Trudy Lynn

Lynn was raised in Houston and continues to use the city as her home-base. She began her career in the late '60s as a Stax-styled R&B singer opening shows for Ike & Tina Turner and others passing through town. She began recording in late eighties for the Georgia-based British Ichiban label, cutting five well-received albums for the label (not including compilations) up until the label folded. From there she's cut sparingly for various labels (Ruf, Jus Blues, Isabel, Sawdust Alley)

Album Discography

"Sings The Blues" (Ichiban 1989)

1. Sittin' and Drinkin'
2. Just a Little Bit
3. I Can Tell
4. Trudy Sings the Blues
5. Dr. Feelgood
6. Do I Need You
7. Bring the Beef Home to Me
8. Ball and Chain

"Come To Mama" (Ichiban 1990)

1. Right Back in the Water
2. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
3. I've Been Loving You Too Long
4. Come to Mama
5. When You Took Your Love From Me
6. One Woman Man
7. Woman's Gotta Have It
8. Do I Need You (Too)
9. Fish Girl Blues
10. Making Love to Me

"The Woman In Me" (Ichiban 1991)

1. Woman in Me, The
2. My Baby Can
3. Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace)
4. You Owe It to Yourself
5. Can't Keep Me From You
6. Still on My Mind
7. I've Been Thinkin'
8. Feel You, Feel Me
9. Spare the Rod (Love the Child)

"I'll Run Your Hurt Away" (Ichiban 1993)

1. Loose Lips
2. Try To Leave Me (If You Can)
3. Whole Lotta Leave Me alones
4. Instant Breakfast
5. I Don't Want No Other Love
6. Love Jones
7. I'll Run Your Hurt Away
8. Anybody's Man Tonight
9. Workin' Man
10. Lover's Pray - Pain In My Heart

"24 Hour Woman" (Ichiban 1994)

1. 8 Days on the Road
2. I Didn't Know (How Happy I Could Be)
3. 24 Hour Woman
4. 2 Girls for the Price of One
5. Old Bitterness
6. Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
7. Real Lovin'
8. I Still Believe in You
9. Pay the Price
10. My Man
11. In My Arms
12. Just Because

"1st Lady Of Soul" (Ichiban 1995)

1. Wang Dang Doodle - (previously unreleased)
2. Try to Leave Me If You Can
3. Trudy Sings the Blues
4. 24 Hour Woman
5. Instant Breakfast
6. Speak Now, Baby
7. Loose Lips
8. Rock Me Baby - (previously unreleased)
9. In My Arms
10. Come to Mama
11. Just a Little
12. I'll Run Your Hurt Away
13. Woman in Me, The
14. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby / I've Been Loving You Too Long

"Here Comes Trudy: The Best Of" (P-Vine 1996)

1.Got My Mojo Working
2.Do I Need You
3.When Someting Is Wrong With My Baby - I've Been Loving You Too Long (Medley)
4.Come To Mama
5.The Woman Is Me
6.Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace)
7.I've Been Thinkin'
8.Try To Leave Me (If You Can)
9.Whole Lotta Leave Me Alones
10.I Didn't Know (How Happy I Could Be)
11.2 Girls For The Price Of 1
12.My Man
13.In My Arms
14.Wong Dong Doodle

"Retrospectives" (Ichiban 1998)

1. Widow Winnie Brown
2. Dr. Feelgood - (live)
3. 8 Days on the Road
4. Whole Lotta Leave Me Alones
5. Chilly Wind
6. Woman's Gotta Have It
7. Trudy Sings the Blues
8. Never Make Your Move Too Soon
9. Got My Mojo Workin' - (live)
10. You Took Me as Your Woman
11. You Owe It to Yourself
12. Speak Now

"U Don't Know What Time It Is" (Ruf 1999)

1. Shake Rattle N' Roll
2. U Don't Know What Time It Is
3. Help Me Through the Day
4. Ace in the Hole
5. Nothing but Love
6. Time Gone By
7. Time Is Running Out
8. I Should Have Known
9. Heart of Stone
10. Baby Come on Back

"Memories Of You" (Jus Blues 2002)

1. C.O.D.
2. Turning the Same Ole Corners
3. Do Ya?
4. No Deposit No Return
5. Snatching It Back
6. If My Pillow Could Talk
7. Precious Moments
8. Reneged on Me
9. Helping Hand Blues You
10. Memories of You
11. Can't Even Get the Blues
12. I Know Why

"American Roots: Blues" (Ichiban/Rykodisc 2002)

1. Trudy Sings the Blues
2. Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace)
3. I've Been Thinkin'
4. Loose Lips
5. Whole Lotta Leave Me Alones
6. Instant Breakfast
7. Love Jones
8. Workin' Man
9. Anybody's Man Tonight
10. 2 Girls For the Price of One
11. Old Bitterness
12. Real Lovin'
13. My Man
14. In My Arms

"Trudy's Blues Live" (Isabel 2004)

1. Down Home Blues
2. Trudy's Blues
3. Evil Gal Blues
4. Every Day I Have The Blues
5. Steal Away
6. I Just Want A Little Bit
7. Dr Feelgood
8. You Can Have My Husband
9. 29 Ways

Trudy Lynn with The Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra "I'm Still Here" (Sawdust Alley 2006)

1. Swing Boogie
2. Blues Singing Woman
3. I'm Still Here
4. Hands off My Woman
5. Blues Party
6. Since I Found You
7. Saturday Night
8. Left Me Singing the Blues
9. Everybody's Got a Blues Song to Sing
10. Boogie Woogie Gumbo
11. Starry Eyes
12. You're the Only One
13. Welcome Home Baby
14. Payin' the Price

"Royal Oak Blues Cafe" (Connor Ray Music 2013)

1 Confessin' the Blues
2 Play the Honky Tonks
3 Feel It
4 Every Side of Lonesome
5 Country Man Blues
6 Street Walkin' Daddy
7 Red Light
8 I'm Gonna Put You Down
9 Down in Memphis
10 Effervescent Daddy
11 Whip It to a Jelly