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Jimmy McCracklin

Jimmy McCracklin was born James David Walker Jr. on August 13, 1921. Sources differ as to whether he was born in Elaine, Arkansas or St. Louis, Missouri. He joined the United States Navy in 1938, later settled in Richmond, California, and began playing at the local Club Savoy owned by his sister-in-law Willie Mae "Granny" Johnson.. A house band composed of Bay Area based musicians alternated with and frequently backed performers such as B. B. King, Charles Brown, and L. C. Robinson.

His recorded a debut single for Globe Records, "Miss Mattie Left Me", in 1945 and "Street Loafin' Woman" in 1946. McCracklin recorded for a number of labels in Los Angeles and Oakland, prior to joining Modern Records in 1949-1950. He formed a group called Jimmy McCracklin and his Blues Blasters in 1946, with guitarist Robert Kelton, later replaced by Lafayette Thomas who remained with the group until the early 1960s.

His popularity increased after appearing on the TV pop Dick Clark's American Bandstand in support of his self-written single "The Walk" in  released by Checker Records in 1958. It went to No. 5 on the Billboard R&B chart and No. 7 on the pop chart. "Jimmy McCracklin Sings", his first solo album, was released in 1962, in the West Coast blues style. In 1962, McCracklin recorded "Just Got to Know" and it charted at #2 on the R&B chart (#64 Pop). "Think" from 1965 charted #7 R&B, "Every Night, Everyday" hit #17 R&B, 1966's "My Answer" reached #11 R&B and was his last single to chart.

For a brief period in the early 1970s McCracklin ran the Continental Club in San Francisco. He booked blues acts such as T-Bone Walker, Irma Thomas, Big Joe Turner, Big Mama Thornton, and Etta James. In 1967, Otis Redding and Carla Thomas had success with "Tramp", a song credited to McCracklin and Lowell Fulson. He continued recording in the late 60s and early 70s without much chart success. he continued to tour and produce new albums in the 1980s ("Blasting The Blues" on JSP in 1983, "Same Lovin'" On Evejim in 1988) and 1990s (two albums for Bullseye Blues: "My Story" in 1991 followed by "Taste Of The Blues" in 1994. He also recorded "Tell It To The Judge" On Jesse James' Gunsmoke label in 1999).

McCrackln played at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 1973, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1984 and 2007. He was given a Pioneer Award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation in 1990, and the Living Legend and Hall of Fame award at the Bay Area Black Music Awards, in 2007. McCracklin continued to write, record, and perform into the 21st century.

He died in San Pablo, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, on December 20, 2012, after a long illness, aged 91

Album Discography

"Twist With" (Crown 1961)

I Can't Tell
I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother
My Mother Says
That I Ain't Right
Please Forgive
Couldn't Be A Dream
Oh Baby
You Don't Seem To Understand
Reelin' And Rockin' Twist

"Sings" (Chess 1962)

Later On
The Walk
I'm Through
Country Baby
Hurt Me
New Orleans Beat
I Know
I Am The Blame
He Knows The Rules
Get Tough
Come On
Take Care Of Yourself

"I Just Gotta Know" (Imperial 1963)

Just Got To Know 2:47
My Love For You 2:31
Too Late To Change 3:37
Susie And Pat 2:27
Farewell 2:34
You've Been Misled 2:22
Get Back 2:35
I Don't Care 2:47
Every Night 2:32
Shame, Shame, Shame 2:20
Don't Deceive 3:12
Club Savoy 2:55

"My Rockin' Soul" (United 1963)

Reissue of the "Twist With Jimmy McCracklin" LP from 1961

Jimmy McCracklin, T-Bone Walker, Charles Brown ‎"Best Of The Blues Vol. 1" (Imperial 1964)

A1 –Jimmy McCracklin Just Got To Know
A2 –Jimmy McCracklin I Don't Care
A3 –Jimmy McCracklin Bitter Pill
A4 –Jimmy McCracklin Sooner Or Later
A5 –T-Bone Walker Cold, Cold, Feeling
A6 –T-Bone Walker The Sun Went Down
B1 –Charles Brown Drifting Blues
B2 –Charles Brown Black Night
B3 –Charles Brown Trouble Blues
B4 –Charles Brown Fool's Paradise
B5 –Charles Brown Seven Long Days
B6 –Charles Brown Get Yourself Another Fool

