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Nappy Brown

Napoleon Brown Goodson Culp[1] (October 12, 1929 September 20, 2008) better known by his stage name Nappy Brown was from Charlotte, North Carolina. He began his career singing gospel music before switching to R&B. In 1954 he won a recording contract with Savoy Records, which yielded a series of hits, including "Don't Be Angry" (#2 R&B, #25 pop, 1955), "Pitter Patter" (#10 R&B, 1955), "Little By Little" (#57 pop, 1956), and "It Don't Hurt No More" (#8 R&B, #89 pop, 1958). The hits dried up so Brown spent the next couple decades touring, performing his hits, quickly becoming an oldies act.

In the early 1980s, following the Blues revival buoyed by ZZ Hill's smash "Down Home" album, some of Brown's early songs being released on European albums. At the urging of Bob Margolin, former guitarist for Muddy Waters's band and a fan of Brown, Brown returned to the music industry, beginning with a successful tour of Scandinavia in 1983. New Brown recordings appeared in 1984 with the album "Tore Up", with guitarist Tinsley Ellis' & the Heartfixers. In 1987 Black Top Records released the acclaimed "Something Gonna Jump Out the Bushes". Ichiban Records next signed Brown for two albums, 1990's "Apples & Lemons" and 1991's "Aw! Shucks".

Over the next sixteen years Brown kicked around from label to label like JSP, Ripete, RBD & New Moon until one last comeback album for Blind Pig. That album, 2007's "Long Time Coming", proved to be one of his very best LPs and he received several Blues Music Awards nominations and his highest profile since the 50s.

Brown died in his sleep on September 20, 2008 at Mercy Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Album Discography

"Sings" (Savoy 1958)

There'll Come A Day
Love Locks
Sittin' In The Dark
Well Well Well Baby-La
Pitter Patter
Land I Love
Deedle I Do
Just A Little Love
It's Really You
Am I
Pleasing You
Love Baby

"Thanks For Nothing" (Elephant V Ltd. 1969)

A1 So Fine 2:43
A2 I Gotta Go 5:00
A3 Done Got Over It 3:55
A4 I Found It 4:27
A5 If I Had My Life To Live Over 4:00
B1 The Night Time Is The Right Time 5:15
B2 Thanks For Nothing 4:10
B3 Forgive Me Girl 6:00
B4 Long Time 7:35

Nappy Brown & The Southern Sisters "Yes, I Know The Man" (Jewel 1974)

A1 Yes, I Know The Man 4:22
A2 Serving The Lord 3:29
A3 Moving Up Zion Hill 2:52
A4 Willing To Run All The Way 5:08
B1 You Must Be Born Again 4:22
B2 I'm Not Uneasy 3:42
B3 When We All Get Together 3:15
B4 You Got To Move 4:40

Bro. Napoleon Brown (Nappy Brown) & The Southern Sisters "When I Get Inside" (Jewel 1977)

A1 You Gonna Need A Friend
A2 Let's Go Around The Wall
A3 This May Be My Last Time
A4 When I Get Inside
B1 God Has Been So Good To Me
B2 He Will Provide
B3 Until I Die
B4 It's In My Mind

"That Man" (Mr. R&B 1979)

That Man
I Wonder (What's Wrong With Me)
Is It True-Is It True
Two Faced Woman (And A Lyin' Man)
Open Up That Door (And Walk Right In My Heart)
Little By Little
Bye Bye Baby
My Baby
The Right Time
A Long Time
Down In The Alley
Baby I Got News For You
What's Come Over You, Baby
Coal Miner
I've Had My Fun
Didn't You Know

"I Done Got Over" (Stockholm 1983)

1. I Done Got Over
2. Who?
3. Baby Let Me Lay It On You
4. If You Need Some Lovin'
5. The Land I Love
6. It's Been A Long Time Coming
7. Down In The Alley
8. Well, Well, Well, Baby-La
9. That Man
10. Going Down Slow
11. Baby-Cry-Cry-Cry-Baby

"Don't Be Angry" (Savoy Jazz 1984)

