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Denise LaSalle Denise LaSalle 

The "Queen Of Soul Blues" is a title that rightly belongs to this survivor who's been recording for over three decades. Not only does she have a phat, supple blues voice but she's a great songwriter and even a producer.

She was born July 16, 1939, as Denise Craig. LaSalle moved north to Chicago when she was in her early twenties and would attend shows at the Regal Theatre, always returning home to write songs. She got to know blues musicians and began giving her songs to them, until one day a Chess Records executive stopped by at Mixer's Lounge, where LaSalle was working as a bar maid. He listened to one of her songs and took it down to Chess Records, and the company later signed her as a vocalist, but never recorded her. Two years later, LaSalle recorded and produced her own record with the help of Billy "The Kid" Emerson, the Chess executive who'd originally shown an interest in her. After the record made some waves on local radio, Chess stepped in and purchased the master and took it to Europe. Meanwhile, LaSalle continued writing songs and sitting in with blues musicians around the Chicago clubs.

LaSalle's first big hit came about in 1971 when her "Trapped By a Thing Called Love" broke on the radio in Chicago and then Detroit. That record was for the Westbound label and then she signed with ABC Records in 1975, cutting three albums in three years until the label was sold to MCA. After MCA dropped her because of the label's "difficulty in promoting black acts" at that time, she continued performing as much as she could in Chicago and Memphis. In 1980, a Malaco executive called to ask her to write a song for Z.Z. Hill. A positive relationship with the company was quickly developed, which resulted in LaSalle recording 11 discs for the label, including the classic "Lady In The Street".

Album Discography

"Trapped By A Thing Called Love" (Westbound 1972) "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" (Westbound 1972)

1. Trapped by a Thing Called Love
2. Now Run and Tell That
3. Heartbreaker of the Year
4. Goody Goody Getter
5. Catch Me If You Can
6. Hung Up Strung Out
7. Do Me Right
8. Deeper I Go, The
9. You'll Lose a Good Thing
10. Keep It Coming
11. It's Too Late

**** Southern soul LaSalle style is born with this set of Stax grooves and assured vocal prowess. LaSalle, the Diva, wrote 7 of the 11 tracks including the #1 R & B smash "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" (also reached #13 Pop). The album reached #38 R & B and #120 Pop in Billboard.

denise lasalle on the loose "On The Loose" (Westbound 1973)

1. Man Size Job, A
2. What It Takes to Get a Good Woman
3. Harper Valley Pta
4. What Am I Doing Wrong
5. Breaking Up Somebody's Home
6. There Ain't Enough Hate Around (To Make Me Turn Around)
7. Your Man and Your Best Friend
8. Lean on Me
9. Making a Good Thing Better
10. I'm Over You
11. I'm Satisfied

**** Followup scored the #4 R & B smash "Man Sized Job" (#55 Pop) and two lesser hits, "What It Takes To Get A Good Woman" (#31 R & B) and "Your Man And Your Best Friend" (#92 R& B). LaSalle's groove-oriented backdrop and earthy phrasings evoke her influences Ruth Brown, Millie Jackson & Betty Wright.

dneise lasalle here i am again.jpg "Here I Am Again" (Westbound 1975)

1. Here I Am Again
2. Married, But Not to Each Other
3. Share Your Man with Me
4. I Wanna Do What's on Your Mind
5. Trying to Forget
6. My Brand on You
7. Stay with Me Awhile
8. Any Time Is the Right Time
9. Don't Nobody Live Here (By the Name of Fool)
10. Hit and Run
11. We've Got Love
12. Get Up off My Mind
13. Who's the Fool
14. Best Thing I Ever Had

**** Once again the Memphis Horns back Lasalle for more southern soul ala Stax and Hi Records. LaSalle displays power and flexibility throughout, whether bouncing atop a cool-breeze groove ("Stay With Me Awhile"), digging into a bit of shuffle-bump salaciousness ("I Wanna Do What's on Your Mind"), or hitting the vocal heights on a rootsy ballad ("Don't Nobody Live Her"). LaSalle also invades Barry White territory on the sultry "Here I Am Again".

