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Carl Weathersby     


Born in Jackson, Mississippi Feb. 24 1953, Weathersby played guitar as a youth, obviously inspired by soul blues titan Albert King but didn't become a professional muscian until his late 20s. Weathersby worked in a steel mill, as a police officer and as a prison guard. He also spent time in Vietnam serving in the Army from 1971 to 1977. Weathersby's father was friends with Albert King and Carl was hired by Albert as a part time rhythm guitarist for in 1979, 1980 and 1982. He then started a 14 year tenure with Billy Branch's Sons Of The Blues before being signed by Evidence Records for four discs.  Weathersby's first album, "Don't Lay Your Blues On Me" was a hit with the critics and "Blues Follow me Around" from his second album was nominated for blues song of the year at the annual WC Handy Awards. Weathersby was also nominated for Best New Blues Artist.


Album Discography


 "Don't Lay Your Blues On Me" (Evidence 1996)


1. Rock Your Town
2. Things the Blues Will Make You Do, The
3. Killing Floor
4. Your Love Is Everything
5. All Your Affection Is Gone
6. Don't Lay Your Blues on Me
7. Same Thing
8. Poverty
9. Somebody Help Me
10. Fannie Mae


carl weathersby looking out.jpg "Looking Out My Window" (Evidence 1997)


1. If That Ain't the Blues
2. Feel So Bad
3. Looking Out My Window
4. Do You Call That a Buddy?
5. Sweet Music
6. Hipshakin' Woman
7. Blues Follow Me Around, The
8. Merry Way
9. Whole Story, The
10. Love Shock
11. Feels Like Rain
12. Standing at the Crossroads


carl weathersby restless feeling.jpg  "Restless Feeling" (Evidence 1998)


1. Matchbox Holds My Clothes
2. Real Mutha Fuh Ya, A
3. It's You That I Want
4. Restless Feeling
5. Woman Song
6. Wheel of Fortune
7. We All Wanna Boogie
8. Meadville, Mississippi
9. Everything I Do
10. Rhymes
11. Tired of Being Alone
12. Glory Be
13. She's Gone


carl weathersby come to papa.jpg "Come To Papa" (Evidence 2000)


1. Come to Papa - (featuring Ann Peebles)
2. Leap of Faith
3. Love, Lead Us Home
4. You Better Think About It
5. Breakin' up Somebody's Home, (I Feel Like)
6. Walking the Back Streets and Cryin'
7. My Baby
8. Floodin' in California
9. Good Man Is Hard to Find, A
10. Help Me Somebody
11. Danger All About
12. Drifting Blues



"The Best Of Carl Weathersby"  "The Best Of Carl Weathersby" (Evidence 2003)


1. Come to Papa
2. Restless Feeling
3. Do You Call That a Buddy
4. Don't Lay Your Blues on Me
5. Feels Like Rain
6. Sweet Music
7. Your Love Is Everything
8. Wheel of Fortune
9. Everything I Do
10. It's You That I Want
11. All Your Affection Is Gone
12. Stop Breakin' Down Blues
13. Somebody Help Me
14. My Baby
15. Hipshakin' Woman



carl weathersby in the house.jpg "In The House: Live At Lucerne Vol. 5" (Crosscut 2004)


1. Introduction
2. Leap of Faith
3. What's Going On/Love Lead Us Home
4. If That Ain't the Blues
5. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
6. Hobo Blues
7. Angel of Mercy
8. Can't You See What You're Doing to Me?
9. Night Stomp
10. Looking Out My Window

carl weathersby hold on "Hold On" (Louisiana Red Hot 2005)

1. I'm Back Again
2. Leave It Alone
3. Angel of Mercy
4. My Baby
5. Feels Like Rain
6. Nothing Hurts a Man
7. Willingly
8. Love Ain't Fair
9. Hold On
10. Too Far Gone
11. Freedom
12. When Push Comes to Shove

*** It had been five years since Carl's last disc (the great soulful blues CD "Come To Papa" on Evidence Records) and I was starting to wonder what was up with him. Then last year he nearly stole the show from Charles Wilson with his guitar virtuosity on Wilson's Delmark release "If Heartaches Were Nickels". Well, now Carl says "I'm Back Again" on the opener for the TC Davis and Richard Waters-produced "Hold On". It's a vintage phat Albert King-like shuffle blues with sharp, muscular axework by Weathersby. Up next is the New Orleans-flavored groover "Leave Me Alone", one of two excellent songs from fellow bluesman Burton Gaar. The cut features some greasy organ courtesy of Johnny Neel. Even better is Gaar's second contribution, the slow, soul ballad "Willingly". Weathersby had recorded the John Hiatt composition, "Feels Like Rain", before but this time he really makes it his own his own- and that's high praise considering Buddy Guy also did a fine version of this tune. Weathersby himself provided the Southern Soul/blues gems "Hold On", "My Baby" and the loose instrumental "Freedom". Welcome back Carl.

"I'm Still Standing Here" (Magnolia 2009)

1. Ace of Spades
2. I Can Feel It
3. I'm Still Here
4. Travelin' Man
5. I Know I'm Losing You
6. Only Getting Second Best
7. Road of Life, The
8. Strong Companion, A
9. Love T.K.O.
10. Who to Believe
11. Feel Like Giving Up
12. What Am I?

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