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Little Kim Stewart


Album Discography

 "Bootleg Baby" (Hep' Me 2004)

1. Swing That Thing
2. Take Him to Court
3. Bootleg Baby
4. Lies
5. Southern Soul Woman
6. Keep the Man
7. Can't Make Love
8. All This Love Is for You
9. You Turn Me On
10. Been So Long

"You Give Good Loving" (Hep' Me 2005)

1. You Give Me Good Loving
2. Give It Up
3. Trembling
4. Be My Lady
5. Family Man
6. I Came to Party - (Remix)
7. She Got the Paper
8. I Know You Love Me
9. You're My Everything
10. I Came to Party
11. Feels So Good

"Backyard Party" (Hep' Me 2006)

1. Backyard Party
2. You Mean The World To Me
3. She's Makin' Love To Your Best Friend
4. Come On Spend Your Money On Me, It's Friday
5. Can You Get Away
6. Mystery Lady
7. Just One Lifetime
8. Party With Me
9. You Can Have My Husband
10. Merry, Merry Christmas

** Little Kim Stewart is a talented gal. She has a sweet voice and writes her own material. Unfortunately, she's given puny, generic machine production at her new "Back Yard Party". Just listen to that toy (?) keyboard on the title cut and silly synths that stymie a catchy little Beach number. It's a demo plain and simple. Her vocal is strong on the melodic slowie "Mean The World To Me" but the backing sounds like it was playing in a different room. "It's Friday" coulda been a hit party jam get the picture. Don't get me wrong- I'm aware some folks will still enjoy this. In fact many low budget CDs of this sort sell fairly well on the Chitlin' Circuit. But for many others it's waste of some good songs. The songs and singing get a "B" but the sound gets an "F". Frustrating. (Kim, I hope your contract is over so you can move on up to a better label).

"Southern Soul Slide" (Hep Me 2007)

1. Southern Soul Slide - (Club Mix)
2. Come on Go to Whitehall
3. Celebrate out Love
4. Southern Soul Slide - (Regular Mix)
5. Real Southern Soul Woman
6. In My Bedroom
7. Get a Little Closer
8. Till the End of Time
9. Baby It's Over
10. Phat Cat
11. What Happen
12. Southern Soul Slide - (Remix)

**1/2 We've had enough "slide" songs out there. In fact there's already been a mega-smasharoo out there called "Southern Soul Slide" (by Team Airplay and the Carolina Connection) but Kim's isn't the same song. This one's (actually three versions) a copy of the original Disco "Electric Slide" with slightly different lyrics. It's cute but those rhythm tracks are  wack and the weakest thang on a damn good record. "Come On To The Whitehall" would be a greater jam but the production is so itsy bitsy I just can't hear it at a club. That's the dealeo. This would be one of the albums of the year with fatter sounds. At least it's fatter than last record. Where's the bass though? The beats? Shame too 'cuz Kim can sang and write as good as any sista out there. "Celebrate Our Love" and "Real Southern Soul Woman" are tight tracks that the background music can't trifle with. "Phat Cat" is sho 'nuff nasty but crazy good! Funkier that ten day old drawers!

In fact "Slide" is the best collection of songs on any of her albums but they deserve better tracks. I wish somebody would spend some money on this gal and put her up in a bigass studio! (CLH)

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