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Avail Hollywood

Christopher Estell, aka Avail Hollywood, was born July 24, 1983 in Texarkana, Texas. His first gig was as drummer of the Gospel group Shades Of Ebony, which release the CD "Simply Shade" in 2001. The stage handle "Avail Hollywood" he chose from a poster he saw that read: "Elvis Presley, Now Available in Hollywood."

After the break up of Shades of Ebony Avail Hollywood produced his sister Raine's "Zipper" CD on the defunct Suzie Q label. His first album "The Young Gunn Of Southern Soul" came out in 2009 on his own label, NLightn Records. He has released albums at a steady pace since then as his popularity grew. In March 2018 his album "Good Whiskey" hit number on the official Top 30 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums Chart.

Album Discography

"The Young Gunn Of Southern Soul" (Nlightn 2009)

1. Slide-N-It
2. Let's Get Raw
3. Show Me What U Working With
4. Sexy Cover Gurl
5. Don't Leave Me
6. Freaky Situations..(feat.The Diva of Southern Soul)
7. Touch It
8. A`million Way's
9. A`million Way's (remix)

"Drinking Again" (Desert Sound/Nlightn  2011)

1. One Man's Trash is Another Man's Gold
2. Drinking Again
3. Booty Dance
4. Domestic Love
5. I'ma Give It To U
6. The Week End
7. Forever and Always
8. Tung On It
9. Don't Leave Me

"Country Road" (Nlightn 2013)

1. Anniversary (The Request Song)
2. Country Road
3. Club in Tha Woods (Remix) [feat. Black Zack]
4. Trying Not 2 Break Up
5. Halle Berry
6. Make the Bed Rock
7. Promises Were Ment 2 Be Broken
8. Domestic Luv (Interlude) [R&b Blues Review]
9. Beat It Up (Radio Version) [feat. Certified Slim]
10. Club in Tha Woods (Original Version)

"Rehab" (N'Lightn 2014)

1 Rehab Ain't Working
2 Kiss My Southern Soul [Explicit]
3 Bed Rock, Pt. 2
4 Fatal Attraction
5 Creole Shuffle
6 Real Love (The Wedding Song)
7 Ment 2 Be Broken
8 Kiss My Southern Soul (Radio Edit)
9 Bed Rock, Pt. 2 (Radio Edit)

"Wasted Confessions" (N'Lightn 2015)

Intro 00:43
Interlude to Wasted 00:32
Left Cheek Right Cheek 03:07
What Is Wasted? 01:26
Wasted 03:28
@ tha Sugga Hole 04:26
Avail Hollywood Confession 01:18
Look Like We Did It Again 03:31
Avail Hollywood Confession, Pt. 2 01:41
Sex Ain't Just Sex 04:19
Final Confession 01:22
I'd Be a Damn Fool

"Old Skool Kinda Girl" (N'Lightn 2016)

1. Old Skool Kinda Girl
2. Twenty Five and Up
3. Tight Jeans
4. Until the Morning
5. I'm Sorry Baby
6. Standing Here Knocking
7. Hit Me Up, On Facebook
8. Happy Birthday to My Fans
9. Happy Birthday, Dr. King / Obama

"Good Whiskey" (N'Lightn 2017)  

1 Twerk That (Booty Song)
2 Going Down
3 Kisses (Island Style Remix)
4 Good Whiskey
5 Zodiac Swing
6 Sinking in Quick Sand
7 A Little Age on It
8 Stay out Your Feelings
9 I Could Use a Drink

"Still King" (N'Lightn 2019)  

1 Unbelievable Booty 3:32
2 Honey and Lemon Juice 3:35
3 No More Tears Baby 3:58
4 Don't Rush 3:36
5 DJ Let Me Grind on Her 3:42
6 Mess Around and Loose 3:14
7 You're My Sugar Foot 3:38
8 Girl You Bad (feat. DJ Trac) 3:56
9 Go to Work (feat. DJ Trac) 4:08

"Black Locomotive" (N'Lightn 2020)  

1. Box Top Chevy (N Tha Woods)
2. Love Train
3. That Was the Liquor Talking
4. Stop Playing with My Emotions
5. Temporary Nigga
6. Got 2 Get It
7. This Hit for Tha Grownfolks
8. The Grass Aint Greener (But Sometimes)
9. Box Top Chevy (Music Mix)
10. Temporary Nigga (Edited)

"Mississippi River" (N'Lightn 2021)  

1. Dukes And Boots (Trailride Version)
2. Mississippi River
3. Pray For Me (Addicted)
4. I Just Wanna (Freak You)
5. Let's Bar-B-Cue
6. A Lil Bit Of You Is Better Than None
7. God Blessed Our Love
8. Make It Thru This
9. Chocolate Hennessey
10. Da Loving Hit Different
11. When We Make Love
12. Wife U Up
13. Let That Hurt Go
14. Dukes And Boots

"Love, Lies, Loyalty" (N'Lightn 2022)  


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