Street," "The Feeling Is Right," "Doing Our Thing" and "Patches." "Patches", first recorded by Chairmen Of The Board, was a UK number 2 and a US number 4 in 1970, but despite further strong offerings Clarence was unable to sustain the momentum. He remained with Fame until 1973, where he also helped guide Candi Staton, who was now his wife, before moving to ABC Records. By this point his chart success tapered. Nevertheless many great songs appeared like "Sixty Minute Man" and in 1975 he ended up at ABC for a string of albums but only "I Got Got Caught Making Love" reached the singles charts. Carter then recorded for small labels like Future Stars, Ronn, and Venture that sold in the South. In 1985 when he began a successful "come back" on the fledgling Ichiban label. He also enjoyed one of his most popular songs, "Strokin': for the label. This jukebox smash ensured his cult status and a string of similar ribald songs continued. Beginning in 1996 Carter began releasing his music on his own Cee Gee Entertainment label.

Album Discography

"This Is Clarence Carter" (Atlantic 1968) "This Is Clarence Carter" (Atlantic 1968)

1 Do What You Gotta Do
2 Looking For A Fox
3 Slippin' Around
4 I'm Qualified
5 I Can't See Myself
6 Wind It Up
7 Part Time Love
8 Thread The Needle
9 Slip Away
10 Funky Fever
11 She Ain't Gonna Do Right
12 Set Me Free

clarence carter testifyin"Testifyin" (Atlantic 1969)

1 Bad News
2 Snatching It Back
3 Soul Deep
4 I Smell A Rat
5 Doin' Our Thing
6 You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure
7 Instant Reaction
8 Making Love At The Dark End Of The Street
9 The Feeling Is Right
10 Back Door Santa

The Dynamic Clarence Carter" (Atlantic 1969)"The Dynamic Clarence Carter" (Atlantic 1969)

1 I'd Rather Go Blind
2 Think About It
3 The Road Of Love
4 You've Been A Long Time Comin'
5 Light My Fire
6 That Old Time Feeling
7 Steal Away
8 Let Me Comfort You
9 Look What I Got
10 Too Weak To Fight
11 Harper Valley P.T.A.
12 Weekend Love

"Patches" (Atlantic 1970)

1 Willie And Laura Mae Jones
2 Say Man
3 I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')
4 Let It Be
5 I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
6 Your Love Lifted Me
7 Till I Can't Take It Anymore
8 Patches
9 It's All In Your Mind
10 Changes
11 C. C. Blues
12 Getting The Bills (But No Merchandise)

"That's What Your Love Means To Me" (MCA 1971)

Info needed on this LP

"The Best Of" (Atlantic 1971)

1 Slip Away 2:29
2 I Smell A Rat 2:39
3 Too Weak To Fight 2:16
4 Making Love (At The Dark End Of The Street) 5:05
5 Snatching It Back 2:51
6 Patches 3:11
7 I Can't Leave Your Love Alone 2:33
8 Funky Fever 2:48
9 Doin' Our Thing 2:26
10 The Feeling Is Right 2:50
11 Take It Off Him And Put It In Me 2:52
12 You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure 2:17

"Sixty Minutes With Clarence Carter" (Fame 1973)"Sixty Minutes With Clarence Carter" (Fame 1973)

1 I'm The Midnight Special
2 Heartbreak Woman
3 Sixty Minute Man
4 I Love You
5 Love's Trying To Come To You
6 Next To You
7 Run Out Of Time
8 It Was So Nice While It Lasted
9 And They Say Don't Worry
10 I Got Another Woman

"Real" (ABC 1974)

1 Real
2 On Your Way Down
3 Warning
4 Everything Comes Up Rosie
5 Fine Love
6 A Very Special Love Song
7 Shaky At Home
8 Wake-Up To Love

clarence carter loneliness "Loneliness & Temptation" (ABC 1975)

1. Love Ain't Here No More
2. Take a Taste of Your Love
3. Glad to See You Walking In
4. Just One More Day
5. Let's Start Doing (What We Came Here to Do)
6. Let's Live for Ourselves
7. I Got Caught Making Love
8. Is It Alright?
9. Dear Abby
10. Take It All Off

clarence carter heart full of song"Heart Full Of Song" (ABC 1976)

1. All Messed Up
2. Heart Full of Song
3. Danger Point
4. Jennings Alley
5. Shoulder to Cry On
6. That's What Your Love Means to Me
7. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
8. Come Back Baby
9. I Thought It Was Over
10. Don't Bother Me

"Let's Burn" (Venture 1977)

1 Jimmy's Disco
2 Let's Burn
3 Scratch My Back
4 If I Stay
5 Love Building
6 She's Out To Get Me
7 I'm So Tired
8 Another Night
9 Just Searching

