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Johnny Rawls "Waiting For The Train"  

1. Rain Keep Falling ('til I'm Free)
2. Las Vegas
3. Waiting for the Train
4. I'm in Love
5. California Shake
6. Blackjack Was a Gamble
7. I Shall Be Released
8. Turning Point
9. We Did It
10. Stay with Me



Johnny Rawls "Tiger In A Cage"

1 Tiger in a Cage
2 Born to the Blues
3 Red Cadillac
4 Every Woman Needs a Working Man
5 Reckless Heart
6 Keep It Loose
7 Having a Party
8 Your Love Is Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)
9 Southern Honey
10 Lucy
11 Beast of Burden
12 I Would Be Nothing



Johnny Rawls "Memphis Still Got Soul"

In Stock

1. Memphis Still Got Soul
2. Blind, Crippled and Crazy
3. Give You What You Need
4. Take You For A Ride
5. Stop The Rain
6. Burning Bridges
7. My Guitar
8. Flying Blind
9. Blues Woman
10. Don't Act So Innocent
11. Love Stuff
Catfood 12.99

Johnny Rawls "Ace Of Spades"

In Stock

1. Drive All Night
2. Ace Of Spades
3. Going Back Home
4. My Broken Heart
5. I'm A Bluesman
6. American Dream
7. Can't Win For Losing
8. Gasoline On The Fire
9. Live For Today
10. He's A Good Man
11. Keep On Running Away
12. Wish It Would Rain
Catfood 12.99


Johnny Rawls "Red Cadillac"

In Stock

1. Red Cadillac
2. Mississippi Barbeque
3. Can I Get It
4. American Blues
5. Hard Times
6. Falling for You
7. I Want to Thank You
8. Get It While You Can
9. Wash Your Hands
10. Sure Miss Your Love
11. Moment of Weakness
12. No One Gives a Damn
13. Cheatin Woman
14. Looking for Trouble
Catfood 12.99


Johnny Rawls "Soul Survivor" 

In Stock

1. Soul Survivor
2. Hand Me Downs
3. Eight Men, Four Women
4. King of Hearts
5. Lone Way From Home
6. Bad Little Girl
7. Drowning
8. Don't Need a Gun To Steal
9. J.R.'S Groove
10. Yes
Catfood 12.99
Johnny Rawls "Remebering OV"

In Stock

1. Into Something (I Can't Shake Loose)
2. Precious Precious
3. Crippled and Crazy Blind
4. Nickel And A Nail
5. Poor Boy
6. Four Women Eight Men
7. Don't Let My Baby Ride
8. Ace of Spades
9. I've Been Searching
10. Blaze of Glory
Catfood 12.99




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