denise lasalle second breath.jpg "Second Breath" (ABC 1976)

1. Freedom To Express Yourself
2. Get Your Lie Straight
3. Sweet Soul
4. I'm Back To Collect
5. I Get What I Want
6. Second Breath
7. Hellfire Loving
8. Sit Down And Hurt Awhile
9. Two Empty Arms

*** Set includes two LaSalle songs that were hits for Bill Coday ("Get Your Lies Straight" & "I'm Back To Collect"). "I Get What I Want" is a sassy, assured funky-soul number.

denise lasalle lbitch is bad.jpg "The Bitch Is Bad" (ABC 1977)

1.The Bitch Is Bad
2.Love Me Right
3.Before You Take It To The Streets
4.Fool Me Good
5.Move Your Body
6.A Love Magician
7.One Life To Live
8.Love Addict

*** The influence of disco rears it's ugly head here ("Move Your Body") but the title track has become one of her more popular compositions. "Love Me Right", however, was the hit (#10 R & B #80 Pop). The album was her highest charting (#47 Black Albums) since her debut despite the lightweight material and overproduced arrangements.

denise lasalle under influence.jpg "Under The Influence" (ABC 1979)

1 P.A.R.T.Y. (Where It Is)
2 Feet Don't Fail Me
3 No Matter What They Say
4 Let's Stay This Way
5 Workin' Overtime
6 Under The Influence
7 You Ought'a Thank Me
8 Talking 'Bout My Best Friend

**1/2 Because of the moderate success of her last discofied funk-lite album ABC has he try it again to slightly less payoff. The smokin' "I'm So Hot" was a minor R & B hit (#82)

denise lasalle unwrapped "Unwrapped" (ABC 1979)

1. think about it
2. keep on dancin rock
3. a miracle you and me
4. too little in common to be lovers
5. da ya think im sexy
6. medley: make me yours / precious memories / trapped by a thing called love

** If you want to hear LaSalle doing Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" this one's for you. Other dance-minded tracks include "Keep On Dancing Rock" & "Think About It". There's also an interesting nearly 15 minute medley that incorporates Bettye Swann's "Make Me Yours" Jackie Moore's "Precious Precious" and her own smash "Trapped". Easily the high point of the album.

denise lasalle i'm so hot "I'm So Hot" (MCA 1980)

1. I'm So Hot
2. Try My Love
3. You'll Never Get Your Hooks In My Man
4. Tear For Tear
5. Giving Up
6. Come Ta Ya Ha Dance
7. Sometimes
8. May The Funk Be With You

denise lasalle satisfaction guranteed "And Satisfaction Guaranteed" (MCA 1981)

7. E.R.A.(Equal Rights Amendment)

Denise LaSalle Lady In The Street "Lady In The Street" (Malaco 1983)

1. Lady in the Street
2. This Bell Was Made for Ringing
3. Don't Mess With My Man
4. Lay Me Down
5. Down Home Blues
6. I Was Not the Best Woman
7. Come to Bed
8. I Was Telling Him About You

***** LaSalle & Malaco Records hit a homerun with this 8 song gem. The title track is one of her best ever. "This Bell Is Made For Ringing" is an attractive cousin to Anita Ward's smash "Ring My Bell". A great slowie "I Was Telling Him All About You" and two sexy numbers ("Come To Bed" & "Lay Me Down") not to mention a good cover of "Down Home Blues" makes this a tasty well rounded meal. The only complaint really is that it's only 8 songs. This was the highest charting album of her career (#23 Black Albums).

