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Album Discography

"Certified Freak" (Butler 200?)

1. Certified Freak
2. Ex Love Next Love
3. Addicted To You
4. So Excited
5. Didn't You See The Sign
6. Country Woman
7. Daily Love
8. Let Me Stroke You (With A Slow Roll)
9. Hold On
10. Work That Body
11. Tired Of Loving You

"Having A Party" (Butler 2002)

1. Having A Party
2. I Got To Go
3. What Is A Man To Do
4. My Baby
5. Let Me Down Easy
6. Last Night
7. Got To Get My Groove On
8. Got To Get My Groove On (Ins)
9. My Baby (Ins)
10.Having A Party (Ins)

"Thankful For Your Love" (EWE Group 2005)

1.I Want to Party with You
2.The Love I Had at Home
3.Go on
4.Let Me Down Easy
5.Thankful for Your Love
6.Stop Wasting My Time
7.Too Many Mechanics
8.I Do
9.Missing You
10.You Rock My World

"Call Me What U Wanna" (Clayton Knight 2009)

1. Fishing Hole
2. Breaking Up
3. Ace of Spade
4. Call Me What U Wanna
5. Rock With It, Role With It
6. Hooked On Crack
7. Still Playing Games
8. Last Night
9. Lying Women 2
10. Havng A Party

"I'm Coming Home" (C&S 2012)

1 So Good Looking
2 Coming Home
3 Dog House
4 Reminissing
5 Certified Freak
6 Grapevine Will Lie
7 Hold On
8 Ex Love, Next Love
9 Back It Up
10 So Excited
11 Work That Body
12 Certified Freak (Club Mix)


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