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Sweet Angel "Another Man's Meat On My Plate" LISTEN *

1. I'd Rather Have A Cheatin' Man
2. I'm Gonna Give You Good Love
3. I Must Be Crazy (Radio Version)
4. Another Man's Meat On My Plate
5. I Got Love For You
6. Easy Loving You
7. Mike's Place
8. Right Street, Wrong Way
9. Please Come Home
10. Mike's Place (Instrumental)
11. I Must Be Crazy (Club Remix)
12. Right Street, Wrong Way (Extended Mix)
Ecko 13.99


Sweet Angel "Bold Bitch" LISTEN *

1. Butt Up!
2. The Tongue Don't Need No Viagra
3. I'm Gonna Give You Good Love
4. Don't Let the Clean Up Woman Pick Up Your Man
5. I'm Movin' Up
6. Good Girls Do Bad Things
7. Let Me Be Your Angel
8. Blow That Thang Sweet Angel
9. Outside Tail
10. Bold Bitch
Ecko 13.99

Sweet Angel "Handle Your Business" LISTEN *

1. I'm Leaving
2. Guilty As Charged
3. Back It Up and Slow Roll It
4. I'm Sharing Your Man
5. I Love My Man
6. Handle Your Business
7. Hard Times Were the Good Times
8. Oops!
9. You Gotta Make Love
10. It's the Weekend
11. Rock Me
Ecko 13.99

Sweet Angel "A Girl Like Me" LISTEN *

 1. A Girl Like Me
2. I'd Rather Be By Myself
3. Mrs. Number Two
4. I've Got to Get Paid
5. What I Want What I Need
6. Last Night Was Your Last Night
7. Don't Be Lonely, Be Loved
8. I Like The Money, But I Don't Like The Job
9. I'm Working On My Job
10. The Comfort Of My Man
11. Roll
12. Do You Feel Alright
13. Butt Up Remix
Ecko 13.99



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