"Think" (Imperial 1965)

Think 2:25
Slightest Idea 2:18
The Bitter & The Sweet 2:02
Just Pretending 1:58
My Best Friend 3:13
Speak Up 2:18
Steppin' Up In Class 2:31
I'm The One 2:48
My Life 2:28
Head Over Flip 2:42
Advice 2:39
I'll See It Through 2:05

"Every Night, Every Day" (Imperial 1965)

Every Night, Every Day 2:33
Can't Raise Me 2:41
Believe In Me 2:40
Someone 2:34
I Did Wrong 1:55
Summertime 2:24
Let's Do It All 1:26
You're The One 2:48
Just Like It Is 2:00
Looking For A Woman 2:35
That's The Way It Goes 1:14
The Walk 2:38

"New Soul Of" (Imperial 1966)

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
R-M Blues
You Don't Know
Don't Suffer
Come On Home (Back Where You Belong)
Just Let Me Cry
Something That Belongs To Me
Convince Me
Self Experience
Thinking Back

"My Answer" (Imperial 1966)

My Answer
Every Night, Every Day
Believe In Me
I Don't Care
I Did Wrong
Steppin' Up In Class
Let's Do It
Just Got To Know

"The Best Of" (Minit 1967)

A1 Let The Door Hit You
A2 This Thing
A3 My Answer
A4 Every Night, Every Day
A5 Arkansas (Part One)
A6 Arkansas (Part Two)
B1 Think
B2 These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
B3 Hookie
B4 I'll Come Running
B5 The Walk
B6 Just Got To Know

"Let's Get Together" (Imperial 1968)

1 Get Together 2:44
2 How You Like Your Love 2:23
3 Pay Before You Get 2:35
4 Believe In Me 2:40
5 The Walk 2:39
6 Advise 2:37
7 Walk Right In 2:44
8 Dog (Part 1) 2:43
9 Pretty Little Sweet Thing 2:10
10 You're The One 2:49
11 Just Got To Know 1:47
12 A and I (Part 1) 1:57

"The Stinger Man" (Imperial 1969)

Stinger 2:23
You Ain't Nothing But A Devil 2:42
I've Been Trying 2:43
You're In My Book First 2:40
Drown In My Own Tears 3:35
I Had To Get With It 2:58
What's Going On? 2:29
You Know Who To Turn To 3:12
I Likes Ya 3:10
I Know You Know I Know 2:43
How About That? 2:16
Knock On Wood 3:02

"Yesterday Is Gone" (Stax 1972)

Double Dealing 3:27
Just Got To Know 3:11
Stay Away From That Monkey 3:53
Yesterday Is Gone 4:11
Would Man Be Satisfied 2:34
Like My Mama 5:23
I Finally Got You 2:31
You're The One 3:21
The Love Money Can't Buy 2:54
Think 2:52

"Rockin' Man" (Mr. R&B 1979)

A1 Miss Mattie Left Me
A2 Rock And Rye
A3 Miss Minnie Lee Blues
A4 I Can't Understand Love
A5 Bad Condition Blues
A6 Just Won't Let Her Go
A7 Gotta Cut Out
A8 Movin' On Down The Line
B1 Rockin' Man
B2 That's Life
B3 Looking For A Woman
B4 Share And Share Alike
B5 She Felt Too Good
B6 Hear My Story
B7 I Wanna Make Love To You
B8 You're The One

"High On The Blues" (Stax 1980)

Reissue of the 1972 LP "Yesterday Is Gone"

"Blasting The Blues" (JSP 1983)

A1 Where I Got My Start
A2 Cry On
A3 Copyright On Your Love
A4 Make Love To Me
A5 Sue & Pat
B1 Reconsider Baby
B2 I Got To Know
B3 Arkansas
B4 You're The One
B5 Since You Left

Jimmy McCracklin With Lafayette Thomas ‎ "The Best Of Jimmy McCracklin With Lafayette Thomas" (Chess 1984)