 "Mr. Clarence Carter In Person" (Venture 1981) "Mr. Clarence Carter In Person" (Venture 1981)

1. Can We Slip Away Again
2. Use Me Anyway You Can
3. Tell Daddy
4. Those Were the Good Old Days
5. In Person
6. Try a Piece of My Love
7. I Love You
8. If I Were Yours
9. It's a Monster Thang

"Love Me With A Feeling" (Big C 1982) "Love Me With A Feeling" (Big C 1982)

1. Wrong too Long
2. Itís all in Being in Love
3. Funky Fever
4. Love me with a Feeling
5. Fighting to Keep my Head Above Water
6. Girl from Soweto
7. You and me Baby
8. Hold on to What you Got
9. We are a Good Act Together

"Singing For My Supper" (Big C 1984)"Singing For My Supper" (Big C 1984)

1. Messin With My Mind
2. What Was I Supposed To Do
3. Thank Him For Leaving You
4. Mama Used To Sing The Blues
5. It Ain't What You Do
6. Sweet Feeling
7. Fast Young Lady
8. So You're Leaving Me
9. Hot Stuff
10.I Was In The Neighborhood

 "Messin' With My Mind" (Ichiban 1985) "Messin' With My Mind" (Ichiban 1985)

1. Messin' With My Mind
2. So You're Leaving Me
3. Hot Stuff
4. Fast Young Lady
5. Wrong Too Long
6. Girl From Soweto
7. Sweet Feeling
8. I Was in the Neighborhood
9. It Ain't What You Do
10. Love Me With a Feeling

clarence carter dr cc with "Strokin'" "Dr. CC" (Ichiban 1986)

1. Dr. C.C.
2. I Stayed Away Too Long
3. If You Let Me Take You Home
4. Left Over Love
5. You Been Cheatin' On Me
6. Try Me
7. Let's Funk
8. Strokin'

"Hooked On Love" (Ichiban 1987) "Hooked On Love" (Ichiban 1987)

1. Trying to Sleep Tonight
2. Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite
3. I Can't See Myself
4. While You Were Loving Him
5. I Feel It
6. Slip Away
7. Let Me Be the Other Man
8. What'd I Say

"Touch Of The Blues" (Ichiban 1989) "Touch Of The Blues" (Ichiban 1989)

1. I'm Not Just Good, I'm the Best
2. All Night, All Day
3. Rock Me Baby
4. Kiss You All Over
5. Why Do I Stay Here
6. Stormy Monday Blues
7. It's a Man Down There
8. Dance to the Blues

"Between A Rock & A Hard Place" (Ichiban 1990) "Between A Rock & A Hard Place" (Ichiban 1990)

1. Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
2. Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
3. I Ain't Leaving Girl
4. Too Weak to Fight
5. Pickin' 'Em up, Layin' 'Em Down
6. I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place
7. I've Got a Thing For You Baby
8. If You See My Lady
9. Love Building

"Dr. CC's Greatest Prescriptions: The Best Of" (Ichiban 1991; Koch Int. 2001) "Dr. CC's Greatest Prescriptions: The Best Of" (Ichiban 1991; Koch Int. 2001)

1. Strokin'
2. Trying to Sleep Tonight
3. Messin' With My Mind
4. I Was in the Neighborhood
5. Dr. C.C.
6. Love Me With a Feeling
7. I'm Not Just Good, I'm the Best
8. Slip Away
9. Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite
10. Kiss You All Over
11. I've Got a Thing for You
12. I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place
13. Strokin' (Long & Dirty)

"Have You Met Clarence Carter Yet?" (Ichiban 1992) "Have You Met Clarence Carter Yet?" (Ichiban 1992)

1. I Can't Stand It
2. "G"-Spot
3. Cheater
4. It's Too Late
5. I Wouldn't Do That
6. Let's Get a Quickie
7. Hot Dog
8. Hand Me Down Love
9. Did You Bring It All Back
10. How Did You Feel

"Snatching It Back: The Best Of" (Rhino 1992) "Snatching It Back: The Best Of" (Rhino 1992)

1. Step by Step
2. I Stayed Away Too Long
3. Tell Daddy
4. Looking For a Fox
5. I Can't See Myself
6. Road of Love, The
7. Slip Away
8. Back Door Santa
9. That Old Time Feeling
10. Too Weak to Fight
11. I'd Rather Go Blind
12. Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street)
13. Snatching It Back
14. Soul Deep
15. I Smell a Rat
16. Doin' Our Thing
17. Feeling Is Right, The
18. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
19. Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love
20. It's All in Your Mind
21. Patches

Live with the Dr. Clarence Carter.jpg "Live With The Dr." (Peachtown 1994)

