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David G
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David G

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Album Discography

"Southern Soul With A Twist" (Laryan 2007)

1. Southern Blues With A Twist
2. D. G. Shuffle
3. She's Crazy
4. Private Party
5. Hurt Too Many Times
6. Love Hurt
7. Ooh Yeah
8. Don't Tell Nobody
9. Creeping 4:32
10. Number One Lady
11. Is There Anybody Lonely

"Natural Born Legend" (Laryan 2009)

1. Mustang Sally
2. Lying On Me 
3. Southern Blues With a Twist (Remix)
4. Practice What You Preach
5. One Man's Trash
6. D.G. Shuffle (Remix)
7. When Somebody Loves You Back
8. You Got To Know Where You Been
9. Southern Blues With a Twist (Instrumental)


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