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Jabo, Rue Davis "Wanted For Playing "Nothing But The Blues"


1 Stop Graphics 13.99


Jabo "Southern Choice"

featuring Rue Davis

1 Going Down Slow
2 Why Did You Lie
3 Zydeco with Rue
4 A Women Needs to Be Loved
5 Get on the Floor (Remix)
6 Should Have Gone Dancing, Pt. 2
7 I Never Knew Good Love, Could Make You Cry
8 Jabo vs Lil Jabb Duel
9 Leave Her Alone
10 I'm Lady Vee
11 Don't Walk out That Door
12 He Won't Leave Me Behind
13 Oh Bye Bye
14 I Had a Dream Last Night
15 Choking Kind
16 Roger Valentine Blues
1 Stop 12.88


Jabo "Zydeco Tramp"

featuring Rue Davis

1 Zydeco Tramp
2 You Didn't Hurt Me Pt 3
3 Houston Zydeco
4 Take Me
5 Home Wrecking Demon Woman
6 I'm Going Home
7 Zydeco Boogie
8 Get on the Floor
9 No Good Friend
10 Why You Watching Me
11 Cheating Is Wrong
12 Stand up in It
13 God Been Good to Me
1 Stop 13.99



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