 "Right Place, Right Time" (Malaco 1984) "Right Place, Right Time" (Malaco 1984)

1. Right Place, Right Time
2. He's Not Available
3. Treat Your Man Like a Baby
4. Good Man Gone Bad
5. Boogie Man
6. Your Husband Is Cheatin' on Us
7. Why Does It Feel So Right
8. Keep Your Pants On
9. Bump and Grind
10. Love School

*** After an uneven stint on ABC records LaSalle has found a new home with Malaco. Bluesy wailers and heavy soul are to be found here. The title track (a duet with Latimore) is smooth. The bold "Your Husband Is Cheating On Us" was later covered by Little Milton. Doesn't quite match "Lady In The Street" but it's clear LaSalle is rolling now. She's on top of her game.

denise lasalle love talkin.jpg "Love Talkin'" (Malaco 1985)

1. Talkin' in Your Sleep
2. Someone Else Is Steppin' In
3. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
4. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
5. Love Is a Five Letter Word
6. Love Talkin'
7. Get What You Can Get
8. Linger a Little Longer
9. Keeps Me Runnin' Back
10. Too Many Lovers
11. My Tu-Tu

*** Moderate soul blues outing features "Talking In Your Sleep", the great "Someone Else Is Steppin' In", which as has been a hit for Z.Z. Hill & Buddy Guy. "Give Me Yo' Strongest Whiskey" was co-written with George Jackson. The frank "Too Many Lovers" says there's "too many machos and not enough men". You tell 'em Queen! "My Toot Toot" (originally spelled "Tu Tu") reached #6 on UK Pop Charts.

denise lasalle rain & fire "Rain & Fire" (Malaco 1986)

1. It Be's That Way Sometimes
2. I'm Sho Gonna Mess With Yo Man
3. What's Goin' on in My House
4. Look What Can Happen to You (If You Get Caught Mesisn' With My Tutu)
5. Shame, Shame, Shame
6. Dip, Bam, Thank You Maam
7. Learnin' How to Cheat on You
8. Rain and Fire
9. It Takes You All Night
10. Is He Lovin' Someone Else Tonight

*** Once again the usual soul and blues/country-tinged songs by a great singer/writer. Includes the blues "It Be's That Way Sometimes" with Millie Jackson-like dialogue, "Dip, Bam Thank You Ma'am" & "What's Goin' On In My House". The weak spot is the silly rappin' "Look What Can Happen To You (If You Mess With My Tu Tu)". An obvious experiment to sound modern. But you forget about it quick when the next cut "Shame Shame Shame" picks up and forces you to dance!

"It's Lying Time Again" (Malaco 1987)

1. It's Lying Time Again
2. Teeny Weeny Black Bikini
3. It Makes Me So Mad
4. You'll Never Get Your Hooks in My Man
5. Last Night Was the First Time
6. Footprints of a Fool
7. Your Pleasure is My Business
8. Hold On
9. Holding Hands With the Blues
10.Love Break

*** Highlights include the title track, "Love Break" and a cover of the Joe Tex hit "Hold On". As of writing this album has yet to be released on CD. But, dang it, it should be.

"Hittin' Where It Hurts" (Malaco 1988) "Hittin' Where It Hurts" (Malaco 1988)

1. Don't Cry No More
2. Write This One off (As a Loss)
3. Caught in Your Own Mess
4. Bring It on Home to Me
5. Eee Tee
6. If You Can't Do Me Right
7. See-Saw
8. You Gotta Pay to Play
9. I Forgot to Remember

*** LaSalle sounds as inspired as ever on such gritty, horn-backed fare as "If You Can't Do Me Right," "Don't Cry No More" and the bluesy "Caught in Your Own Mess," all of which recall the splendor of Stax Records. The LaSalle original "Write This One Off (As A Loss)" is another winner.

"Still Trapped" (Malaco 1990) "Still Trapped" (Malaco 1990)

1. Wet Match
2. Trapped...1990
3. Paper Thin
4. Chain Letter
5. Real Sad Story, A
6. Drop That Zero
7. I'm Loved
8. Kiss It
9. Love and Happiness
10. Wild Thang (All Nite Long)

*** LaSalle wrote or co-write 8 of the 10 cuts here and they're typically above average but the slick production (an artifact of the time) strips away most of the grit. For some reason there's a live version of "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" with a mini-monologue called "Trapped...1990". It's telling that this is the zenith of the album. The tough, sassy "Wet Match", "Drop That Zero" & and frustrated "Paper Thin" demand repeated listens. This was her second highest charting Malaco album (#27 R & B).