1. I Like to Screw
2. There Are Some Vultures
3. Don't Stop Pushing
4. Another Night
5. Intro
6. Dr. C.C.
7. Too Weak to Fight
8. Patches
9. Slip Away
10. Love Me With a Feeling
11. Strokin'

"I Couldn't Refuse" (Ronn 1995) "I Couldn't Refuse" (Ronn 1995)

1. What Was I Supposed to Do?
2. You're Messin With My Mind
3. If Only
4. Another Night With You
5. Slip Away Again
6. I'm So Tired of Explaining
7. I Was in the Neighborhood
8. I Couldn't Refuse

"The Legendary Clarence Carter" (MCA 1995) "The Legendary Clarence Carter" (MCA 1995)

Reissue of the 1975 "Loneliness & Temptation" album.

"I Got Caught Making Love: The Best Of The ABC Years" (MCA 1996)

1. Love Ain't Here No More
2. Take a Taste of Your Love
3. Glad to See You Walking In
4. Just One More Day
5. Let's Start Doing (What We Came Here to Do)
6. Let's Live For Ourselves
7. I Got Caught Making Love
8. Is It Alright

"Carter's Corner" (Cee Gee Ent. 1996) "Carter's Corner" (Cee Gee Ent. 1996)

1. Sugar Daddy
2. I Know I Got to Do
3. Hen House Ways
4. Takes Only a Minute
5. Just Don't Get Caught
6. Forget This
7. You Were Not Here
8. Moving In
9. I Don't Belong

"Patches: Best Of" (Aim 1997) "Patches: Best Of" (Aim 1997)

1. Patches
2. Slip Away
3. You Talk Too Much
4. Brick House
5. Starting All over Again
6. Too Weak to Fight
7. Back Stabbers
8. Everybody Plays the Fool
9. Got a Thing About You Baby
10. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
11. I'm Easy
12. Drift Away
13. Woman Don't Go Astray
14. Lovely Day

 'Bring It To Me" (Cee Gee Ent. 1999) "Bring It To Me" (Cee Gee Ent. 1999)

1. You Got to Grunt
2. Hand Me Down Love
3. Further on Up the Road
4. Don't Make a Fool out of Me
5. I Ain't Leaving Girl
6. I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place
7. Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite
8. "G" Spot
9. I Wish It Was You
10. You Put Fire in My Blood

"Live In Johannesburg" (EMI 2001) "Live In Johannesburg" (EMI 2001)

1. Intro
2. Girl From Soweto
3. Looking For A Fox
4. Patches
5. Take It All Off
6. I Got Caught
7. Don'T Bother Me

"The Best & The Rest" (Fuel 2001)

1. Slip Away
2. Patches
3. Too Weak to Fight
4. What Was I Suppose to Do
5. You're Messin With My Mind
6. If Only
7. Another Night With You
8. Slip Away Again
9. I'm So Tired of Explaining
10. I Was in the Neighborhood
11. I Could Refuse

"All Y'all Feeling All Right?" (Cee Gee Entertainment 2003) "All Y'all Feeling All Right?" (Cee Gee Ent. 2003)

1. Good Time Tonight, A
2. Let's Do It, Before We Get Sleepy
3. Do It to Me Again
4. I Like Your Touch
5. Let It All Hang Out
6. Open the Door to Your Heart
7. She Got Me Pumping
8. Somebody's Coming
9. Did I Do the Right Thing
10. Put Up or Shut Up

clarence carter one more hit with "are You Ready For The Blues?" "One More Hit" (Cee Gee Ent.2005)

1. Lust in My Mind
2. All Night
3. Are You Ready for the Blues
4. A New Love
5. Forget This
6. Prove Your Love
7. You're Worth the Risk
8. Take It All Off
9. Let's Start Doing

"On Your Feet" (Cee Gee Ent. 2009) LISTEN

1. Ain't Gonna Do It No Mo
2. Did I Do the Right Thing
3. He Don't Love You Like I Love You
4. I Ain't Ready to Retire
5. I Got Excited
6. Left Over Love
7. Lust in My Mind
8. The One You Choose
9. The Soup Song
10. You Got to Grunt

"A Christmas Party" (Cee Gee Ent. 2010)

digital only release

1. A Christmas Party
2. Back Door Santa
3. Merry Christmas Baby
4. Please Come Home For Christmas
5. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
6. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
7. Silent Night
8. White Christmas
9. Jingle Bells

"Sing Along With Clarence Carter" (Cee Gee Ent 2011) LISTEN

1. A New Love
2. Baby Baby
3. Don't Bother Me [Explicit]
4. I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You
5. Looking For A Fox (live)
6. Let's Start Doing
7. Let's Straighten It Out
8. Look What I Got
9. Make My Groove
10. I Want To Mark Your Card

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