A1 Minnie Lee 2:34
A2 Everybody Rock (New Orleans Beat) 2:21
A3 Suffer 2:55
A4 The Wobble 2:56
A5 I'm To Blame 2:47
A6 The Walk 2:45
A7 Later On 2:34
A8 One Track Love 2:15
B1 Old Memories 2:27
B2 Claim On You 2:41
B3 He Knows The Rules 2:56
B4 Hurt Me 2:42
B5 I Know 2:16
B6 Take Care Of Yourself 2:25
B7 I'll Take The Blame 2:47
B8 Trottin' 3:03

"You Deceived Me" (Crown Prince 1985)

A1 Mean Mistreated Lover
A2 Baby Don't You Want To Go
A3 Special For You
A4 Highway 101
A5 You Had Your Chance
A6 You Deceived Me
A7 Rock And Rye Part 1
A8 Rock And Rye Part 2
B1 Bad Luck And Trouble
B2 I Am Tired
B3 Railroad Blues
B4 Blues Blasters Shuffle
B5 Jimmy's Blues
B6 South Side Mood
B7 Deceiving Blues
B8 The Panics On

"Blues & Soul" (Staeside 1986)

A1 The Walk
A2 Looking For A Woman
A3 That's The Way (It Goes)
A4 Every Night, Every Day
A5 I Did Wrong
A6 I Had To Get With It
A7 Just Got To Know
A8 Think
B1 Get Back
B2 R.M. Blues
B3 I Don't Care
B4 I'll See It Through
B5 Pretty Little Sweet Thing
B6 What's Going On
B7 Stinger
B8 You Ain't Nothing But A Devil

"Blast Them Dead" (Ace 1987)

A1 She's Gone
A2 My Days Are Limited
A3 She Felt Too Good
A4 The End
A5 The Cheater
A6 Share & Share Alike
A7 Hear My Story
A8 Everytime
A9 Pleasin' Papa
B1 We Could Make A Go
B2 I Know
B3 Blues And Trruble
B4 I Don't Want No Woman
B5 Hello Baby
B6 Night And Day
B7 You Look So Fine (Take 1)
B8 You Look So Fine (Take 2)
B9 Keep Trying
B10 The Swinging Thing

"Same Lovin'" (Evejim 1988)

All Shucks 3:25
Games To Strong 3:42
Outside Help 3:32
Just Gotta Know 2:37
Same Lovin' 3:51
Do It Together 3:50
My Answer 3:22
Think 2:54

Jimmy McCracklin & Paul Gayten ‎"Roots Of Rhythm & Blues" (Roots 1990)

1 The Walk 2:47
2 I'm To Blame 2:44
3 Minnie Lee 2:34
4 Take Care Of Yourself 2:31
5 Suffer 2:55
6 Get Tough 2:35
7 Later On 2:34
8 Everybody Rock 2:19
9 Come On 2:51
10 I Know 2:14
11 Country Baby 2:07
12 He Knows The Rules 3:00
13 The Wobble 2:53
14 I'm Through 2:08
15 Hurt Me 2:42
16 I'll Take The Blame 2:47
17 One Track Love 2:11
18 Trottin' 2:59
19 Down Boy 2:35
20 Get It 2:29
21 Music Goes Round And Round 1:58
22 Windy 1:42
23 You Better Believe It 2:19
24 Mother Roux 2:29
25 Tickle Toe 2:24
26 Nervous Boogie 2:17
27 For You My Love 2:24
28 The Sweeper 2:36
29 Hot Cross Buns 2:29
30 The Hunch 2:43

"Every Body Rock- Let's Do It" (Domino 1991)

A1 The Wobble
A2 Georgia Slop
A3 Let's Do It
A4 With Your Love
A5 What's That
A6 Susie And Pat
A7 Reeling And Rocking
A8 Club Savoy
B1 Everybody Rock
B2 Get Back
B3 Get Tough
B4 I' M Gonna Tell Your Mother
B5 The Walk
B6 You Didn't Seem To Understand
B7 The Wobble
B8 I'm Through

"My Story" (Bullseye Blues 1991)