A1 Is It True
A2 That Man
A3 I Wonder
A4 Two Faced Woman
A5 Just A Little Love
A6 It's Really You
A7 Don't Be Angry
A8 Land I Love
B1 I'm In The Mood
B2 Open Up That Door
B3 I Want To Live
B4 Skiddy Woe
B5 I'm Getting Lonesome
B6 I Cried Like A Baby
B7 Bye Bye Baby
B8 Little By Little

"Tore Up" (Landslide 1984)

You Can Make It If You Try
Lemon Squeezin' Daddy
Jack The Rabbit
Hidden Charms
Losing Hand
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Hard Luck Blues
Tore Up Over You
Ain't My Cross To Bear

"Something's Gonna Jump Out The Bushes" (Black Top 1987)

Have Mercy, Mercy Baby!
Dirty Work
I'm With You All The Way
Something Gonna Jump Out The Bushes
You Mean More ToMe Than Gold
My Jug And I
Life's Ups And Downs
Your Love Is Real
You Were A Long Time Coming
Nothing Takes The Place Of You
I'm Walking Out Of You

"Deep Sea River" (Meltone 1989)

Mary Lou 4:17
Things Have Changed 5:12
Bye Bye Baby 3:31
Don't Hurt No More 5:54
Deep Sea Diver 4:12
Baby It's All Over 4:35
You Must Be Crazy 3:46
Wella Wella Baby Le 4:44

"Apples & Lemons" (Ichiban 1990)

Fishin' Blues
Ain't No Way
Get Along
Lemon Squeezin' Daddy
You Showed Me Love
Lonely And Blue
Don't Be Angry
Small Red Apples
Something's Gonna Jump Outta The Bushes And Grab You

"Aw! Shucks" (Ichiban 1991)

You Know It Ain't Right
Let Love Take Care (Of The Rest)
Aw! Shucks, Baby
Still Holding On
It's Not What You Do
Mind Your Own Business
True Love
Night Time (Live Jam Version)

"Just For Me" (JSP 1996)

1 Night Time
2 Bye Bye Baby
3 Things Have Changed
4 Just For Me
5 We Need To Love One Anothers
6 What More Can I Say
7 You Must Be Crazy Woman
8 Deep Sea Diver

"I'm A Wild Man" (New Moon 1995)

1. Who, What, Where & When
2. Lonely And Blue
3. In The Darkest Hour
4. Shake Rattle And Roll
5. Sittin' In The Dark
6. I'm A Wild Man
7. Don't Hurt No More
8. You Will Or You Won't
9. Give Me Your Love
10. Love Me Like You Used To Do

"Who's Been Foolin' You" (New Moon 1997)

1. Who's Been Foolin' You
2. I Cried Like A Baby
3. Is It True
4. Bye Bye Baby
5. Jumpstart
6. I Don't Believe
7. I'm Too Cool
8. Buy Me An Airplane
9. I'm Getting Lonesome
10. Piddly Patter
11. I Wonder

Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson "The Best Of Both Worlds" (Ripete 1996) Nappy Brown Kip Anderson "The Best Of Both Worlds" (Ripete 1998)

1. Rocket 88
2. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
3. It Should've Been Me
4. Right Time, The (Night Time Is)
5. Down in the Bottom
6. Knife and Fork
7. Big Foot May
8. Don't Be Angry
9. When You're Ugly Like Me
10. Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well
11. Hit the Road Jack
12. You Never Had It So Good

*** Kip Anderson hooks up with1950s rockin' blues legend Nappy Brown for a vintage big band blues extravaganza. From the sax swinging "Rocket 88", to the stomping "When You're Ugly Like Me" to the hip "You Never Had It So Good" this disc never lets up! Proceed with caution if you have a heart condition. The neo-swing crowd would go wild for this disc if they ever knew about it. It's a real band, real horns and a real goodtime.

