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Stan Mosley "Soul Resurrection"


1 Ain't No Stoppin Us Soul City
2 You Oughta Be Here With Me
3 My Problem
4 Sentimental Journey
5 Get It and Hit It
6 We're Gonna Have a Good Time
7 If I Didn't Have You
8 People We Gotta Do Better
9 Tell Him the Way You Like Your Love
10 Let's Fall in Love
11 Steppers Holiday
12 Ain't No Stoppin Us (Extended Remix)

Soul Singer Ent 11.99


Vick Allen "Untouchable"


1 Get It Poppin
2 I Wanna Do You
3 No One
4 Superstar
5 I Luv U So
6 I Want You
7 Not Like I Can
8 Let Me Be That Man
9 I Luv U so Ft. Dear Silas
10 Time to Let Go
11 Heavenly Choir

Soul 1st 13.99

Various "Soul Blues Mix Vol. 1"

16 Down Home Blues gems from Charles Wilson, Nellie Tiger Travis,Carl Marshall with Lucky Peterson, Bobby Rush, Gregg A. Smith, Uvee Hayes, Chick Willis, Mister Zay & more
Aviara Music 9.99


Omar Cunningham "All My Best The Soul Hits"  


19 tracks..all his hits ("Check To Check", "I'm In Love Wuth A Married Woman", "My Life", "I Get By" plus one new track "Send Here To Me" Soul 1st



Vel Omarr "Blues Beat"


 Trouble Blues
Ain't No Telling
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
Al's Sugar Shack
My Telephone Keeps On Ringing
The Power Of Your Love
I'm Coming Home Soon
That's All That Matters(TO ME)
It's My Pleasure
Big Leg Baby
I'm Your Lover
If I Should Get To Heaven
I'm A Free Man

VOS 9.88


J-Wonn "My Turn"


 1 You Got It
2 Two Covers
3 21 Again
4 Finish It
5 Feel Me
6 Slow
7 Open Relationship
8 Its Me Too
9 Dose of My Love
10 Outro (The Future of Southern Soul / R&B)

Soul Dynasty 10.88


Various "Blues Mix 28: Dance Party Soul"


Ecko Records is pleased to bring you Blues Mix 28: Dance Party Soul. This collection features new songs and current hits from some of the biggest names in Soul Blues like Ms. Jody, Jaye Hammer, KT, Val McKnight, Sheba Potts-Wright and many more.
Ecko 9.99


Bigg Robb "Good Muzic"


1 Bigg Robb Loves U
2 Salt 'n Pepper
3 Cuttin' Up (feat. O.B. Buchana)
4 Sexy (feat. Lebrado)
5 Slide in It
6 Let Me Put My Name on It
7 That's My Job
8 Love You Down (Bigg Robb's Remix)
9 Good Music (1970's Mix)
10 Looking Good Tonight
11 Medley: I Did My Time / Hung up on My Baby
12 Don't Be Ashamed (Swingout Mix)
13 Mama and Daddy (feat. Vick Allen)
14 Don't Let the Rain (feat. Shirley Murdock)
15 Song for Roger Troutman

Over 25



Ricky White "Hit List"

with guests TK Soul, Vick Allen, Carl Marshall, Nathaniel Kimble & Bobbye Doll Johnson


1 Give Me That Nasty
2 Shake
3 I'll Still Love You
4 Cookie Thang
5 Redbone
by Ricky White & T.K. Soul
6 Sexy
7 Let Me
8 Sunshine Lady
by Ricky White & Vick Allen
9 Body Roll
by Ricky White & Nathaniel Kimble
10 The Weekend
by Ricky White & Carl Marshall
11 When a Woman's Fed Up
by Ricky White & Bobbye Doll Johnson
12 Work It Girl
13 Take Care of Your Woman
14 Who Dat (The Saints Song)




Slack "My Music My Friends: Southern Soul Compilation"

19 tracks produced by Ronald "Slack" Jefferson features artists like Jeter Jones, P2K Dadiddy, Summer Wolfe, Crystal Thomas, Tha Don & More