1 Tomorrow
2 Real Love
3 Arkansas
4 Keep It Like It Is
5 It's Got To Be Love
6 In The Alley
7 After Hours
8 Stuck With Loneliness
9 Mama And Papa
10 Join The Club
11 My Story
12 Just A Matter Of Time

"The Mercury Recordings" (Bear Family 1992)

1 The Wobble 2:19
2 Georgia Slop 2:24
3 Hitched 2:52
4 No One To Love Me 2:28
5 (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You 2:21
6 By Myself 2:43
7 Doomed Lover 2:48
8 With Your Love 2:20
9 Let's Do It (The Chicken Scratch) 2:42
10 The Bridge 2:19
11 What's That, Part 1 2:41
12 What's That, Part 2 2:58
13 Folsom Prison Blues 2:31

"A Taste Of The Blues" (Bullseye Blues 1994)

Boogie On Down
Lie To Me
How Do You Like Your New Love
My Answer
Help The Bear
Yesterday Is Gone
I Got Juiced
Put Up On Shut Up
Not The Right Thing
Outside Help
Taste Of the Blues

"The Walk: Jimmy McCracklin At His Best" (Razor & Tie 1997)

1 Get Back
2 The Walk
3 Later On
4 The Georgia Slop
5 The Wobble
6 Just Got To Know
7 Susie & Pat
8 Shame, Shame, Shame
9 (Take) Advice
10 The Bitter And The Sweet
11 I'll See It Through
12 Some-One
13 Looking For A Woman
14 Every Night, Every Day
15 Think
16 My Answer
17 R.M. Blues
18 Come On Home (Back Where You Belong)
19 Pretty Little Sweet Thing
20 You Ain't Nothing But A Devil

"Tell It To The Judge" (Gunsmoke 1999)

1. Good Old Days
2. Hate Will Destroy The World
3. Same Lovin' In Return
4. Like My Mama
5. Would Man Be Satisfied
6. Think
7. I Just Got To Know
8. I Got Somebody
9. Stuck With Loneliness
10. Put Up Or Shut Up
11. My Answer
12. Not The Right Thing
13. Bad Situation
14. Double Dealin' On Me
15. After Hours
16. In The Alley
17. Tell It To The Judge

"I Had To Get With It: Best Of The Imperial & Minit Years" (Stateside 2004)

The Walk
Looking For A Woman
That's The Way (It Goes)
Every Night, Every Day
I Did Wrong
I Had To Get With It
Just Got To Know
Get Back
R.M. Blues
I Don't Care
I'll See It Through
Pretty Little Sweet Thing
What's Going On?
You Ain't Nothing But A Devil
My Answer
Come On Home (Back Where You Belong)
Arkansas Pts 1 & 2
Dog Pts 1 & 2
Get Together
Steppin' Up In Class
Let The Door Hit You

"The Chronological: 1945-1948" (Classics 2004)

1. Miss Mattie Left Me
2. Mean Mistreated Lover
3. Highway 101
4. Baby Don't You Want to Go
5. Achin' Heart
6. Street Loafin' Woman
7. You Decieved Me
8. Ola May
9. She's a Wino
10. Rock and Rye - Pt. 1
11. Rock and Rye - Pt. 2
12. You Had Your Chance
13. Special for You
14. Rock and Rye
15. Miss Minnie Lee Blues
16. Playin' on Me
17. Big Foot Mama
18. Bad Luck and Trouble
19. Railroad Blues
20. Jimmy's Blues
21. Bad Condition Blues
22. Blues Blasters Shuffle

"The Chronological: 1949-1951" (Classics 2004)

1 Low Down Mood
2 She's My Baby
3 When I'm Gone
4 South Side Mood
5 Listen Woman
6 I Can't Understand Love
7 Josephine (Just Won't Let Her Go)
8 I'll Get A Break Someday
9 Love When It Rains
10 Your Heart Ain't Right
11 I Think My Time Is Here
12 Deceivin' Blues
13 Beer Drinkin' Woman
14 Up And Down Blues
15 Just Won't Let Her Go
16 Rockin' All Day
17 Gotta Cut Out
18 You Deceived Me
19 Bad Health Blues
20 Hamburger Joint
21 Looking For A Woman
22 You Don't Love Me
23 I'm Gonna Have My Fun
24 True Love Blues
25 Rockin' Man