"Love Me Right" (Malaco 1992) "Love Me Right" (Malaco 1992)

1. Don't Jump My Pony
2. Long Dong Silver
3. You Can't Get Nothin' Straight Between Us
4. Love Me Right
5. When We're Making Love
6. I'm Not That Kind of Girl
7. Too Many Hungry Mouths Around the Table
8. One More Wrong Step
9. Fast Hands and a Dirty Mind
10. Another One Bites the Dust
11. Don't Pick It Up

**1/2 LaSalle characteristically belts with attitude on "Don't Jump My Pony", cheeky "Long Dong Silver" and funky "Fast Hands And A Dirty Mind". She redoes an old hit (title track) but unleashes a dreadful version of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" with her own rappin' verses. Sorry Denise but you don't need rap. Because everything else you do is brilliant we can forgive you.

denise lasalle stil lbad.jpg "Still Bad" (Malaco 1994)

1. Right Side of the Wrong Bed
2. Soft-Hearted Woman
3. Three People
4. No Supervision
5. Child of the Ghetto
6. Dial 1-900-Get-Some
7. Risky Business
8. Sweeter the Man, The
9. It Ain't over Til the Fat Lady Sings
10. Woman Needs to Be Loved
11. Bitch Is Bad

***1/2 One of her stronger recent discs, LaSalle does a ripping version of her old "The Bitch is Bad" and shouts some trash-talkin', funky blues on "1-900-Get-Some", "Risky Business", "No Supervision" & "Right Side Of The Wrong Bed". But the versatile veteran has no problem showing a more sensitive side of herself on "Soft-Hearted Woman" & "Child of the Ghetto," a deep ballad describing a poor woman's determination to improve her lot in life.

denise lasalle smokin in bed.jpg "Smokin' In Bed" (Malaco 1997)

1. Smokin' in Bed
2. Juke Joint Woman
3. Blues Party Tonight
4. If I Don't Holler
5. Going Through Changes
6. Five Below Zero
7. Never Been Touched Like This
8. Why Am I Missing You?
9. Night We Called It a Day, The
10. Dirty Old Woman

**** Two absolute gems require mention first. The gorgeous "Why Am I Missing You" tells of a woman's bewilderment about why she misses an abusive ex. "Blues Party Tonight" is another laid-back B.B. King-like blues cut in the tradition of "Down Home Blues" & "The Blues is Alright". The midtempo burner "Goin' Thru Changes" serves up honey while "Juke Joint Woman" serves up grits.

"Trapped" (601 Music 1997) "Trapped" (601 Music 1997)


N/R Budget compilation with random song selection from her previous Malaco releases exists only to draw the curious. It does contain the smash "Trapped By A Thing Called A Love" and a good version of Joe Tex's "Hold On", however.

"God's Got My Back" (Angels In The Midst 1999)

1. God's Got My Back
2. Tell Him What You Want
3. Still Talkin' Bout a Man
4. Satan's Trying to Track Me Down
5. Rest in Me
6. God Is Absolutely Mad About You
7. His Mighty Love
8. God Don't Make Mistakes
9. Calvary
10. Send Me, I'll Go
11. Going Through Changes
12. Praise Him
13. Going Through Changes

Denise LaSalle This Real Woman.jpg"This Real Woman" (Ordena 2000)

1.This Real Woman
2.Lick It Before You Stick It
3.A Love Reputation
4.A Sexholic
5.I Just Wanna Make Love to You
6.In a Midnight Mood (In the Middle of the Day)
7.What Kind of Man Is This
8.Funky Blues Kinda Mood
9.Unlovable Habits
10.This Real Woman
11.If I'm Only for Myself (Who's Gonna Be for Me)
12.When She Stops Asking
13.This Bedroom's on Fire
14.Dreaming All Day
15.The Best of the Rest
16.Tell Him What You Want
17.I Fell in Love With Me
18.Down on Clinton
19.Trapped by a Thing Called Love
20.God Is Absolutely Mad About You

