Ghetto Cowboy

Big G
David G
Burton Gaar
Earl Gaines
Roy Gaines
Vernon Garrett
Ghetto Cowboy
Joey Gilmore
Quinn Golden
Jesse Graham
Garland Green
Patrick Green
Toni Green
R.L. Griffin


Ghetto Cowboy

Album Discography

"Ice Cream Man Of The Blues" (Ghetto Cowboy 2007)

digital only release

1. you walked out
2. les get nasty
3. new rooster in the hen house
4. mary takin pics (intro)
5. mary takin pics
6. let it roll
7. can i taste yo icecream
8. crazy side
9. freaky girl (intro)
10. freaky girl

"Party Goin' On" (Ghetto Cowboy 2008)

digital only release

1. Party Goin On
2. You Walked Out
3. Weekend
4. Ghetto Stomp
5. New Rooster
6. Get Nasty
7. Bring Home The Bacon
8. Freaky Girl

"The Take Over" (Ghetto Cowboy 2010)

digital only release

1. You Walked Out (feat. Andre' Lee) (Remix)
2. Party Goin On
3. Country Swang (feat. Miss Goldie)
4. What's The Name Of That Dance?
5. Pop A Pill (feat. Bigg Robb)
6. Sexy Grown (feat. Big Weight Ent.)
7. Ghetto Stomp
8. The Weekend (feat. Reggie P)
9. Party Goin On (Remix)

"Check Your Mailbox" (Desert Sounds 2012)

1. Sweeter Than Candy
2. Check Your Mailbox
3. I Love you
4. Kick Off Your Shoes
5. Down Low
6. Tighten Up
7. Staying in Love With You
8. Back Seat Love Affair
9. Wiggle It

"Southern Soul Legend" (Music Access 2019)

1 Sneak Up On It 3:36
2 Get Loose 4:32
3 If You Want It 3:41
4 Toot It Up 5:22
5 Hold My Trembling Hand 4:42
6 Lets Go Dancing 3:37
7 Can I Take You Home 3:23
8 Giving Up On Love 4:00
9 I Found A Good Thang 3:41
10 Take Me In Your Arms 4:37



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