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Monique Ford

Southern soul blues singer who released three "blues" cds (one for Mardi Gras, one for Hep Me and one for Laryan)  her first and is currently recording her first Gospel project.

Album Discography

"Get A Maid"  (Mardi Gras 2005)

1. Get A Maid
2. All Of My Love
3. I Came To Party (Remix)
4. I Need To Be Loved
5. Lonely Night
6. Two Can Play This Game
7. Think About Cheating
8. Never A Day Go By
9. Falling For You
10. Thank You
11. I Came To Party
12. Angel
13. Naughty Thing
14. Carzy About You

"Monique Ford (Real Deal)" (Hep' Me 2006)

1. Real Deal, The
2. Why You Hatin' on Me
3. You Ought to Be a Man
4. It Was You
5. I Can
6. My Love
7. Changes
8. Work That Body
9. Win Some Lose Some
10. There's No Gettin' Over Me

"Ladies Get Your Own" (Hep' Me 2007)

1. I've Got My Own
2. Don't Tease Me
3. I'm So Tired
4. I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
5. You Ain't Worth It
6. That's Still My Love
7. Creeping
8. Love Thing
9. Love Me Right
10. Giving Praise (Outro)
11. The Lord's Prayer

*** Album number 3 from sweet-voiced Monique Ford has a good mix of bumps and ballads with good production. You gotsta love a sista who sings (on "Don't Tease Me") "Don't tease me if you can't please me. Don't be in a rush I'm gonna need some foreplay. Start from my head and end at my feet. Make sure you lick that special place right inbetween! I need a candy licker!". Oh Lawd! You hear that Marvin Sease? But don't think Monique needs the sexy lyrics to get over 'cuz she can sang as good as any of 'em. Check out her croon on "Love Thing". Hot! She's a writer too, composing 8 out of 11 selections on "Ladies Get Your Own".

The CD continues a smart trend of combining Southern Soul sounds with some of that popular R & B groove ("You Ain't Worth It") but the Southern dance jams (we still call it "Blues") like "Creeping" is where my money goes. There's a lot of Southern Soul sistas out there but this album is definitely one of the better ones I've heard this year

"Angel" (Onlock 2011)

1. Angel
2. I Came To Party
3. Naughty Things
4. Falling For You
5. Work That Body
6. There's No Getting Over Me
7. Sweeter Tomorrow
8. Dont Tease Me
9. You Aint Worth It
10. It A Love Thing
11. I Came To Party Remix
12. Love Me Right


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