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Dorothy Moore

She made you "Misty Blue". She made you ruminate on "Funny How Time Slips Away". She demanded "Let The Music Play" and you danced. She invited you to a "Special Occasion" and she always has her heart open "With Pen In Hand". Well, now she's asking her man (and bootleggers) "What You Doing With The Money?" Born in Jackson, Mississippi on October 13, 1946, Dorothy Moore is a usually remembered as the sweet voiced siren who sang "Misty Blue" but there's much more to this living legend. Moore started singing background at a local studio after high school while singing in clubs around Jackson. In 1966, she signed her first deal with Epic singing lead with a trio, the Poppies. The girl group was produced by Billy Sherrill and recorded for Epic Records, with "Lullaby of Love" becoming a regional hit. Three more singles and the album "Lullaby Of Love" was released before the group folded. Moore continued as a solo act and kept the Mid-South Review rolling. She recorded two unsuccessful singles ("See How They've Done My Love" and "Same Old Feeling") for Avon Records, and then worked with a Malaco production distributed by the GSF label entitled "Cry Like A Baby" b/w "Just the One I've Been Looking For"; it stayed on the R&B chart for five weeks in 1973. A duet on Chimneyville Records with King Floyd called "Don't Let Go" received good airplay and set the stage for her calling card "Misty Blue" in 1976. The song was a #1 R&B and #3 pop single while another 1976 single, "Funny How Time Slips Away", reached #7 R&B. Moore continued on Malaco through the '80s, landing one more Top 10 Pop hit in 1977 with "I Believe You", which earned Dorothy Moore one of Record World’s Top Female Vocalists of the year. "I Believe You" was also a #1 R & B single, and went to number one in the UK.She signed with the reactivated Volt label in the late '80s and recorded two LPs for them before returning to Malaco for the rest of her '90s work. In September 2002, "Please Come Home for Christmas" on her own label, Farish Street Records of Mississippi. She released a single, "Dorothy Moore Sings the National Anthem." and has released three more discs on Farish Street as of 2018.

Album Discography

"Misty Blue" (Malaco 1976)

The Only Time You Ever Say You Love Me 3:31
Dark End Of The Street 2:50
Funny How Time Slips Away 3:48
Laugh It Off 3:08
Misty Blue 3:38
Enough Woman Left (To Be Your Lady) 3:02
I Don't Wamt To Be With Nobody But You 4:12
Ain't That A Mother's Luck 3:17
Too Much Love 3:22
It's So Good 2:28

"Dorothy Moore" (Malaco 1977)

Let The Music Play 3:47
I Believe You 3:39
Love Me 3:41
Make It Soon 3:27
With Pen In Hand 6:08
1-2-3 (You And Me) 3:10
Loving You Is Just An Old Habit 3:58
Daddy's Eyes 3:23
For Old Time's Sake 3:43
Too Blind To See 4:14

"Once More With Feeling" (Malaco 1978)

Special Occasion 3:49
What Am I To Do 3:12
Girl Overboard 3:54
Write A Little Prayer 3:00
The Going Ups And The Coming Downs 3:15
(We Need More) Loving Time 3:33
Being Alone 3:51
If I Could Just Find My Way Back To You 4:09
He Knows Just Where To Touch Me 3:30

"Definitely Dorothy" (Malaco 1979)

Once Or Twice
How'd We Ever Get This Way
I Feel The Hurt Coming On
Can't Keep A Good Love Down
Since I Don't Have You/Since I Fell For You ( Medley )
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed
The End Of The World
Lookin' For A Lovin'
Mississippi Song

"Talk To Me" (Malaco 1980)

Talk To Me / Every Beat Of My Heart 3:45
Crazy In Love 4:10
Angel Of The Morning 5:20
It's All In The Game 3:38
If I Could Feel That Old Feeling Again 4:10
There'll Never Be Another Night Like This 7:00
Something 6:38
Lonely 7:25

"The Dorothy Moore Album" (Embassey/CBS 1980)

UK Compilation of 1976 & 1977 tracks

A1 Misty Blue 3:38
A2 I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You 4:12
A3 Too Much Love 3:22
A4 Laugh It Off 3:08
A5 The Only Time You Ever Say You Love Me 3:31
A6 I Believe You 3:39
B1 Funny How Time Slips Away 3:48
B2 Dark End Of The Street 2:50
B3 Ain't That A Mother's Luck 3:17
B4 Enough Woman Left (To Be Your Lady) 3:02
B5 It's So Good 2:28
B6 With Pen In Hand 6:08

"Giving It Straight To You" (A&M 1986)

1 Keep Your Eyes On Jesus
2 Jesus Is Love
3 Captain Of My Ship
4 What Is This
5 There's A Better Day
6 Spreadin' Like Wildfire
7 Turn To Him
8 I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today

"Time Out For Me" (Volt 1988)

Walk Through This Pain
Can't Get Over You (Once Again My World Is Misty Blue)
Endless Summer Nights
Time Out For Me
He May Not Be Mine
Don't Hold Your Breath
I Still Get Turned On
Whatever You Can Do

"Winner" (Volt 1989)

Didn't Take The Time
Already Spoken For
Are You Ready
Rude Awakening
I Thank You
In My Pocket
Always So Close

"Feel The Love" (Malaco 1990)

Feel The Love
He Thinks I Still Care
If You'll Give Me Your Heart
Ain't Nothin' Changed
More Than Just Another Hurt
Your Body's Here With Me
All Night Blue
Be Strong Enought To Hold On
Lover Girl
Seein' You Again
Talk To Me

