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Bobby Jonz aka Bobby Jones

Jones has a deep history on the Chicago blues scene, going back to the late 1950s when he was the featured vocalist with the legendary Aces band of Dave and Louis Myers; he also worked with famed guitarist  Jody Williams in the early 60s, the legendary Syl Johnson, and many others.  In the 80s Jones started recorded in the chittlin' circuit as Bobby Jonz, releasing a host of singles in the decade ("If You Got The Touch I Got The Time") in addition to an obscure LP before signing with Johnny Vincent's Ace label. There he released "In The Mood For Love" and followed it up with a Country effort called "This is Bobby Jonz Country".  Two more unsuccessful CDs followed before returning to the Blues market with his original name. He was featured on The Mannish Boys' 2008 disc "Big Plans" before releasing a new solo album called "Comin' Back Hard", which also features the Mannish Boys. He returned to Southern Soul with "You Ain't Got No Poof" in 2011.

Album Discography


"Thought You Were Loving Me"  (Expansion 1982)

"In The Mood For Love" (Ace 1997)

1. In The Mood For Love
2. Sneaking & Freaking
3. Innocent Til Proven Guilty
4. Candy
5. Long Distance Love
6. Baby You Baby
7. Pick Up The Pieces
8. Home Is Not The Same
9. Hey Bartender
10. I Want To Write A Song
11. Me & You
12. Home Is Not The Same

"This Is Bobby Jonz Country" aka "Sings Country" (Avanti 1998)

1. Snap Your Fingers
2. I Believe in You
3. Lonely Street
4. My Lady
5. Hey Bartender
6. My Best Friend's Girl
7. Tell It Like It Used to Be
8. Don't Go to Strangers
9. Pin a Note
10. Tips of My Fingers
11. Hey, What You Doin
12. One Step from the Blues

"Your Freak Is Here" (Big Bidness 1999)

1. Your Freak Is Here
2. Thinking With the Wrong Head
3. 6 and 3 Is 9
4. Tag on Your Toe
5. Woman, a Lover, a Friend, A
6. I Wanna Do Ya
7. I'm in Love With You
8. How Can I Get to You
9. Too Pooped to Pop
10. Three Things

"Super Club Hits" (Mardi Gras 2000)

Bobby Jones sings covers of all these Southern Soul hits

1. I Hear You Knockin'
2. Hit It and Quit It
3. Back up Lover
4. Hole in the Wall
5. Big Head Hundreds
6. I Been Partying All Night
7. Mr. Mailman
8. Sho Wasn't Me
9. Shon't Don't Don't
10. That's Still My Love
11. Hole in the Wall - (Back Door Mix)
12. That's Still My Love - (Mellow Mix)

"Lee Shot Stole My Freak" (Red Dot 2004)


"Comin' Back Hard" (Delta Groove Music 2009)

1. She's the One
2. Two Headed Woman
3. I Must Be Crazy
4. Come in Out of the Rain
5. Get It Over Baby
6. I Don't Know
7. Tired of Your Jive
8. Cry for Me Baby
9. Three Handed Woman
10. Mystery Train
11. How Long Will It Last

"You Ain't Got No Proof" (Desert Sounds 2011)

1. Ain't Got No proof
2. Cheating On me
3. Go The Extra mile
4. Little Salley Walker
5. Natural
6. Moan And Groan
7. Stick a Fork In Me
8. Ain't Got No Proof (Instrumental)
9. This is Your night
10. You Be Lovin me
11. Stepping is Cool
12. Wife And Sister

"Sings To Las Vegas" (Macrolbmusic 2014)

1 Never Make A Move Too Soon
2 The Nearness Of You
3 Cabaret
4 God Bless The Child
5 (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
6 My Funny Valentine
7 (If You Love Me) Really Love Me
8 You'll Never Walk Alone

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