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Pat Cooley

Born January 3rd, Pat Cooley was the oldest of 3 children born to Robert & Marie Cooley. Pat started singing at the age of 10, at a church choir anniversary in her hometown of Marietta, Ga. While attending school she sang in the senior and junior church choirs. She also took private voice lessons from Worldwide Opera star Lillian Sullivan.

After graduating school, Pat started singing in R&B Clubs in the Atlanta area and performing sound alike tapes for a local recording studio. While appearing in local clubs she was approached by Clarence Carter who was interested in recording her. She began working for Clarence as his secretary in his recording studio and would help in the studio sometimes doing back-up work or laying demos. By 1980 she was Clarence's opening act.

In 1983 she decided to diversify her music style and went on a DOD Tour with a Country & Western Band, which turned out to be quite a success. Her travels include Turkey, Greece, Beirut, Italy and Spain. She also entertained troops in Beirut and sang on the USS Iwo Jima and the USS Portland.

In 1984 Pat went on tour, and her travels that year included South Africa, Japan, Italy, Amsterdan and Paris. After being so warmly received, Pat recorded her first album entitled "DOUBLE TALK". She then went on to record her CD's entitled "WARM HUG" and "REAL THING". Pat then recorded a single entitled "OLDER WOMAN, YOUNGER MAN", from the compilation CD, Blues, Soul, and Old School, produced by BIGG ROBB. Her latest single entitled "BOY TOY" is a continuation of the "OLDER WOMAN" saga.

Album Discography

"Double Talk" (Ichiban 1987)

1. Double Talk
2. I Never Loved A Man
3. I Ain't Going Where You Go
4. When Something Is Wrong
5. Borrow Me
6. Take It Easy (Don't Do Somethingll You'll Be Sorry For)
7. Main Thing
8. I'm Gonna Trade You In
9. I Let You Get Over
10.I'm Giving All You Got

"Warm Hug" (Peachtown 1993)

1. Warm Hug
2. You Got It
3. Hypnotized
4. I Ain't Going
5. I Like It
6. I Can't Sleep With You
7. He Called Me Baby
8. I Love You
9. Love Ain't Here No More
10. I Like It (Instrumental)

"Real Thing" (L & L 2006) LISTEN

1 Real Thing
2 Money
3 Prove Your Love
4 Nothing Left To Say
5 Ooo Wee
6 Kansas City
7 I Ain't Going Where You Go
8 Love Ain't Here No More
9 If It Ain't Broke
10 I Can't Sleep With You
11 Warm Hug
12 A Change Is Gonna Come

"Boy Toy" (L & L 2008)

1. Take It Easy
2. Borrow Me
3. Boy Toy
4. I'm Giving It All I Got
5. He Called Me Baby
6. Main Thing
7. I Let You Get Over
8. I Love You
9. Hypnotized
10. You Got It
11. I Like It

  "Cougar" (L & L 2010) LISTEN

1. Cougar
2. Haters
3. Get Out
4. Hungry Woman
5. Hold Still
6. Use Me
7. Be A Man
8. Dance It Down
9. I Can't Stop Loving You
10. Everyday With You

"Talking To You" (L & L 2012)

1. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
2. Talking to You
3. Bring It Baby
4. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
5. Dirt Road Double Wide
6. Pat's Passion
7. No Mess
8. I Want to Make Up
9. Be a Man
10. Dirt Road Double Wide (Remix)

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