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Calvin Richardson

Calvin Richardson was born December 16, 1976. Richardson was signed to Tommy Boy Records in the early 1990s as a member of the R&B group Undacova, whose song "Love Slave" appeared on the soundtrack to the 1995 film "New Jersey Drive". His debut album, "Country Boy", was released on August 24, 1999.

On September 16, 2003, he released his second album, "2:35 PM", which peaked at #8 On Billboard's Top Hip Hop/R&B Albums Chart and reached #65 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums. It featured the minor R&B hit "Keep On Pushin'" (#20 Urban Adult Contemporary).

In 2008 Richardson released his third album, "When Love Comes" on Shanachie Records (#17 R&B). In 2009, he recorded a tribute album to Bobby Womack entitled
"Facts Of Life The Soul Of Bobby Womack" (#30 R&B). On August 31, 2010, Richardson released his fifth album, "America's Most Wanted" (#38 R&B). As of 2013, he has joined the upcoming reality series "Come Back Kings" with Ed Lover, Horace Brown, David "Davinch" Chance (of Ruff Endz), Jeff Sanders, Jameio, Mr. Cheeks and Black Rob.

In January 2014, "I Am Calvin" (#34 R&B) was released in 2014 distributed by BMG/Primary Wave and the song "Hearsay" climbed to #11 on Billbaord's Urban Adult Contemporary chart in 2015. in 2017 he rejoined Shanachie for "All Or Nothing", which featured "Treat Her Right" (#17 Urban AC)

Album Discography

"Country Boy" (Universal 1999)

1 I'll Take Her 3:48
2 Lovin' You 4:43
3 Trust Me So Much 5:02
4 Vibe 5:03
5 Never Knew Love 3:42
6 True Love 4:38
7 Half The Time 5:27
8 Looks Like (You've Been Crying) 5:22
9 Close My Eyes 5:01
10 Nightmare (Her Love) 5:02
11 Coming Home 5:29
12 Country Boy 3:49
13 Disrespectful Ghetto 5:01

"2:35 PM" (Hollywood 2003)

Keep On Pushin'
Falling Out
I've Got To Move
I'm Worthy
More Than A Woman
Not Like This
She's Got The Love
You Got Me High
Put My Money On You
Your Love Is
I Wansumo
Cross My Heart

"When Love Comes" (Shanachie 2008)

Sexy Love
Holla At You
Fire In The Attic
Please You Baby
She's Hurtin'
Nobody Loves You
Give It To Me
Don't Go
Sang No More
Make Friends With Love
Daddy To My Kids
When Love Comes

  "Facts Of Life The Soul Of Bobby Womack" (Shanachie 2009)

1 Across 110th Street
2 You're Welcome, Stop On By
3 Harry Hippie
4 Woman Got To Have It
5 American Dream
6 Daylight
7 That's The Way I Feel About 'Cha
8 Love Has Finally Come At Last
9 I Can Understand It
10 I'm Through Trying To Prove My Love To You
11 Fact Of Life/He'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down

"America's Most Wanted" (Shanachie 2010)

1 America's Most Wanted
2 Never Do You Wrong
3 Feels Like We're Sexin'
4 You're So Amazing
5 Thug Livin'
6 Come Over
7 You Possess My Body
8 Reach Out
9 Adore You
10 Monday Morning
11 Paradise

"I Am Calvin" (BMG/Primary Wave 2014)

1 Before This Moment Leaves 1:56
2 We Gon' Love Tonite 4:36
3 Hearsay 5:10
4 Unreasonable 5:27
5 Dark Side Of The Moon 3:51
6 I'll Take Care Of You 4:04
7 What Would I Do 4:50
8 More Than A Picture 5:20
9 All This Love 5:47
10 Home In A Minute 5:32

"All Or Nothing" (Shanachie 2017)

1 All Or Nothing
2 The Only One
3 Can't Let Go
4 Treat Her Right
5 I Love The Way
6 Breaking Down Inside
7 Make Me Say Nah Nah Nah
8 Break It Down
9 Flowers
10 Make Up Love
11 Holding On/Can't Let Go

"Gold Dust" (Shanachie 2019)

1 If Youíre Thinking About Leaving
2 Be Your Friend
3 Do You Wrong
4 Love You Tonight
5 Ainít Nothin Like The One Iíve Got
6 Let Me Love On You
7 Still In Love
8 She Never Had A Real Man Like This
9 Beautiful Woman
10 Macaroni & Cheese


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