"Stay Close To Home" (Malaco 1992)

Read Me My Rights
Blues In The Night
I'll Always Love You
Do Ya?
You Can't Blame Love
Till The End Of Time
Stay Close To Home
I Betcha' Didn't Know That
It's Rainin' On My Side Of The Bed
What You Won't Do For Love
A Woman Without Love
Before I Fall In Love Again

"Misty Blue & Other Greatest Hits" (Malaco 1996)

1 Misty Blue
2 Funny How Time Slips Away
3 Let The Music Play
4 I Believe In You
5 With Pen In Hand
6 For Old Time Sake
7 Love Me
8 Special Occasion
9 Girl Overboard
10 All Night Blue
11 He Thinks I Still Care
12 Too Blind To See

"More Moore" (Malaco 1997)

1 You Should Have Been Good To Me
2 Who Can The Winner Be?
3 Lie To Me
4 Our Favourite Song
5 Knee Deep In A River
6 It Ain't Over 'Til Your Heart Says Goodbye
7 I'll Spend My Life Lovin' You
8 Why Is Leavin' You So Hard To Do
9 Daydreamin'
10 Stop What You're Doing To Me
11 One Heartache Too Late

"Songs To Love By" (601 Music 1998)

1. Love Me One More Time (For Old Time's Sake)
2. Before I Fall In Love Again
3. If You Give Me Your Heart
4. (It's Gonna Take) More Than Just Another Hurt
5. All Night Blue
6. Write A Little Prayer In Your Book For Me
7. The Only Time You Say You Love Me
8. Daddy's Eyes
9. Love Me
10. Here It Is

"Greatest Hits" (Varese Vintage 2001)

1. We Can Love
2. Misty Blue
3. Funny How Time Slips Away
4. For Old Time's Sake
5. We Should Really Be in Love
6. I Believe You
7. With Pen in Hand
8. Let the Music Play
9. 1-2-3 (You and Me)
10. Special Occasion
11. (We Need More) Loving Time
12. Talk to Me/Every Beat of My Heart
13. He Thinks I Still Care
14. All Night Blue

"Please Come Home For Christmas" (Farish Street 2002)

1 Christmas Everyday
2 Please Come Home For Christmas
3 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
4 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
5 Jingle Bell Rock
6 Little Drummer Girl
7 Silent Night
8 The Christmas Song
9 One Less Chair Around The Table

Dorothy Moore 'I'm Doing Alright" (Farish Street) "I'm Doing Alright" (Farish Street 2005)

I'm Doing Alright
What You Doing With the Money?
My Man is in Town
Must Be Another Woman Involved
Single Mother
Do Your Duty
You Don't Love Me
Stand Up and Try to Be Strong
All Because of You
What a Difference a Day Makes
What Is This ?

***1/2 It had been a too long 9 years since the last all studio set (Malaco's "More Of Moore" ) from the fabulous Dorothy Moore (excluding a 2002 Christmas cd) but now she's back and better than just "alright" with this independently released showcase for her trusty pipes. That smooth, aching voice that captivated us with "Misty Blue" is today more husky and earthy, which perfectly matches the bluesy title track, a song written by the unheralded Rue Davis. This straight blues shuffle is heavy on percussion and tasty synth horns with sentiments similar to Deadric Malone's "Ain't Doin' Too Bad". She visits blues again with "What You Doing With The Money", where Moore's man is spending more than they're taking in. The song was recently done by Barabra Carr as well. The set also closes with a gospel-kissed piano blues, "What Is This?" but this 11-song disc is quite varied in style overall. First and foremost- Dorothy is a singer. The tender "Single Mother" is an empathetic Urban Adult Contemporary winner that I'd like to program right before Little Milton's "Strugglin' Lady" on a mix tape. Speaking of this latter George Jackson-written track, Jackson is also credited with the breezy dancer "Must Be Another Woman Involved". Further displaying her elasticity she masterfully handles the 1920s Bessie Smith classic "Do Your Duty", featuring some hip scats and she updates Dinah Washington's classic "What A Difference A Day Makes". In the liners she says "I chose to bring up the tempo, expand her jazz flavor and modernize backing vocals". That you did Ms. Moore! Another delight is the pretty Southern Soul toe-tapper "My Man Is In Town" and fans of her soul balladry will find "Stand Up And Try To Be Strong" pure honey. Don't make us wait another 9 years Dorothy!  Also check out her live set "Gittin' Down Live!"

"Gittin' Down Live" (Farish Street 2007)

Talk to Me
Funny How Time Slips Away
Your Body's Here With Me
Dr. Feelgood
Lover Girl
Do Ya'
All Night Blue
Misty Blue
I Believe you/Respect
When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
He Thinks I Still Care
Baby What you Want Me to Do (Peepin' & Hidin')

"Blues Heart" (Farish Street 2012)

1. Coming Down With the Blues
2. Let the Healing Begin
3. Make Up
4. My Time On Earth
5. When the Hurt Comes Down
6. I Found Someone
7. Nosey Neighbors
8. Institutionalize
9. Merry Go Round
10. Ode to Billie Joe

"I'm Happy With The One I Got Now" (Farish Street 2020)

1 I'm Happy with the One I've Got Now 4:15
2 You Don't Say No 4:41
3 There Comes a Time 4:27
4 Everything About Your Lovin' 4:00
5 Sad, Sad Sunday 4:45
6 Crazy 3:11
7 You Don't Have to Tell Me 4:00
8 I'll Get By 3:37

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