1 That Thang
by Volton Wright (feat. Slack)
2 We Come To Party
by Jeter Jones
3 Find Me A Lover
by Malcolm Allen
4 Teach You How To Love Me
by Crystal Thomas
5 Just Another Day
by P2K Dadiddy
6 Country Party
by Dj Wildman Tim (feat. Slack)
7 It's A Mule
by Rt Taylor
8 Your Day
by Slack
9 All The Way Lover
by Ci Kelly
10 I Wanna Know
by Luziana Wil
11 Funky Blues
by Djwildmantim
12 What You Looking For
by Luziana Wil (feat. Crystal Thomas)
13 Love Dont Live In This House
by Tha Don
14 Hoe To A Husband
by Summer Wolfe
15 Don'T Cry
by Slack (feat. Dee Shepherd)
16 I Never Thought
by Who Am I
17 Over Now
by Tony Sullivan
18 Gave My Heart To The Wrong Man
by Tanji Emmeni
19 Change Gone Come
by Franky Vocals




Grady Champion "Steppin' In"






J-Red "Platinum Soul"


1 I Got to Have Her
2 I Forgot I Was Married
3 Party Hard
4 What's Up for the Night
5 Let's Make Love Tonight
6 Have a Good Time
7 That Thang Was Good
8 Sipping Slow
9 Turn It Out (Remix)
10 Enjoy Yourself

Soul Mop



O.B. Buchana "Face Down"


O.B.'s 15th release on Ecko Records which contains 10 tracks and features Pokey Bear and Omar Cunningham.




Tha Don "Don Voyage"


1 You Need a Plaque
2 One Night Stand
3 You Lied
4 What Is Love
5 The Other Man
6 Tic Toc (feat. Tanji)
7 All About You
8 Lesson Learned
9 Only Me
10 The Club
11 Payback
12 Good Man
13 Still Called the Blues
14 Real Love
15 Celebration



Chick Willis "Nuthin' But A Party Live" DVD





Various Artists "Southern Soul Music"


1 Walk That Walk
by William Calhoun
2 Let Me
by Ricky White
3 Backup Plan Man
by Walt Luv
4 Ladies Night
by Donnie Ray
5 Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry, Pt. 2
by Carl Marshall
6 Leaving You Dinner
by Lee Shot Williams
7 Keep It Real
by Lee Fields
8 I'm Not Afraid of Love
by Charles Wilson
9 Start Our Love Anew
by Earl Duke
10 Girls in the Hood
by Jerry L.
11 Baby It's Over
by Corey Rudolph
12 Love Me or Leave Me Alone
by Chuck Roberson
13 New Address
by Carl Sims

Aviara Music



Willie Clayton "Excellence"


1 We Belong Together
2 Love Doctor
3 Sidepiece On The Side
4 Can We Slip Away
5 I'd Rather Go Blind
6 Love Games
7 If You Want Me
8 Makeup Love
9 If It Ain't One thing
10 Where You Get That Body
11 Drop Pop And Roll
12 Broken Heart
13Ain't No Way
14 Rocking Chair




TK Soul "Untouchable"


1 Zydeco Swing Out
2 Play Something with a Beat
3 Puff Puff No Give
4 Ride or Die
5 Its Ya Birthday
6 Love Is the New Hate
7 $elling Me Dreams
8 Girl Bye
9 The Ladies Love to Slide
10 Tk @ the Koko




Avail Hollywood "Still King"






Jaye Hammer "Double Trouble"

1. She's My Baby Forever
2. Groupie Girls
3. Let Me Hammerize You
4. Buck Jumpin' Dance
5. We're Steppin' Out Tonight
6. Double Trouble
7. She's Lovin' Me Crazy
8. Booty Slide
9. Coming Home To You
10. Blues Heaven
11. Blues Heaven (radio version)



Lebrado "Let's Party"


1. Dance
2. There It Goes
3. Make up Your Mind
4. Are You Ready
5. I Can't Live Without You
6. I'm a Good Man
7. Let's Party
8. She Can Get Down on It
9. I Like This
10. Tonight

Make Cents


The True Believers "Back To The Roots" CD



1. Still Here
2. Heaven
3. Something about That Name
4. Help
5. Waiting on Jesus
6. You're the Best Thing
7. He Will Deliver
8. I Can't Forget
9. Turn It A Loose
10. Rescue Me
4 Winds


