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Larry Davis

Davis grew up in Little Rock, AR and forged an on and off again partnership with guitarist Fenton Robinson during the mid-1950s. Both signed with Don Robey's Duke label on the recommendation of Bobby 'Blue' Bland. Three 45s on Davis were cut including "Texas Flood" and "Angels in Houston" before Robey released Davis. From there took up the guitar under Albert King's tutelage while playing bass in King's band. A handful of singles for Virgo and Kent and a serious 1972 motorcycle accident that temporarily paralyzed Davis' left side preceded an impressive 1982 album for Rooster Blues, "Funny Stuff", produced by Gateway City mainstay Oliver Sain. . But follow-up options remained hard to come by: few blues fans could find a copy of the guitarist's 1987 Pulsar LP "I Ain't Beggin' Nobody".

Finally, in 1992, Ron Levy's Bulleye Blues logo issued a first-class Davis set, "Sooner or Later", that skillfully showcased his rich, booming vocals and concise, Albert King-influenced guitar. Unfortunately, it came later rather than
sooner: Davis died of cancer in the spring of 1994.

Album Discography

 "Funny Stuff" (Rooster Blues 1982) "Funny Stuff" (Rooster Blues 1982)

1. Funny Stuff
2. Tear Drops
3. Next Time You See Me
4. Worried Dream
5. Totsy
6. Since I Been Loving You
7. That Will Never Do
8. Walk Out Like a Lady
9. Find 'Em Fool 'Em and Forget 'Em
10. Got to Be Some Changes Made

 "I Ain't Beggin' Nobody" (Evidence 1987) "I Ain't Beggin' Nobody" (Evidence 1987)

1. I Ain't Beggin' Nobody
2. Sneaking Around
3. Giving up on Love
4. I'm Coming Home
5. Little Rock
6. Please Don't Go
7. Last Night
8. I'm a Rollin' Stone
9. I've Got My Eyes on You

"Sooner Or Later" (Bullseye Blues 1992) "Sooner Or Later" (Bullseye Blues 1992)

1. How Could You Do It to Me
2. I'm Workin' on It
3. Penitentiary Blues
4. You'll Need Another Favor
5. Help the Poor
6. Letter from My Darling
7. Goin' Out West, Pts. 1 & 2
8. 102nd Street Blues
9. How Long
10. Little Bluebird
11. Little Rock

"Blues Knights" (Evidence 1994) Larry Davis & Byther Smith "Blues Knights" (Evidence 1994)

1. Giving Up on Love
2. I Tried
3. Teardrops
4. That's All Right
5. I Don't Have a Mother
6. I'm a Honey Bee
7. What Is This?
8. Don't Make Me Talk Too Much
9. Addressing the Nation With the Blues
10. I'm Broke

 "BB King Presents Larry Davis/Sweet Little Angel" (P-Vine 2002) "BB King Presents Larry Davis/Sweet Little Angel" (P-Vine 2002)

1. Whole World Down on You
2. Years Go Passing By, The
3. What They Do to Me
4. Three O'Clock Blues
5. I've Been Hurt So Many Times
6. Rock Me Baby
7. Something About You
8. For Five Long Years
9. You Upset Me Baby
10. Letter to My Darling, A
11. Sweet Sixteen
12. Wake Up This Morning
13. Driving Wheel
14. It Can Only Hurt for So Long
15. Sweet Little Angel

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