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Floyd Taylor

Son of Johnnie Taylor, Floyd Singletary (Taylor), was born in Chicago and sang with a band at Dusable High School in Chicago, where he graduated. His first shows were at the Regal Theater in Chicago but Floyd held day jobs working at Children's Memorial Hospital and Mercy Hospital while waiting for his chance to follow in his father's footsteps.

During Johnnie's "Disco Lady" days (the 70s) Floyd joined his father on several concert tours and also performed with other big names like Natalie Cole, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Bobby Womack, & more. Floyd was even voted the 1998 Entertainer of the Year by the Chicago Blues Society. This helped propel Floyd closer to that coveted recording contract. In 2002 the appropriately-titled "Legacy" was released on Malaco Records. Two more albums followed before he released the excellent "All Of Me" on CDS Records.

Album Discography

 "Legacy" (Malaco 2002)

1. I'm Crazy 'Bout That Woman in Red
2. When We Touch
3. She Ain't Mine
4. Old School Style
5. I Love Being in Love With You
6. I'm in Love With the Girl Next Door
7. Fantasy Lady
8. Caught Between Two Hearts
9. Back-Up Lovin'
10. Part-Time Lover
11. When You Finally Realize

Floyd Taylor "No Doubt" (Malaco) "No Doubt" (Malaco 2005) LISTEN

1. We're Goin' Out on the Town
2. Baby, I've Changed
3. Go Upstairs
4. Slipped, Tripped, Stumbled and Fell
5. Hit It Right
6. My Bad
7. We're Goin' Steppin'
8. I've Got to Love Somebody's Baby
9. Unfinished Business
10. I Can't Stand to Be Away from You
11. Here's a Flower (For the Lonely Woman)
12. Step into My Heart

"You Still Got It" (Malaco 2007) LISTEN

1. You've Still Got It
2. If I Could Do It Over
3. (You're Gonna) Get Us Killed
4. What If He Knew
5. Southern Soul Party
6. I Miss My Daddy
7. No One Should Be Lonely
8. I Forgot to Remember
9. Woman
10. I'm Hooked on These Blues
11. If You Catch Me Sleepin
12. Sweet Love

"All Of Me" (CDS 2010) LISTEN

1. Everyone Celebrate
2. I Like The Way
3. Baby I Love You
4. I'm 'Bout It 'Bout It
5. All Of You, All Of Me
6. Cut To The Chase
7. Don't Go
8. That's My Lady
9. Wanna Make Love
10. Someone To Love You

"Shut Um' Down" (Artia 2013) LISTEN

1 What About My Love (4:52)
2 Shut Um' Down (3:09)
3 Girl If You're Dancing (3:03)
4 One Thing About (3:41)
5 It's On Me w/ Mel Waiters(3:58)
6 Misunderstanding (3:30)
7 Can't Get Enough (4:16)
8 I Know You Do (3:47)
9 Couldn't You (3:52)
10 Get Back to Loving (3:26)
11 Turning Up (3:16)

  "'Bout It 'Bout It: All Of Me Deluxe" (CDS 2014) LISTEN

1 I'm Bout It Bout (No Doubt Remix)
2 Everyone Celebrate
3 All Of You All Of Me
4 I Like The Way (Remix)
5 Baby I Love You
6 (Time Out) Cut To The Chase
7 Don't Go
8 That's My Lady
9 I'm Bout It Bout It (Original)
10 Wanna Make Love
11 Someone To Love You
12 I Like The Way (Original)
13 Everyone Celebrate (Extended)
14 Don't Go (Alternate Mix)
15 Something About You
16.I'm Bout It Bout It (No Doubt Extended Mix)
17.I'm Bout It Bout It (Remix with Simeo)


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