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Bobby Warren

Soulful Bluesman from California. Has recorded three albums for Kon-Kord Records

Album Discography

"Make Me Yours" (Kon-Kord 2003)

1. Let Me Go
2. Make Me Yours
3. Everyday I Have the Blues
4. I Had a Dream
5. Three O'Clock In the Morning
6. Cross Roads
7. Baby Please Come Home
8. Early in the Morning
9. I've Got the Blues
10. Down Home Blues
11. Sweet Sixteen
12. It's Christmas Baby

"I Slipped Up" (Kon-Kord 2005)

1. I slipped Up
2. You Aint right
3. Sacred Ground
4. Time has come for us to be free
5. Save the last Dance
6. All I ever Need
7. Any Where But here
8. How Much Longer
9. Must Have Been an Angel
10. 3 o'clock in the morning

 Bobby Warren "Pioneers & Legends" (Kon-Kord) "Pioneers & Legends" (Kon-Kord 2006)

1. Rosa Parks Dream
2. Blues Is Here to Stay
3. What Goes Around Comes Around
4. The Search Is Over
5. Mrs. Rosie Boy
6. Early in the Morning
7. Juke Joint Man
8. I Hear You Knocking
9. Loving a Married Woman
10. I Don't Want to Be the Last to Know
11. The Blues Is Here to Stay [Jazz & Blues Version][*]

"Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" (Hearon 2011)

digital only release

1. Blues Is Here to Stay (with Willie Clayton)
2. What Goes Around Comes Around
3. Juke Joint Man
4. I Here You Knocking
5. I Slipped Up
6. You Aint Right
7. Any Where But Here
8. How Much Longer
9. Let Me Go
10. Make Me Yours
11. I've Got the Blues
12. The Blues Is Here to Stay (inst.)

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