**1/2 She's the "Queen Of The Blues" but this 2 CD set released on 2000 would not convince you of her nobility. The set boasts 20 songs but only 14 are unique to this set (4 ended up on 2002's "Still The Queen", 1 is a radio edit and 1 is her 1971 original "Trapped By A Thing Called Love"). Of the 14 only a handful stand out. The ribald "Lick It Before You Stick It" is a fine uptempo Memphis soul blues jam, the meditative "If I'm Only For Myself (Who's Gonna Be For Me)", a tune written for an unrealized Bob Dylan collaboration, the slow jam "I Fell In Love With Me" and the mildly funky blues "A Sexoholic". The set is bogged down by the idiotic Bill Clinton apologetic "Down On Clinton", a tepid remake of "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" and the snoozer ballads "Dreaming All Day" & "Tell Him What You Want".

 "I Get What I Want: The Best Of The ABC Years" (Connoisseur Collection 2001) "I Get What I Want: The Best Of The ABC Years" (Connoisseur Collection 2001)

1. I Get What I Want
2. Second Breath
3. Sit Down and Hurt Awhile
4. Love Me Right
5. Before You Take It to the Streets
6. One Life to Live
7. Love Addict
8. Working Overtime
9. Feet Don't Fail Me
10. You Ought'a Thank Me
11. Talking 'Bout My Best Friend
12. Miracle You and Me, A
13. Too Little in Common to Be Lovers
14. You'll Never Get Your Hooks in My Man
15. Tighten up Your Good Thing
16. Sharing Your Love
17. Make Love to Me One More Time

**** The cream of her 4 ABC albums with "Love Me Right", "Second breath", "I Get What I Want", "Before You Take It To The Street" & more.

Denise Lasalle Still The Queen "Still The Queen" (Ecko 2002)

1. I'm Still the Queen
2. Dirty, Freaky Man
3. You Should Have Kept It in the Bedroom
4. What Kind of Man Is This
5. Funky Blues Kind of Mood
6. Cover It Up
7. Who Needs You
8. In a Midnight Mood in the Middle of the Day
9. Unlovable Habits
10. There's No Separation

***1/2 First for Ecko marks the return of the "Queen". The funky, Bobby Rush-like "I'm Still The Queen" sets the tone. A tight, grinding groove. 4 of the best cuts from 2000's"The Real Woman" are salvaged on this superior collection, including "In A Midnight Mood (In The Middle Of The Day)", given the definitive treatment here, and "Funky Blues Kinda Mood". On "Unlovable Habits" she asks her man who's gonna put up with with his funky self. The way "your funky feet smell" and "way you pick your nose". Funny stuff. The biggest hit was "You Shoulda Kept It In The Bedroom" where a friend brags up her man's bedroom skills so much that Denise has to find out for herself!

"My Toot Toot: Definitive Anthology" (Smith & Co. 2003) "My Toot Toot: Definitive Anthology" (Smith & Co. 2003)

1. Trapped by a Thingcalled Love
2. Now Run and Tell That
3. Man Sized Job
4. Do Me Right
5. Married, But Not to Each Other
6. Lady in the Street
7. I Was Not the Best Woman
8. Come to Bed
9. Don't Mess With My Man
10. Right Place, Right Time
11. Why Does It Feel So Right
12. Keep Your Pants On
13. Bump and Grind
14. Caught in Your Own Mess
15. You Gotta Pay to Play
16. Bring It on Home to Me
17. Don't Cry No More
18. Don't Mess With My Toot Toot
19. If You Can Do Me Right
20. Wright This One Off (As a Loss)
21. Love and Happines
22. Trapped.... 1990
23. Drop That Zero
24. Wet Match
25. Paper Thin
26. I'm Loved
27. When We're Making Love
28. Love Me Right
29. Don't Pick It Up
30. Fast Hands and a Dirty Mind
31. Three Peaple
32. Dial 1 -900 - Get - Some
33. No Supervision
34. Child of the Ghetto
35. Woman Needs to Be Loved, A
36. Blues Party Tonight

***1/2 Erratic 2 CD 38 song anthology that belies the title "Definitive". Due to licensing problems there's zero tracks from her ABC or MCA albums, only 4 from her Westbound albums, and no tracks from several of her Malaco albums that were out-of-print at the time ("Love Talkin'", "Rain & Fire"). Even the choices from her Malaco albums seem random (nearly the whole "Still Bad" album is here!) It does contain her international hit, the zydeco "My Toot Toot".

