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Joe "Blues" Butler

Joe Butler was born into the blues, in 1944 in Sunflower County, MS. He's now living in Memphis,TN.

Album Discography

"Blues & Soul" (Nikkie 1996)

1. Is It Better To Be A Fool ?
2. Anytime You Feel Lonely
3. We Should Share And Share Alike
4. Big Fat Mama
5. What A Woman
6. Sexy Girl
7. Nursery Rhyme
8. Only You Love
9. Why Don't You Give Me A Chance
10. Over At Fannie Mae's
11. Someone Special
12. Over And Over Again

"Crumb Snatchers" (Nikkie 2009)

1. Crumb Snatchers
2. 40 Acres And A Mule
3. Don't rush Me
4. Checking You Out
5. Hot Wings
6. Party Over Here
7. I Saw Him
8. Blues Man
9. Blues Put A Spell On Me
10.Took Away My Blues

"Down On Beale Street" (Nikkie 2010)

1. Hundred Dollar Bill
2. Mississippi Bound
3. Down On Beale St.
4. Hound Dog
5. Fire
6. She's Gone
7. Been Good To Me
8. 40 Acres And A Mule
9. Crumb Snatchers
10. Don't Rush Me
11. Blues Man

"Money Can't Buy True Love" (Nikkie 2011)

"Young Generation Blues" (Nikkie 2013)

1 Take Away Your Blues
2 Young Generation Blues
3 We Work It Out
4 Blues Coming Down on Me
5 Who Was That Man
6 40 Acres and a Mule
7 Why I Sing the Blues
8 Crumb Snatcher
9 You Been Good to Me
10 Getting Funky with Your Love
11 Fire to Put Out

  "Got Some Jody In Me" (Nikkie 2014)

1 Nobody but Me
2 You Lookin' Good
3 I Got a Mule to Ride
4 I Got Some Jody in Me
5 Foolin' with You
6 Gonna Be on You
7 I'm Gone
8 Let Me Take Away Your Blues
9 Young Generation Blues
10 Don't Rush Me
11 I Got a Fire to Put Out

"Full Figured Woman" (Nikkie 2016)

1 Full Figured Woman
2 Looking for My Woman
3 Jezabel
4 Sinking in the Blues
5 Blues Raining on Me
6 You're My Gold
7 Ex Old Lady
8 Mojo Woman
9 Missing My Baby
10 Young Generation Blues
11 40 Acres and a Mule (Remix)
12 Don't Rush Me


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