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June 2016

*National Airplay & Sales For The Month Of May 2016*

Top 30 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums

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Top 30* Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums

* The chart has changed to a Top 30 rather than a Top 40 as the industry's custom has become such that less full length albums are being released. Meanwhile more single song tracks are being released without an accompanying full album so a Top 30 is more indicative of the albums market.

Deep Soul + Soul/Blues + Downhome Blues + Urban Blues

The Nation's OFFICIAL Soul/Blues and Southern Soul Albums Chart







1 NEW Two Way Love Affair Donnie Ray CDS
2 1 Mississippi Motown LaMorris Williams Rocks Landon
3 4 Southern Soul Mixtape Vol. 1 Various Artists Soulful
4 2 Big Hip Woman Rue Davis 1 Stop Graphics
5 8 The Legacy T.K. Soul Soulful
6 NEW Lonely At The Top Sir Jonathan Burton C.T.M.M.R
7 6 "My Side Piece" DVD + CD Various Artists RMG
8 - Get On Up Sonny Mack Ecko
9 7 Ricky White Presents Combination 3 Various Artists CDS
10 12 The Arrival Of Tha Don Soulful
11 3 Blues Mix 19: Total Southern Soul Various Artists Ecko
12 5 Mr. It Ain't Fair Pokey Bear RMG
13 9 Mississippi Folks O.B. Buchana Ecko
14 13 Southern Soul Jook Joint Charles Wilson Music Access
15 10 Old Skool Kinda Girl Avail Holywood Nlightn
16 11 Satisfaction Guaranteed Big G Stone River
17 14 Better Days Adrena Bone 40
18 17 It's My Time To Get Down Jim Bennett Jaben
19 15 Heart & Soul Willie Clayton Endzone
20 16 Showtime Bigg Robb Over 25 Sound
21 18 Roll It Roll It G.J.S. (Gentry Jones with Mr. Sam) Music Access
22 19 From The Inside Jo Jo Murray Coday
23 20 The Best Of Ms. Jody Ecko
24 29 Taste Like Candy LJ Echols Neckbone
25 NEW Queen With A Woman's Touch Lysa MoHitz Int.
26 22 You Don't Know What You Do To Me Lee Roy Ward BPR
27 23 You're Just Standing In A Good Man's Way Terry Wright Coday
28 25 Juke Joint Blues Bobby Powell with Rue Davis, Carl Marshall, Stan G 1 Stop Graphics
29 26 Over In The Woods Chuck Roberson Cruise On
30 28 Love On The Bayou Louisiana Blues Brothas Music Access

This chart is based on a combination of Radio Airplay and ACTUAL SALES from the Southern Soul Blues community worldwide though primarily in the Southern United States.

Eligible entrees must be "New" or are currently experiencing a bump in airplay.

Albums marked with * charted mostly on Airplay while albums marked with ** charted mostly on Sales Albums marked with ^ charted despite "limited availability" <> charted strictly on digital sales


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