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Syl Johnson CDs


Syl Johnson & Jimmy Johnson "Two Johnsons Are Better Than One" *

 1. Two Johnsons Are Better Than One
2. Uncomplicated Life
3. I Used To Be A Millionaire
4. Is It Because I'm Black
5. If I Wuz White
6. I Feel The Pain
7. Oprah
8. Ashes In The Ashtray
9. Dangerous
10. Let Her Go
11. Living The Life
12. I Can't Survive
13. Goodie Goodie Goodtime
14. Bottoms Up
Evidence 13.99

Syl Johnson "Syl Johnson & Melodie Whitlle (with Syleena Johnson)"*

 1. I'm With You Too
2. The Thrill Is Gone
3. Mr. Invisible
4. Just Make Love To You
5. There'll Come A Time
6. Goodie Goodie Good Times
7. Can't Nobody Stop Me Now
8. Mellow Down Easy
9. I'm Just A Freak For You
10. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
11. Is It Because I'm Black
12. Ms. Fine Brown Frame
13. Different Strokes (Original Cut)
14. Forever
15. Loving On The Run
16. Baby I'm Scared Of You
Twilight 13.99

Syl Johnson "Bridge To A Legacy" *

 1. Who's Still In Love
2. I Been Missin' U
3. Half A Love
4. Unconditional Love
5. Midnight Woman
6. Piece Of The Rock
7. I Don't Know Why
8. Let's Get It On Again
9. They Can't See Your Good Side
10. Sexy Wayz
Antone's 13.99

Syl Johnson "Back In The Game" *

 1. Back In The Game
2. I Like Your Style
3. I Can't Stop
4. Please Don't Give Up On Me
5. Keep On Loving Me
6. Take Me To The River
7. Ghetto Woman
8. Watch What You Do To Me
9. Dipped In The Water (featuring Syleena Thompson)
10. Driving Wheel
11. Any Way The Wind Blows
12. Clean Up Man
13. I Will Rise Again
14. All Of Your Love
Delmark 13.99

Syl Johnson "Talkin' About Chicago" *

 1. Come On With It
2. Cheryl
3. Sweet Dynamite!
4. Talkin' Bout Chicago
5. Diff'rent Strokes
6. I'm Back Into You
7. Different Kind Of Man
8. Surrounded
9. Caribbean Beach
10.Get Free-Call Me
11.Trade Secret
12.Finger Lickin' Good
13.All Night Long
Delmark 13.99



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