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Lee Morris

Lee Morris is a Southern Soul singer fro Chicago who scored some regional hits produced by producer wiz Floyd Hamberlin Jr. His first recorded output was a series of 45s released in the 80s including "I Got Played On", "Weak Man", "I Wanna Dance With You" & "I Can't Believe You're Lovin' Me". These sides were mostly released on his own Lee & Co imprint as was his 2004 album "I Got Played On"

Album Discography

"Morris Code 337" (Da' Man 1996)

Morris Code 337 [2:54]
Doctor Love [3:42]
Bitter With the Sweet [4:28]
Can't Leave You Alone [3:00]
Boomerang [4:04]
Little Wagon [3:08]
Leave the Back Door Open [3:05]
Ain't No Use [4:02]
Can't Nobody Love Me [3:42]
Love Gun [4:46]
Stealin' Time [4:10]
Dirt Road [4:22]
Rumpshaker [4:27]
Morris Code [2:58]

"Whip It On U" (Da' Man 2001)

1. Whip It on U (Prelude)
2. Got 2 Get Wit U
3. Sex Me Up
4. Slow Dance
5. Who's Been Rockin'
6. Get It B 4 U Get Home
7. Crazy
8. Ain't No Woman
9. New Love
10. Don't Love Me Out of Guilt
11. U Stepped N 2 My Life
12. Ain't Gettin' No Easier
13. Whip It on U

"I Got Played On" (Lee & Co. 2004)

tracks include "I Got Played On", "Party All Night", "Party Weekend", "Tender Trap", "I Don't Know You Anymore", "Junkyard" & more (full tracklist needed)

** Likable independently-released Southern Soul from Morris, who made a little noise with "Rumpshaker" & "Whip It On U" a few years back. I believe this is his third album and you can call "I Got Played On" Ecko Records-lite soul as it features co-producer Morris J. Williams, a key player in that company's signature sound. One thing's for certain- this is the best singing Lee Morris has waxed to date. He reminds me of Johnnie Taylor on the title song and the very best cut "Party All Night", which also boasts a fine sax lead line (Ron Echols) on a mostly-programmed effort. Much like Ecko this disc mixes live instruments with synthesizers and tracking. "Party All Night", 'I Got Played On" and "Party Weekend" could work as radio singles for sure. Despite the fine singing this 10-track disc suffers overall from some second-rate material ("I Don't Know You Anymore", "Tender Trap") and an occasionally poor mix ("Junkyard"). Still, there's enough good tracks to make it worth checking out.


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