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L. J. Echols

Album Discography

"Well Runs Dry" (Baby Boy 2006)

1. Well Runs Dry
2. Hold On
3. Girl You Look Good
4. One Reason
5. Give It All You Got
6. Keep It Going
7. Thank You Mamma
8. Lady in Black
9. Doin' Fine (Katrina)

*** 1/2 This has a higher percentage of strong songs than the majority of modern Southern Soul/R & B discs I've heard lately. Upbeat shuffle bumpers like "Girl U Look So Good", "Thank You Mama", "Give It All You Got" & the title track, melodic slowies like  "Hold On", "One Reason" & the Hurricane Katrina tribute "Doing Fine", plus a fine stepper ("Lady In Black") all given a high caliber machine production. Not a dud among these nine tracks that would've garnered an even higher rating if sung by a more dynamic singer. Echols has a pleasant yet thin voice that gets the job done but I can't help imagining what an Omar Cunningham or Willie Clayton could've done with this material. That's not a diss, this is a very good "party blues/Southern Soul" outing.

"Another Level" (Neckbone 2009)

1. Taking Candy From A Baby
2. From The Back
3. Everybody Needs Somebody
4. Swangers Only
5. Love
6. 14-16
7. Love Boat
8. Let's Get Married
9. I'm Gone Party
10. Outro

"New Beginning" (Neckbone 2012)

1. Shake Somethin
2. Peter Pumkin Eater
3. I Need You
4. Mississippi Throwback
5. Good Motor
6. Falling in Love
7. In Your Hips
8. Your Love
9. Sneaky Girl
10. Can't Take It Away
11. Like That (Zydeco)
12. I Want a Divorce

"Taste Like Candy" (Neckbone 2015)

1. Draggin That Wagon
2. Sunshine Lady
3. Mean Machine
4. Taste Like Candy
5. Big Leg Woman FT. Luster Baker
6. Take It Off
7. I'll Be Just Fine
8. Daddy
9. Sookie Sookie Now
10. You're Hot
11. I Had to Tell Somebody
12. Pole Rider

"Call 911" (Neckbone 2019)

1 I Was Wrong (Intro)
2 Stop Looking
3 Never
4 Yes I Do
5 Blind Cripple & Crazy
6 Weak Spot [Explicit]
7 How Low Can You Go
8 Personally
9 Call 911
10 Come Back
11 Tell on You
12 Just a Little Bit
13 Lord Use Me


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