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J Wonn

Jawonn Smith, known as J-Wonn (and alternately as Jwonn), is a Southern Soul artist from Jackson, Mississippi native grew up in the church and sang in choirs. "I Got This Record," a single released in 2013 became an undeniable hit and the album of the same name dropped in 2014. His sophomore album, "The Legacy Begins" was released in 2016

Album Discography

"I Got This Record" (I Got This Record 2014)

1 Intro
2 I Got This Record
3 Sleep in It
4 True Love
5 One Day Left
6 Allright
7 Nighttime Lover
8 Lied to You
9 Deeper
10 You
11 Superstar
12 Vfw
13 One for the Road
14 So Long
15 I Look Good on You

****1/2 Talk about making a name for yourself. The unknown Jawonn Smith aka "J Wonn" catapulted to the upper echelon of Southern Soul thanks to the title track of this album. Produced by the red hot Big Yayo this song was everywhere in late 2013 and all of 2014. Not surprisingly it was even voted "Best Southern Soul/R&B Song" in the 2014 Blues Critic Awards For Southern Soul. Quite an achievement for your first time out there. So he's got a record but what is it about? "You Know, I never thought this could happen to me/The day I found out, that my woman was cheating on me/I got this record that I wanna play about this woman that cheated on me/She cheated with Jody, she cheated with Tom, She cheated with Paul Oh. But she left me for John". Don't worry big guy after this song hit the ladies will be all over you. There's some revenge right there. I've spent all the space I allocated for this album but suffice it to say the whole album is great with "True Love" and "One For The Road" being among the good 'uns.

"The Legacy Begins'" (I Got This Record 2016)  

1 Daddy's Girl
2 Like or Love
3 I Need a Grown Woman
4 On the Spot
5 24 / 7
6 Left Me Now
7 2 Ways
8 I Got This Record (Live)
9 To My Grave
10 We Gone Party
11 The Night Away
12 Get Funky

***1/2 J-Wonn enjoyed as a good a reception for his debut than anyone could reasonably hope for. His first widely released track "I Got This Record" won "Best Southern Soul/R&B Song" in the 2014 Blues Critic Awards. The album of the same name ranked number one on our "Best Of 2013" albums list. He avoids the infamous sophomore slump with "The Legacy Begins". No, there's nothing as outstanding as "I Got This Record" but there's enough memorable tracks to keep the fire burning. "I Need A Grown Woman" and "Daddy's Girl" were singles. "Daddy's Girl" is an interesting topic for a song. A daughter who is/was close to her father will allegedly know how to treat a man better. I'm not a psychologist but there's something to be said about a woman who had/has a good relationship with her father. Extra point for a fresh lyrical idea. It's something Carl Marshall would write.

"Making Love To Your Mind" (I Got This Record 2018)

1. Beyond This Door
2. Will You Be Mine
3. Be Patient
4. Sweet Love
5. Seal the Deal
6. That Way
7. Low Key
8. Your Temptation
9. Fed Up
10. Coming Home
11. Let's Just Get Away
12. Finally
13. Him & Her

"My Turn" (Music Access 2019)

1 You Got It
2 Two Covers
3 21 Again
4 Finish It
5 Feel Me
6 Slow
7 Open Relationship
8 Its Me Too
9 Dose of My Love
10 Outro (The Future of Southern Soul / R&B)

"Mr Right Now" (Music Access 2022)

1. Mr. Right Now
2. Thrill Is Gone
3. Wantin More
4. Move On
5. It's You Baby
6. 1,000 Lies
7. Meet Me
8. Girl In The Mirror
9. Temporary Love
10. I'm Impressed
11. This Ain't That


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