"The Modern Recordings 1948-1949" (Ace 2004)

1. Reelin' & Rockin' AKA Rockin' All Day
2. Deceivin' Blues
3. Beer Drinkin' Woman
4. I'll Get a Break Some Day
5. Love When It Rains AKA Rainy Weather Blues
6. Deceivin' Blues
7. I Think My Time Is Here
8. Josephine
9. Bad Condition Blues
10. Blues Blasters' Shuffle
11. Oh! I'm in Love
12. You Deceived Me
13. Gotta Cut Out
14. Up and Down Blues
15. Racket Blues
16. Bad Health Blues
17. Just Won't Let Her Go
18. Don't Mistreat Me
19. Cold Hearted
20. Your Heart Ain't Right
21. Hamburger Joint
22. Crying Blues
23. Mistreating Me
24. Bad Health Blues
25. 1942 Boogie

"Modern Recordings, Vol. 2: Blues Blastin'" (Ace 2004)

1. Gonna Tell Your Mother
2. I Got Eyes For You
3. The Panic's On
4. Couldn't Be A Dream
5. My Mother Said
6. Blues Blasters Boogie
7. That Ain't Right
8. Darlin Share Your Love (Oh Baby)
9. Give My Heart A Break Aka You Don't Seem To Understand
10. Please Forgive Me Baby
11. Let's Get Together
12. It Aint No Use
13. Could Hearted
14. Deceivin Blues (Take 3)
15. Rockin All Day (Take 3)
16. Oh I'm In Love (Take 2)
17. I'll Get A Break Someday (Take 1)
18. Hamburger Joint (Take 3)
19. Lost Mind Aka Stranding In The Back Door Crying
20. Jerry Thomas
21. Dont Have To Worry Aka Jumpin In The Heart Of Town
22. Tired Of Everybody
23. What You Did To Me
24. I've Got A Feeling
25. People Are Wondering

"The Chronological: 1951-1954" (Classics 2007)

1 What's Your Phone Number
2 That's Life
3 Blues for the People (Melancholy Evening)
4 I Found That Woman (Blues for the People)
5 House Rockin' Blues
6 Movin' on Down the Line
7 I Am Tired
8 My Days Are Limited
9 She's Gone
10 Share and Share Alike
11 I Cried
12 The Cheater
13 She Felt Too Good
14 You Better Think Awhile
15 Pleasin' Papa
16 Keep Trying
17 The End
18 Hear My Story
19 I Don't Want No Woman
20 Blues and Trouble
21 Hello Baby
22 We Could Make a Go I Know
23 Everytime
24 Night and Day
25 You Look So Fine

"Jimmy's Blues 1945-1951" (Acrobat 2011)

1. Miss Mattie Left Me
2. Mean Mistreated Lover
3. Highway 101
4. Baby Don't You Want To Go
5. You Deceived Me
6. Rock And Rye Part 1
7. Rock And Rye Part 2
8. You Had Your Chance
9. Special For You
10. Rock And Rye
11. Miss Minnie Lee Blues
12. Bad Luck And Trouble
13. Railroad Blues
14. Jimmy's Blues
15. Southside Mood
16. I Can't Understand Love
17. Look For A Woman
18. You Don't Love Me
19. I'm Gonna Have My Fun
20. True Love Blues
21. Rockin' Man
22. I Am Tired
23. That's Life
24. What's Your Phone Number
25. Movin' On Down The Line

"Blues Blasters Boogie 1944-1955" (JSP 2013)

