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Album Discography

"Greatest Hits Featuring Plumber Man" (B&J 2005)

1. plumber man
2. all used up
3. play on it
4. syayed gone too long
5. i won't tell
6. two headed man
7. hooked
8. why wait
9. without a fight
10. dance my blues away
11. after the thrill is gone
12. work that body

"Everybody Needs Love" (B&J)

1. Can U Do It Again
2. Everybody Needs Love
3. Rumble In the Bedroom
4. Caught
5. Just Ain't Good
6. KnockDown Love
7. Daddy Sweet Back
8. Still In Love
9. Rock the House
10.Why Wait

"Get Off My Track" (Coday 2013)

1. I Miss You Baby
2. You Better Get Him
3. Bad Habit
4. Comfort Zone
5. Talk the Talk
6. Get Off My Track
7. I Wanna Roll With You
8. Lay Your Body Down
9. Talk the Talk (Concert Mix)
10. Plumber Man


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