Over the last few years, a brand new voice has arisen in South Louisiana. Whether itís his own Swingout hits, or doing a guest performance on a remix, TUCKA has been winning fans for his signature sound. Influenced by R&B greats like R. Kelly, Sam Cooke, and many more, but raised on the sounds from his South Louisiana roots, Tucka has come up with his own sound which combines the best of both.

After getting his start performing with Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco band, Tucka went on to release his debut single, "Young Man", which quickly became a regional favorite, and served as his introduction to the world as a solo artist. Since that time, he went on to cameos on remixes by Lil Nate and several others.

2009 marked the release of his full-length solo debut, "Love Rehab", which features Tucka patented style.

Album Discography

"Love Rehab" (Top Authority/Tucka Ent. 2009)

1. Sex On My Mind
2. Never Wouldn've Thought
3. The Man I Am
4. After the Party
5. Swing Therapy
6. Young Man
7. Work It Out
8. Still In Love
9. Myspace Love
10. Tangueray & Patron
11. Tucka Luv Remix
12. She's Falling In Love
13. Cry

"Forever Young" (Top Authority 2011)

1. intro
2. Sweet P.Y.T
3. Candy Land Intro
4. Candy Land
5. Simple Dream
6. Don't Make Me Beg
7. She's Lovin' Me
8. Troubled Man
9. I Think I'm In Love
10. Moanin'
11. Slow Groove
12. Electric Swing
13. Swing Around The Club
14. Candy Land Remix

"Love Rehab 2" (Juke Joint Music 2012) LISTEN

1. Love Rehab 2 Intro
2. Love On the Dance Floor
3. Forever Swing (feat. Doug E Fresh)
4. Country Roads
5. Book of Love
6. Wild Horse
7. Sweet Shop
8. Let Me Rock Ya
9. Waiting On You
10. Back Home to You
11. Sexy Lady
12. Travel That Road

"Groove City" (Groove City Music 2014) LISTEN

1 Bad News (Groove City)
2 Back to the Sweet Shop
3 Love Doctor
4 What's Your Flavor
5 Love Train
6 Give Me Music
7 Back in Stride
8 Blowing in the Wind
9 Touch Your Spot
10 Say You'll Be Mine
11 Move Something (Remix, Pt. 2)
12 Dancing With Fire
13 Slow & Easy
14 I'm Gonna Be Somebody

"Greatest Hits" (Groove City Music 2014)

1. Sex On My Mind
2. Never Wouldn've Thought
3. Swing Therapy
4. Work It Out
5. Young Man
6. Tangueray & Patron
7. Cry
8 Sweet P.Y.T
9. Candy Land
10. Simple Dream
11. Don't Make Me Beg
12. Troubled man
13. Swing Around The Club
14. Candy Land Remix