Denise LaSalle Wanted.jpg"Wanted" (Ecko 2004)

1. Snap, Crackle and Pop
2. Thrill Is on Again, The
3. Wanted Man
4. They Made a Blues Fan Out of Me
5. Doormat Woman
6. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home
7. Woman Needs Money, A
8. Love You Threw Away, The
9. Who Needs an Enemy With a Friend Like You?
10. Bone It Like You Own It

**** She currently has the number 1 single in the south with "Snap, Crackle & Pop", a hilarious answer song to Theodis Ealey's mega-hit "Stand Up In It" & Dr. Feelgood Potts' response "Make It Talk" (& many others). Leave it to the queen to tell us "what a woman is really all about". It's another shuffle-bumpin southern soul jam with an irresistible hook that you can't help but tap your toes, dance or bob your head to. A smash. Period. The similar-sounding "Wanted Man" is sure to follow. Denise still has a strong, thick, authoritative voice and still has some quality songs in her. "Doormat Woman" is a soulful romp that continues the "equal opportunity" theme. "A Woman Needs Money" tells the players that a woman needs more than sex (similar to label mate Sheba Potts-Wrights successful "I Can Hear Your Macaroni"). "Love You Threw Away" has brilliant lyrics like: "It ain't no use in frettin' the man is only gettin' the love you threw away!". Another highlight is the thumping blues of the Little Miltonesque "They Made A Blues Fan Out Of Me" where she cites her influences. "The Thrill Is On Again" is basically "Thrill Is Gone" part 2. As is common with new Ecko Records releases the artist remakes a couple tunes from past Ecko albums like Barbara Carr ("Bone It Like You Own It") and Bill Coday ("It Was A House Until You Made It A Home"). Maybe this time this latter song will get the attention it deserves. Overall another satisfying soul blues album by a great singer.

Denise LaSalle "Pay Before You Pump" (Ecko 2007)

1. Pay Before You Pump
2. It's Goin' Down
3. I Need a Working Man
4. Mississippi Woman
5. Hold on Tight
6. Hell Sent Me You
7. Walking on Beale Street and Crying
8. I'm Hangin' On
9. You Don't Live Here No More
10. I Tried
11. It's Goin' Down (Radio Version - Clean)
12. Mississippi Woman - (DeLta Blues Mix)

***1/2 It comes as no surprise the Denise LaSalle CD opens with a cheeky, double-entendre filled track ("Pay Before You Pump") being for the past decade she's had success with similar songs like "Lick It Before You Stick It", "Snap, Crackle & Pop", "Smokin' In Bed" to name a few. So "Pump", the title track to her new Ecko release "Pay Before You Pump", is yet another shuffle bump with a memorable refrain that'll garner instant adds at Southern Soul radio. The first single, however, is a re-working of Floyd Hamberlin's "Mississippi Boy" (re-titled "Mississippi Woman"), which has already been a regional hit for Will T and Charles Wilson. It'll no doubt hit again but better is the alternate "Delta Blues Mix" version of the song which adds honking harp and guitar that'll appeal to more mainstream Blues markets. It's the definitive version of the cut. The rhythmically similar "It's Goin' Down" was written by LaSalle. Here the "Queen" promises to put the smack down on a rival hen.

 Overall, LaSalle wrote seven of the ten cuts, most notably the Memphis Soul ballad "Hold On Tight" and the up-from-the-bottom slow Blues "Walking On Beale Street On Crying". LaSalle is one of those rare Blues singers that seems to appeal equally to female and male fans. The ladies cheer when she talk smack, putting men in their place but the menfolk simply eat it up too because she's got the chops. Both will "pump" this one to the top of the charts.