Disc 1
1: Miss Mattie Left Me
2: Mean Mistreated Lover
3: Highway 101
4: Baby Don't You Want To Go
5: Achin' Heart
6: Street Loafin' Woman
7: You Deceived Me
8: Ola May
9: She's A Wino
10: Rock And Rye, Pt=1
11: Rock And Rye, Pt=2
12: You Had Your Chance
13: Special For You
14: Rock And Rye, Pt=3
15: Miss Minnie Lee Blues
16: Playin' On Me
17: Big Foot Mama
18: Bad Luck And Trouble
19: Railroad Blues
20: Jimmy's Blues
21: Bad Condition Blues
22: Blues Blasters Shuffle
23: Low Down Mood
24: She's My Baby
25: When I'm Gone
26: South Side Mood
Disc 2
1: Listen Woman
2: I Can't Understand Love
3: Josephine (Just Won't Let Her Go)
4: I'll Get A Break Someday
5: Love When It Rains
6: Your Heart Ain't Right
7: My Life Depends On You
8: Gonna Find Another Woman
9: I Think My Time Is Here
10: Deceivin' Blues
11: Beer Drinkin' Woman
12: Up And Down Blues
13: Just Won't Let Her Go
14: Rockin' All Day
15: Gotta Cut Out
16: You Deceived Me
17: Bad Health Blues
18: Ragged As A Mop (Hamburger Joint)
19: Deceivin' Blues [Take 1] [Take]
20: Beer Drinkin' Woman [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]
21: Up And Down Blues [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]
22: Just Won't Let Her Go [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]
23: Looking For A Woman
24: You Don't Love Me
25: I'm Gonna Have My Fun
Disc 3
1: True Love Blues
2: Rockin' Man
3: What's Your Phone Number
4: That's Life
5: Blues For The People
6: House Rockin' Blues
7: Movin' On Down The Line
8: I Am Tired
9: My Days Are Limited
10: She's Gone

11: She Felt Too Good
12: Share And Share Alike
13: The Cheater
14: Pleasin' Papa
15: The End
16: Hear My Story
17: I Don't Want No Woman
18: Blues And Trouble
19: Hello Baby
20: We Could Make A Go I Know
21: Everytime
22: Night And Day
23: You Look So Fine [Take 1] [Take]
24: You Look So Fine [Take 2] [Take]
25: Blues Blasters Boogie
Disc 4
1: The Panic's On
2: Darlin' Share Your Love
3: Give My Heart A Break
4: Please Forgive Me Baby
5: Couldn't Be A Dream
6: Gonna Tell Your Mother
7: That Ain't Right
8: Don't Have To Worry Jerry Thomas
9: Lost Mind Jerry Thomas
10: Something About You
11: When You Was A Little Girl
12: Just Couldn't Take My Rest
13: I Told Ya Mama
14: Where I Got My
15: Cry On
16: Copyright On Your Love
17: Make Love To Me
18: Sue And Pat
19: Reconsider Baby
20: I Got To Know
21: Arkansas
22: You're The One

"Hear My Story - Selected Recordings 1956-1962" (Jasmine 2017)

Disc: 1
1. Just Got to Know
2. Love for You
3. Too Late to Change
4. Susie and Pat
5. Fare-Well
6. You've Been Misled
7. Get Back
8. I Don't Care
9. Every Night
10. Shame, Shame, Shame
11. Don't Deceive
12. Savoy's Jump
13. You're the One
14. I Wanna' Make Love to You
15. Take-A-Chance
16. I'm the One
17. Fare You Well
18. Later on
19. The Walk
20. I'm Through
21. Country Baby
22. The Wobble (Hurt Me)
23. Everybody Rock (Aka New Orleans Beat)
24. I Know
25. I Am to Blame
26. He Knows the Rules
27. Get Tough
28. Come on
29. Take Care of Yourself

Disc: 2
1. One Track Love
2. Trottin
3. The Wobble
4. With Your Love
5. Georgia Slop
6. Let's Do It (The Chicken Scratch)
7. By Myself
8. Doomed Lover
9. (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You
10. No One to Love Me
11. The Bridge
12. What's That (Part 1)
13. My Days Are Limited
14. She's Gone
15. Share and Share Alike
16. She Felt Too Good
17. I Cried
18. The End
19. The Cheater
20. Hear My Story
21. I Need Your Loving
22. The Swinging Thing
23. I Don't Want No Woman
24. Blues and Trouble
25. Hello Baby
26. We Could Make a Go I Know
27. Everytime
28. Night and Day
29. You Look So Fine (Take 1)

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