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Theodis Ealey CDs



Various Artists "Theodis Ealey Presents Southern Soul Mix 1"


 I Gotta Get My Groove On by Willie Hill
2 Keep On Dancing by Theodis Ealey feat. J Red
3 I've Got A Woman Who Loves Me Right by El Wilie
4 Let Go (Radio Edit) by Lacee' & Columbus Toy
5 Mind Your Business by Heart to Heart Band
6 Junk In The Trunk (Remix II)by Sonia Moree
7 We Jukin by Nelson (Sugaa Shack Man) Curry & Jerome Da Entertainer
8 I Can Make You Feel Good by Frank McKinney
9 Drop It Low by Gregory P. Jones
10 I Want A Big Legged Woman (With Good Credit)by Larry Griffith
11 Baby Done Left Me Blues by Heart to Heart Band




Theodis Ealey "You And I, Together"



1. Theodis, What's Up aka Shut The Puck Up
2. You and I, Together
3. 634-5789
4. Love's Guarantee
5. Number One Baby
6. Think It Over
7. Slow Grindin'
8. The Old Man's Story (Mbfdd)
9. The Last Time
10. Sweet Curvacious Love
11. Baby's Got Them Blue Jeans On



Theodis Ealey "Live"*


1. Blues Is Alright, The
2. Move with the Motion
3. Francine/Let Me Put the Head in It
4. Baby What You Want Me to Do (Aka You Got Me Runnin')
5. Catfish Blues
6. What Poor Theo Gonna Do with Myself
7. Stand Up in It
8. Stand Up in It, Pt. 2
9. You Got Me Runnin' (Aka Baby What You Want Me to Do)
Theodis Ealey "Stand Up In It" Theodis Ealey "Stand Up In It"


1. Stand up in It
2. If You Keep Rockin'
3. Move With the Motion
4. Lil' Brown Eyes
5. Don't You Wanna Party
6. Bluesman Lover
7. If You Leave Me, I'm Going Wit' Cha
8. Baby, You've Got What It Takes
9. I Want You
10. All My Baby Left Me Was a Note My Guitar and a Cookie Jar
11. You've Got to Hurt Before You Heal
12. Stand up in It
13. Stand up in It -PartII

Theodis Ealey "I'm The Man You Need"

In Stock

1. Sumpin' Sumpin'
2. Pop That Middle
3. Please, Let Me In
4. I'm the Man You Need
5. Let It Go One (Medley with Rock Me Tonight and Sexual Healing): Sexual Healing / Rock Me Tonight
6. Baby, Why?
7. Looking Up at the Bottom
8. Stand Up in It - (Remix, remix)
9. You and I Together
10. Theo's Groove
11. Reason for the Season

Theodis Ealey "Let Me Put The Head In It"

In Stock

1. Let Me Put The Head In It Theodis Ealey
2. I'm Missin You Babe Lebrado
3. I'm A Man On A Mission Willie Hill
4. You Gotta Kiss It (Like You Miss It) Rasheeda
5. Headed Back To Hurtsville Freddie Hughes
6. This Time I Know Theodis Ealey
7. Don't You Wanna Party Theodis Ealey
8. Wicked City Woman Freddie Hughes
9. Think It Over Doc Blakey
10. Candy Shop Gregory P. Jones



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