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J.T. Watkins

Blues vocalist J.T. Watkins began his musical career at age 12 watching and learning from his piano playing, grandfather. As a teenager, J.T. performed playing the small blues club circuit around Mississippi. He recorded his single, "Baby Let's Get Married", released by Big Thigh Records in 1987. His second single was "Love To See You Smile", which was released in 1991 on Traction. He started his own Arrow Heart Records label and released the single "Mother-In-Law Blues" (1994) before signing with the late Johnnie Vincent's Ace Records (USA) 1997, which released Watkins' first full album in 1997, "I Can't Get Over You.

A 2002 self-release on Watkins' Arrow Heart "A Tribute to Some of the Greatest", appeared next. A third album "Father and Son Sing the Blues in Mississippi", featured his son David on co-lead vocals.  J.T. was a featured performer in the recently released blues documentary, "Last of the Mississippi Jukes" which aired on the Starz channel.

In 2007 Watkins released his next LP of new material, "Why Not Tonight, Girl?". To date this is still his most recent release but for a "greatest hits"-type release entitled "Blues You Can Use: The Best Of" in 2012.

Album Discography

"I Can't Get Over You" (Ace USA 1997)

1. One Step From The Blues
2. Why You Leaving Me
3. I Can't Get Over You
4. Knowing I Still Love You
5. Watch Over Me
6. So What's Going On
7. Cold Hearted Woman
8. Blues Come Around My Door
9. Love To See You Smile
10. Dream Lover

"Tribute To Some Of The Greatest" (Arrow Heart 2002)

Tracklist needed for this album.

J.T. Watkins & David Watkins "Father And Son Sing The Blues In Mississippi" (Arrow Heart 2003)

Tracklist needed for this album.

"Why Not Tonight, Girl?" (Arrow Heart 2007)

1. Why Not Tonight Girl
2. I Need To See You
3. I Don't Want Much
4. Bull Dog Blues
5. Back In Town Again
6. Find Yourself Another Girl
7. I Wont Be Back For More
8. Church Going Girl
9. Come Back Home To Me Baby
10. Your Love Is Like A Brick Wall

*** For those of us that've made the search beyond what mainstream radio force feeds to the public we often strike gold over the number of great Soul & Blues artists we find making a living under the radar of the major radio companies. J.T. Watkins has one of those timeless Soul voices mixing the back-of-the-throat warble of Joe Simon with the deep timbre of James Carr.  Watkin's not quite in the same league but still a pleasure to hear. I've known about Watkins since his excellent 1997 Ace CD "I Can't Get Over You". But for whatever reason Watkins had to go the self-financed route with his second and third offerings ("Tribute To Some Of The Greatest" & "Father & Son Sing The Blues"). This brings us to his new independent CD "Why Not Tonight, Girl", which reminds me of what made his first record so good. The title cut is a great Country Soul ballad may not be en vogue these days but will delight real Soul music connoisseurs. "I Don't Want Much" ("Just A Little Bit"), "Bull Dog Blues", "Come Back Home For Me Baby" & "Back In Town Again" are all sturdy Blues cuts- the latter a treat for Albert King fans like myself. My personal favorite is the slow burning Blues "Church Going Girl". A funny concept having a Blues singer, who are often notorious for their ramblin' ways, wooing a righteous lady. Another thing "Why Not Tonight, Girl" has going for it it's mostly played by live musicians sans the tepid "Find Yourself Another Girl" and a few synths. If don't know J.T. pick up this new one and find his Ace Records debut.

"Blues You Can Use: The Best Of" (Arrow Heart 2012)

1. Bartender Blues
2. Where Did Our Love Go
3. Big City Blues
4. Bull Dog Blues
5. You Kept Me Waiting
6. Come Back Home to Me Baby
7. The Mailman Blues
8. Church Going Girl
9. Blind Girl With a Cane
10. Be Careful How You Talk to Me

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