"A Little Bit Naughty: The ABC & MCA Years" (Shout 2008)

1. Sweet Soul
2. I'm Back to Collect
3. I Get What I Want
4. Second Breath
5. Hellfire Loving
6. Sit Down and Hurt Awhile
7. Two Empty Arms
8. Love Me Right
9. Before You Take It to the Streets
10. Fool Me Good
11. One Life to Live
12. Love Addict
13. Feet Don't Fail Me
14. Working Overtime
15. You Ought'a Thank Me
16. Talking 'Bout My Best Friend

1. Miracle, You and Me, A
2. Too Little in Common to Be Lovers
3. You'll Never Get Your Hooks in My Man
4. Tighten Up on Your Good Thing
5. Sharing Your Love
6. Got Myself a Handyman
7. Make Love to Me One More Time
8. My Groove Medley: Make Me Yours/Precious Precious/Trapped

***1/2 2 disc set comprising the best of her 1976-1981 period.

"24 Hour Woman" (Malaco 2010)

1. Cheat Receipt
2. Home Wrecker
3. Too Many Women
4. (I'm a) 24-Hour Woman
5. If You Can't Keep It Up
6. Ride On
7. I'll Be Your Kitten, Baby
8. Three is a Crowd
9. Older Woman (Looking For a Younger Man)
10. (You Hit One) Over the Fence
11. Let's Make Love (Like It's the Last Time)

"Still Talkin' About A Man" (Angel In The Midst 2010)

1 Blood Donor (Saved My Life)
2 Still Talkin' Bout A Man
3 Tell Him What You Want
4 God's Got My Back
5 Going Through Changes
6 Calvary
7 Send Me, I'll Go
8 God Don't Make Mistakes
9 Praise Him
10 Mighty Love [Gospel Version]
11 No Separation
12 I'm Only For Myself
13 Blood Donor (Saved My Life) [Instrumental & Ensemble]

"At Her Best" (Ecko 2012)

1. Snap, Crackle and Pop
2. Bone Me Like You Own Me
3. You Should Have Kept It in the Bedroom
4. It's Going Down
5. Wanted Man
6. I'm Still the Queen
7. Mississippi Woman
8. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home
9. Pay Before You Pump
10. They Made a Blues Fan Out of Me
11. Dirty Freaky Man
12. 24 Hours
13. I'm Still the Queen (Blues Mix)

"Greatest Hits" (Malaco 2013)

1. Wet Match
2. Your Husband Is Cheating On Us
3. Someone Else Is Steppin' In
4. Why Am I Missing You
5. Lady In The Street
6. Down Home Blues
7. Bump And Grind
8. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
9. Don't Mess With My Man
10. Drop That Zero
11. My Tu-Tu
12. Trapped...1990

"Making A Good Thing Better: The Complete Westbound Singles 1970-1976" (Westbound 2014)

1. Strung Out Hung Up
2. Heartbreaker of the Year
3. Trapped By a Thing Called Love
4. Keep It Coming
5. Now Run and Tell That
6. The (The Better It Gets) Deeper I Go
7. A Man Size Job
8. I'm Over You
9. Making a Good Thing Better
10. What It Takes To Get a Good Woman (That's What It Takes To Keep Her)
11. Do Me Right
12. Your Man and Your Best Friend
13. What Am I Doing Wrong
14. Don't Nobody Live Here (By the Name of Fool)
15. Good Goody Getter
16. Get Up Off My Mind
17. The Best Thing I Ever Had
18. Trying To Forget
19. We've Got Love (the Good Part About It)
20. My Brand On You
21. Any Time is the Right Time
22. Here I Am Again
23. Married But Not To Each Other
24. Who's the Fool
25. Radio Ad For "Trapped By a Thing Called Love"
26. Radio Ad For "On the Loose"

"Mississippi Woman Steppin' Out Live" (JSP 2019)

1 Juke Joints 5:44
2 Blues Party Tonight 6:11
3 Give Me the Strongest Whiskey 3:19
4 You Can Have My Husband 5:27
5 Drop That Zero 4:14
6 Mississippi Woman 4:51
7 This Thing Called Love 5:00
8 Lady in the Streets 3:29
9 Downhome Blues-Steppin' In 9:38
10 My Toot Toot 8:45


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