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Keisa Brown

Keisa Brown was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1947. As a young girl she and her family moved to Chicago, where she got her start singing in school and church choirs. In her 20s her powerful voice caught the ear of a music producer at a talent show, and afterwards she relocated to Los Angeles to further her career.

Her first recordings with singles released in the 70s such as 1973's "Five on the Black Hand Side" coupled with "They Keep Cominí", issued by United Artists Records. "Don't Take Away Our Love" with B Side "Happy Birthday America" came out in 1975 on Little Villard Records.  One further single dropped in 1976 courtesy of Marsel Records ("Theme From Emma Mae (Long To Be Back Home)/I'm In Love With You").

In 1985 she released her first full-length album, "Keisa Brown", on Frederick Knightís Park Place imprint, beginning a musical partnership with Knight that lasted well into the next decade. During this time Brown performed as a headlining artist both stateside and abroad, and also sang backing vocals for Tom Jones, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner and Boyz II Men, among others. A second Park Place LP, "Keisa", appeared in 1988. Little Village released "Live" in the 1990s.

In 1999 Brown joined the Malaco Records roster, where she again collaborated with Frederick Knight on "The Keisa Brown Collection", a compilation album that collected some of her best-known songs, such as "Iíve Been Lonely for So Long", "I Betcha Didnít Know That" and "Some Bridges Need Burning" alongside new material like "Fly on the Wall". Knight produced the recording and composed most of the songs, while Fly on the Wall was co-written by Knight with Brown. In 2000 Knight released "I'll Carry You" on his new Juana label. It was Brown's last recordings.

Keisa Brown died on November 18, 2006. She was 59.

Album Discography

"Keisa Brown" (Park Place 1985)

1 I've Been Lonely For So Long 3:23
2 Ain't No Life After Love 3:27
3 I Betcha Did'nt Know That 3:40
4 Do Ya, Do Ya, Do Ya Want Somebody? 5:10
5 If You Can Beat Me Rocking You Can My Chair 5:26
6 (If You) Gimme Some Of Yours, I'll Give You Some Of Mine with Frederick McKnight
7 I Tripped On A Piece Of Your Broken Heart 5:22
8 Refreshing Love 2:53

"Keisa" (Park Place 1988)

Full Time Love 3:46
Is It Love Or Is It Memorex? 4:45
My Side Of Town 3:47
Tailor Made 4:12
Let's Take The Long Way Home 4:07
Walking Or Crawling 4:23
Some Bridges Need Burning 4:45
Never 3:20

"Live" (Little Star 199?)

1 Once In A Lifetime
2 L.A. Catcher
3 Midnight Train To Georgia
4 T.J.
5 Monologue
6 Don't Take Away Your Love
7 When Will I See You Again/Tears On My Pillow/Sherry/My Girl/Hound Dog/Monkey Time/Please, Please, Please
8 People

"Collection" (Malaco 1999)

1 I've Been Lonely For So Long 4:26
2 Fly On The Wall 3:35
3 Your Love Is So Good 4:32
4 Let's Take The Long Way Home 4:09
5 Walking Or Crawling 4:54
6 I Betcha Didn't Know That 4:36
7 I'm Still In Love With You 4:30
8 They Remind Me Of You 4:42
9 Some Bridges Need Burning 4:12
10 Two Birds With One Stone 3:53

"I'll Carry You" (Juana 2000)

1. Who Left the Gate Open
2. Rocket Ride
3. Your Love Is So Good
4. Some Bridges Need Burning
5. I'm Leaving Married Men Alone
6. Last Two Dollars
7. Long Way Home
8. I Wanna Baby You Baby
9. I'll Carry You

18 I Fell in Love with You at the BBQ

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