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Barbara Prince


Barbara Prince


Album Discography

"Work On Me" (S & M 2001)

1 I'm Doing You
2 Work On Me
3 In Your Face Situation
4 Having Such A Good Time
5 We Don't Have To Sneak Around Anymore
6 Why Do You Make Me Cheat On You
7 When Money Talks
8 Make Me Come
9 Keep On Making Me Feel Good
10 A Mixed Up Woman
11 It Happened A Long Time Ago
12 Only When I'm With You

"He Loves Me Too Good" (S & M 2002)

1. Jump on an Airplane
2. He Loves Me Too Good
3. I Can't Make You Do Right
4. Married Men... Single Women
5. I Found Somebody
6. In Your Face Situation
7. Still Lonely
8. Let Me Borrow Your Man
9. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
10. The Love Song
11. I'm Going Back to the Country
12. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing

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