Corey Rudolph "Southern Soul Music" 

 1. Southern Soul Music
2. Wanna Be A Player
3. Sexy 4.99
4. There She Go
5. Family Reunion
6. Crying
7. Just Take My Hand
8. Go Party Go
9. In The Morning
with Little Kim Sewart
10. Full Time Lover
11. Mama, I Love You
12. That's Why I Praise Him
CDS 10.88


C-Wright "A New Love"

1 Intro (Heart Monitor)
2 A New Heart
3 Sexy Lady
4 Love Spell
5 Tickle Box
6 Main Squeeze
7 Changing Positions [Explicit]
8 When I'm Gone
9 Different Way
10 Sookie Sookie Nah
11 The Promise (Wedding Vow)
12 So in Love
13 SnapBack [Explicit]
14 C.P.R (2 Breaths / 30 Compressions) [Explicit]
15 Southern Belle
16 Take It Slow [Explicit]
17 Outro (The Last Breath)
Total Impaq



Various "Nasty N' Dirty Southern Soul Blues, Vol. 3"

14 songs by Stan Mosley, Chick Willis, Charles Wilson, Chuck Roberson, Jody Sticker, Blind Ricky McCants, Ghetto Cowboy, Ricky White, Billy Cole, Dicky Williams & More

 1. Travis Haddix "Dick For Dinner"
2. Billy Cole "Let Me Stick It"
3. Blind Ricky McCants "Caught You With Your Drawers Down"
4. Chick Willis "I Like It Like That"
5. Stan Mosley "Backbone (Extended)"
6. Jody Sticker "Mr. Telephone Man"
7. Ricky White "Stacked In the Back"
8. Ghetto Cowboy "She Put That Thang On Me"
9. Corey Rudolph "Sexy Bady"
10.Dicky Williams "Sex, Likes & Alibis"
11.Chuck Roberson "The Lollypop Man Can"
12.Charles Wilson "That Bed Ain't Big Enough"
13.Jim Bennett "She Laid A Freak On Me"
14. Jody Sticker "Don't Make No Noise"
Aviara Music 9.99


Donnie Ray "My Southern Soul"

 1 She's Got That Ooh Wee
2 Grown Folks Spot
3 Still Called The Blues
4 You're So Beautiful
5 On That Gin Ad Juice
6 It's Ladies Night
7 Room 115
8 She Got It Like That
9 You're My Lady
10 Dog House (Extended Club Version)
11 She's Got That Ooh Wee (Extended Club Version)
CDS 10.88


Nellie Tiger Travis "Mr. Sexy Man: The Album"


1 Mr. Sexy Man
2 All the Lovers
3 Textual Harassment
4 Spacey Love
5 Tired of Being Alone
6 Smile
7 I Use to Run to You
8 Fix a Flat
9 I Woke up in Love
10 Walking in the Rain in Memphis
11 Keep on Movin
12 Cold Feet
Wegonsee 13.99


Magic One "The Magic Show"

 1 It's the Weekend
2 All I Wanna Do
3 One on One
4 All of Me
5 High Heels & Jeans
6 Sexy Ain't Got No Age
7 Mary Jane
8 Loving 4 the Both of Us
9 Fool 4 U (feat. Rickey White)
10 The Baddest
11 Anytime
12 They Want It All (feat. Tha Don)
13 High Heels & Jeans (Remix) [feat. Avail Hollywood, Wendell B, Vick Allen & LJ Echols]
Magic One 13.99


P2K Dadiddy "Welcome 2 Da Boom Boom Room"

with Vick Allen Sir Charles Jones, Cupid, Nathaniel Kimble, Jeter Jones & more

 1. Boom Boom Room
2. Soul Brothers
with Sir Charles Jones
3. Trucker Hustle
4. Caught Up
with Vick Allen
5. Child Supoort
with Jeter Jones
6. Juke Joint
with Jeter Jones
7. Zydeco Love
with Cupid
8. Dime from Behind
with LJ Echols
9. Body Rock
with Nathaniel Kimble
10. Thats What I Like
11. Drinking & Thinking
with Avail Hollywood
12. Grown Folk Music
13. Good Thang
14. Email
with Crystal Thomas
15. My Time Now
SMG 12.97


Various Artists "Ricky White Presents Combination 4"

New tracks by Billy Soul Bonds, Ghetto Cowboy, Ricky White, William Calhoun, Magic One, etc..

