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Eddie Kirkland

Eddie Kirkland (August 16, 1923  February 27, 2011)  was an American electric blues guitarist, harmonicist, singer, and songwriter.

Kirkland, known as the "Gypsy of the Blues" for his rigorous touring schedules, played and toured with John Lee Hooker from 1949 to 1962. After his period of working in tandem with Hooker he pursued a successful solo career, recording for RPM Records, Fortune Records, Volt Records, and King Records, sometimes under the stage name Eddie Kirk. Kirkland continued to tour, write and record albums until his death in February 2011. His last performance, the night before his death, was at Dunedin Brewery, Florida.

Album Discography

"It's The Blues Man! aka The Way It Was" (Tru Sound 1962)

Down On My Knees 2:20
Don't Take My Heart 2:22
Daddy Please Don't Cry 3:10
Have Mercy On Me 3:00
Saturday Night Stomp 2:20
I'm Gonna Forget You 3:25
I Tried 3:00
Man Of Stone 1:55
I'm Goin' To Keep Loving You 2:25
Train Done Gone 2:30
Something's Gone Wrong In My Life 2:50
Baby You Know It's True 2:55

"Front And Center" (Trix 1973)

When I First Started Hoboing
I Tried To Be A Friend
Eddie's Boogie Chillen
I Need A Lover, Not Just A Friend
I Walked Twelve Miles
I've Got An Evil Woman
Goin' Back To Mississippi
Lonesome Talking Blues
Detroit Rock Island
Have You Seen That Lonesome Train
Goint To The River, See Can I Look Across

"The Devil & Other Blues Demons" (Trix 1974)

The Devil
Got To Love My Baby
Snake in the Grass
Mother-In-Law (with the Black Cat Bone)
Spank the Butterfly
Rollin' Stone Man
Hard To Raise A Family Today
I'm Going To Wait For You
Pity On Me
Georgia Woman
Burnin' Love
Tell Me, Baby
Mink Hollow Slide

"Pick Up The Pieces" (JSP 1981)

Write My Baby A Letter 4:30
Turning Point 5:25
Pick Up The Pieces 8:20
Why Can't I Be Your Back Door Man Instead 6:05
Walking At Midnight 6:10
Don't Monkey Around With Me 5:27

"Have Mercy" (Pulsar 1988)

1 Eddie's Calling You
2 Young Man Young Woman Blues
3 Tomorrow May Bring A Better Day
4 Golden Sun
5 Mary Lou
6 Somewhere In Your Heart
7 Crying Time
8 I've Got A Secret
9 I Hear Music

"All Around The World" (Deluge 1992)

1 Shake It Up 3:05
2 All I've Got To Offer 3:17
3 Live With It 3:46
4 40 Days And 40 Nights 2:58
5 Pick Up The Pieces 6:17
6 All Around The World 3:27
7 Love Don't Love Nobody 3:51
8 Country Boy 2:45
9 There's Gonna Be Some Blues 2:45
10 Big City Behind The Sun 3:02
11 Someone To Stand By Me 3:06

"Some Like It Raw (Live)" (Deluge 1993)

1 Don't Fool With This Bag
2 Everyday I Hate The Blues
3 Woke Up This Morning
4 Lonely Street
5 Walkin' (On My Way To Miami)
6 Squeeze Me
7 Got My Mojo Working
8 Grease Your Monkey
9 In Love With You
10 Love Don't Love Nobody

"Where You Get Your Sugar?" (Deluge 1995)

1 See See Rider 4:56
2 Sugar Mama 4:58
3 Love Me 4:53
4 Our Love, So Beautiful 7:53
5 Lover Bone 5:36
6 What You Got On Your Mind? 3:39
7 We Got A Problem 4:12
8 Being In Love 5:07
9 Shake What Your Mama Gave You 4:04
10 Pity On Me 5:04

"Lonely Street" (Telarc 1997)

1 Lonely Street 4:42
2 Dixie 3:54
3 Done Somebody Wrong 3:56
4 Snake In The Grass 4:09
5 Pick Up The Pieces 5:16
6 Dark Knights 4:22
7 Respect For My Woman 3:46
8 Blue River 3:24
9 Nightgirl 3:57
10 Money, That's What I Want 4:47
11 Gates Of Heaven 5:31

"Complete Trix Recordings" (32 Blues 1999)

Front And Center
1-1 When I First Started Hoboing
1-2 I Tried To Be A Friend
1-3 Eddie's Boogie Chillen
1-4 Nora
1-5 I Need A Lover, Not Just A Friend
1-6 I Walked Twelve Miles
1-7 I've Got An Evil Woman
1-8 Goin' Back To Mississippi
1-9 Lonesome Talking Blues
1-10 Detroit Rock Island
1-11 Jerdine
1-12 Have You Seen That Lonesome Train?
1-13 Going To The River, See Can I Look Across
The Devil And Other Blues Demons
2-1 The Devil
2-2 Got To Love My Baby
2-3 Snake In The Grass
2-4 Mother-In-Law
2-5 Hard To Raise A Family Today
2-6 Spank The Butterfly
2-7 Rollin' Stone Man
2-8 I'm Going To Wait For You
2-9 Pity On Me
2-10 Georgia Woman
2-11 Burnin' Love
2-12 Tell Me, Baby
2-13 Mink Hollow Slide

"Movin' On" (JSP 1999)

1 Love Me
2 Rainbow
3 Honey Bee
4 Sandman
5 Movin' On
6 Foggy Monday
7 Got To Find Me 'norther Woman
8 Don't Monkey Around With Me
9 Why Can't I Be Free
10 Swanee River
11 American Woman

"Democrat Blues" (Blue Suit 2004)

1-1 Walk In The Dark
1-2 Slow Driving
1-3 Ten Commandments
1-4 Democrat Blues
1-5 Call Me On The Phone/The Thrill Is Gone
1-6 I've Got My Bloodshot Eyes On You
1-7 Must've Done Something Wrong
1-8 Too Late
1-9 Good Time Joe
1-10 Rockin' & Rollin'
2-1 Going Back To The Backwoods
2-2 There's Got To Be Some Changes Made
2-3 I Want To Marry You
2-4 I Walk Down Hastings Street
2-5 You Ain't Fooling Me Baby
2-6 Something's Going Wrong

"Booty Blues" (CD Baby 2006)

1 Good, Good Day
2 How Sweet It Is
3 Miss You
4 Beautiful Song
5 Make Love To Your Brain
6 Small Town Girl
7 Big T.V. Screen
8 Meet Me On The Boardwalk
9 I Cried
10 No Insurance
11 Johnny's Gone
12 I Got A Problem With The Devil

"Long Gone Gypsy" (CD Baby 2017)

1 I Love You
2 Rainbow
3 Saturday Night
4 Georgia Peach
5 Ain't Got Nothin'
6 Pick up the Pieces
7 Devil Women
8 Untouchable

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