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Klass Band Brotherhood

The Klass Band Brotherhood has always enjoyed the sounds and the feel of soul and funk. With a heavy influence from the MN scene the band prides themselves on an exciting stage show. With the new surge of Southern Soul music, group leader Nelson Curry thought their concept and style would be a perfect fit in that music scene.

The group members Include Nelson Curry, Wayne Bowman, Curtis Knight, Allen Curry and Derrick Thomas.
Curry decided to start his own label Neo Blues Music giving his group a home to write and produce their own music.
According to Curry we are defined as the bad boys of blues because we intend to shake a few things up and have a good time. Bowman states we call our style of Southern Soul fish and grits music or Guvment drinking music.
The name change from Le Klass was our wanting to remember all the members we use to have and the brotherhood we all shared in this journey of music. Southern Soul playlists began showing "Sugaa Shack" and the song steadily became one of the most popular songs of the year. "Out of the Shadows Of Soul" the first LP followed

Album Discography

"Out Of The Shadows Of Soul" (Neo Blues 2011)

1. Welcome Back
2. Gitcha Love (Tutti Frutti)
3. Olden Days (Make It)
4. Not Me
5. How Can U
6. BMW
7. Big Mouth Woman
8. Honey Hole
9. Baby's Love
10. Sugaa Shack
11. 30 Day Notice
12. Go Home
13. Just 4 You
14. Don't Say Goodbye
15. M&M

"We Call The Shots In Soul" (Neo Blues 2013)

1. Intro - We Still Country
2. Good Love
3. Olden Days (Make It)
4. We Jukin (Juke Joint)
5. My Angel
6. Blues Is Alright - Cj
7. Best Day (My Wife)
8. Im Back (Soilder Song)
9. Dance Floor
10. Baby's Love
11. Blues Is Alright- Sj
12. Sugaa Shack (Bonus Track)
13. Dance Floor - Mel Waiters Mix (feat. Mel Waiters)


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