 1 She Put That Thang on Me (Radio Version)
by ghetto cowboy
2 Take Care of Your Woman (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
3 This Time
by Billy Soul Bonds
4 Tighten Up
by William Calhoun
5 I'm Just a Fool
by Magic One & Ricky White
6 She Got It Like That (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
7 Grown Folks Spot
by Donnie Ray
8 Back Door Lover
by Stephanie Pickett
9 Let's Party (Alternate Version)
by ghetto cowboy
10 I Want Me a Mirror (Radio Version)
by William Calhoun
11 I Can Still Roll It
by The Love Doctor
12 Bounce (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
13 Redbone (feat. T.K. Soul)
by Ricky White
CDS 9.77



Jeter Jones "Dhis Him"


1. Big Dawg’s back intro
2. Black Horse
3. What’s Happening Naw
4. Duck Tales
5. Get My Groove On
6. Juke Joint ft. P2K
7. Interlude freestyle blues
8. Somebody get this Fool Remix ft. Vick Allen
9. I Need’s a Drank
10. I ain’t gone cheat No Mo
11. Dance with you ft. Big Ro Williams
12. Watch my Boots pt 2 ft. Deacon Dukes, Big Lee, Pokeybear, Miss Portia
13. She gone with Jody ft. Omar Cunningham
14. My phone bill
15. Still in love ft: Ron Johnson
16. You deserve Better
17. She loves my boots ft: Ron Johnson
18. Get outta these street
19. I drank too much ft. C’Lamont

RMG 12.88


J. Diamond Washington "Git With It"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


  1 Git Wit It
2 Dance with Me
3 Pissy Drunk
4 Party Till I Pass Out
5 Catchin' Hell
6 Southern Soul
7 It's My Fault
8 Ten Toes Up, Ten Toes Down
9 Gotta Get the Hell on Outa Here
10 Party Till I Pass Out
11 Ten Toes Up, Ten Toes Down
12 Gotta Get the Hell on Outa Here

JDW 12.99

Special "Tired Of Being Quiet"

Written & Produced by Bigg Robb

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


  1. Bigg Robb Presents Ms Special
2. They Dont Want Nothin(But Some Umm-Umm)
3. I Dont Mind Being There For My Man
4. Sick N Tired
5. Message From Special
6. Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend (Woman to Woman)
7. Down South Party
8. Why U Tryin 2 Holla @ Me?
9. It Must Be Love
10. Goin to the Club
11. Message From Bigg Robb
12. Baby im Sorry-da Problem Solvas

Over 25 Sound 14.99

Archie Love "All About Love (Best Of)"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock

1. Love Is a Wonderful Thing
2. Loving on Borrowed Time
3. My Joy
4. Done All That I Can Do
5. Standing on the Edge
6. I'll Be The One
7. Before a Judge
8. Should've Been There For You
9. Thanks For The Memories
10.One More For the Lonely
11.Off My Mind
12.The Only Girl
13.Let's Get It On
14.Blame It On Me
15.My Baby's Gone
16.When U Go
Loveland 12.99


TK Soul "The Evolution Of Soul"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1. Zydeco Bounce
2. Baby I Love You
3. Soul Ship
4. Rehab
5. They Wanna Party
6. You Got to Cheat
7. She Told on Herself
8. Thats How I Feel
9. Days of My Life, The
10. Soul Clap



Donnie Ray "Let's Go Dancing"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1. Let's Go Dancing
2. Get It While It's Hot
3. A Letter to My Baby
4. Hip Slide
5. Nobody
6. Cry of a Broken Heart
7. I Found It in You
8. Straight up in Your Love
9. Groove Juice
10. Get It While It's Hot
11. A Letter to My Baby
12. Cry of a Broken Heart

Sudie Q


Patrick Henry "Contagious"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1. Intro
2. Mr. Excitement (I'm Real)
3. More Than a Woman
4. Let Me Love You
5. Groove On
6. Tears of Yester Years
7. I'm Hooked
8. Bye Bye Baby
9. She Whispers
10. Contagious
11. Groove On [Remix]

Drove Ent


Stan Mosley "Steppin Out"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1. Let's Fall in Love
2. Dance Floor
3. Together Forever
4. I Want You
5. This Love Has Power
6. Can We Work It Out?
7. Give Me a Chance
8. You Gonna Make Me Cheat
9. Thank You
10. God Is Alive

Double Duo


Jody Sticker "Five Minutes"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1. Five Minutes
2. Hickory Log
3. You're Gonna Need Me
4. Lover's Reunion
5. Squeeze It An Hold It
6. Snapper
7. That's How I Wanna Do It
8. Patient
9. Love Whuppin'
10. She Lay It Down Too Good
11. Plottin' On Me
12. Love All Night
13. When You Wake Up



Carl Sims Brick House

Carl Sims "Brick House"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1. Brick House
2. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
3. I Never Had a Lover Like You
4. Where Can I Run To
5. Our Love Song
6. Don't Make Me Cry
7. Burning Candles on Both Ends
8. Beggin Baby
9. Everything's Out in the Open
10. House of Love




Menta Malone "Love Gangsta"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


1 Love Gangsta
2 Dip Stick (club) [Explicit]
3 Passion
4 Southern Soul Lady
5 Ever Lasting Moments
6 Shes The Real
7 I Can Be That Man
8 Sweet Thing
9 Southern Soul Lady (remix)
10 Love Gangsta (remix)
11 Dip Stick (radio) [Explicit]




Dee Bradley "Candyman"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock

1 I Want to Do Something Freaky to You
2 How Did I Wake up to a Stranger
3 That's Why I Love You So
4 Is There No Room (In Your Heart for Me)
5 This Is the Night
6 You Promised Me Love
7 The Candy Man
8 Temperature's Rising
9 Too Much Man to Cry
10 Love Will Find a Way
Evejim 9.99


Gerald Levert "The Best Of"


1. Casanova Levert
2. Private Line Gerald Levert
3. Baby Hold On To Me Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert
4. School Me Gerald Levert
5. I'd Give Anything Gerald Levert
6. Answering Service Gerald Levert
7. Already Missing You Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert
8. My Body LSG
9. Thinkin' Bout It Gerald Levert
10. Taking Everything Gerald Levert
11. Made To Love Ya Gerald Levert
12. Funny Gerald Levert
13. U Got That Love (Call It A Night) Gerald Levert
14. In My Songs Gerald Levert
15. DJ Don't Gerald Levert
16. Can It Stay Gerald Levert

Rhino 5.88

T.K. Soul "Hits Reloaded"

all the best from T.K.!

1. Cheap Ass Man
2. Somebody Loves You
3. A Good Man
4. I Wonna Hold My Baby
5. If U Sexy Clap Ya Hands
6. Caught Up
7. Merry Go Round
8. If U Don't Want Me
9. Single Woman
10.Looking For A Lady
11.Cheating And Lying
13.Zydeco Bounce
14.It Ain't Cheating 'Til You Get Caugh
15.Party Like Back In The Day
16.Try Me


Prince "Art Official Age"

Limited Stock


1. Art Official Cage
2. Clouds
3. Breakdown
4. The Gold Standard
5. U Know
6. Breakfast Can Wait
7. This Could Be Us
8. What It Feels Like
9. Affirmation I & II
10. Way Back Home
11. Funknroll
12. Time
13. Affirmation III



Prince "Hit N Run Vol. 1"

Limited Stock





Prince "Hit N Run Vol. 2"

Limited Stock






Chick Willis "Southern Soul Blues Hits"

A perfect companion to Chick's other Best of with only 1 track the same!

 1 Houdini Lover
2 Undercover Hoochie Pt. 1
3 Undercover Hoochie Pt. 2
4 Stoop Down
5 Picture On The Wall
6 Yo’ Cat Is Killing My Dog
7 I Did It All (Adult Version)
8 Country Lovin’ Man
9 On Your Way Fishing
10 Short Haired Woman
11 The Blues Is Gone
12 The Gas Is Too High
13 Obama
Aviara Music 5.88

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