"Night Time Is The Right Time" (Savoy Jazz 2002)

1-1 Don't Be Angry 2:22
1-2 I Wonder (What's Wrong With Me) 3:04
1-3 Two-Faced Woman (And A Lyin' Man) 2:30
1-4 That Man 3:02
1-5 Just A Little Love 2:11
1-6 Is It Really You? 2:59
1-7 Piddily Patter Patter 2:02
1-8 I'm In The Mood 2:37
1-9 Well Well Well Baby La 2:37
1-10 Open Up That Door 2:20
1-11 I'm Getting Lonesome 2:26
1-12 My Baby 2:33
1-13 Goody Goody Gum Drop 1:52
1-14 A Long Time 2:28
1-15 Bye, Bye Baby 3:20
1-16 Am I 2:15
1-17 Lobe Baby 2:51
1-18 Pleasin' You 2:15
2-1 I'm Gonna Get You 2:24
2-2 I Cried Like A Baby 2:35
2-3 The Right Time 3:00
2-4 There'll Come A Day 2:49
2-5 It Don't Hurt No More 2:24
2-6 Baby-Cry-Cry-Baby 2:45
2-7 Love Locks 2:45
2-8 Down In The Valley 2:27
2-9 Baby, I Got News For You 2:28
2-10 Little By Little 2:34
2-11 The Hole I'm In 2:40
2-12 Skidy Woe 2:55
2-13 I've Had My Fun 3:16
2-14 Didn't You Know 2:59
2-15 Coal Miner 2:36
2-16 The Lock On The Door 3:09
2-17 So Glad I Don't Have To Cry No More 2:54
2-18 Any Time Is The Right Time 3:02

"Long Time Coming" (Blind Pig 2007)

1 Keep On Pleasin' You 3:11
2 You Were A Long Time Coming 4:21
3 Don't Be Angry 2:28
4 Give Me Your Love 4:57
5 That Man 3:12
6 Right Time 3:35
7 Who 4:51
8 Cherry Red 4:06
9 Aw Shucks, Baby 3:01
10 Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleepin' 5:48
11 Bye Bye Baby 3:41
12 Take Care Of Me 4:30

****1/2 At age 78 Mr. Napoleon Brown releases his Blind Pig Records debut, his first LP since his obscure 1997 New Moon disc "Who's Been Foolin' You",  and it's an essential addition to his legacy, featuring some of the finest Blues musicians working today. Some of the notable names include Junior Watson, Bob Margolin, Jim Pugh, Sean Costello and John Nemeth. The full dozen cuts smoke, even the superfluous remakes of Nappy's two biggest numbers "Right Time" and "Don't Be Angry". I call them such being it's the fourth time he's committed them to record. Still, good versions. Better though are the new tracks like "Keep On Pleasing You", a big-bottomed shuffle with swinging licks by the Mighty Lester Horns, Mookie Brill on bass and a cocksure vocal from the Napster. Speaking of vocals you must experience the Deep Soul he exudes on the ballad "Give Me Your Love" (first cut for his little known "I'm A Wild Man" album). Nobody does it like this anymore! I got chills about 1:42 in when that icy B-3 made an appearance. Sold takes on Willie Dixon's "Who", Big Joe Turner's "Cherry Red" and Brown's own "Bye Bye Baby" and the Gospel "Take Care Of Me" are all perfect.

"Down In The Alley: The Complete Savoy Singles As & Bs 1954-1962" (Jasmine 2016)

Disc 1
I Wonder What's Wrong With Me 3:07
That Man 3:04
Two Faced Woman And A Lying Man 2:32
Is It True, Is It True 2:51
Don't Be Angry 2:24
Is It Really You 3:02
Pitter Patter 2:05
There'll Come A Day 2:52
Just A Little Love 2:13
Well Well Well Baby-La 2:39
Dood'll I Love You 2:26
Sittin' In The Dark 2:34
Open Up That Door (And Walk Right In My Heart) 2:22
Pleasin' You 2:17
Am I 2:17
Love Baby 2:54
I'm Getting Lonesome 2:28
Little By Little 2:37
Pretty Girl (Yea-Yea-Yea) 2:26
I'm Gonna Get You (Get You Someday) 2:26
Goody Goody Gum Drop 1:54
Bye Bye Baby 3:22
The Right Time 3:03
Oh You Didn't Know 2:08
I'm In The Mood 2:39
If You Need Some Lovin' 2:39
Skidy Woe 2:57
Disc 2
It Don't Hurt No More 2:27
My Baby 2:35
You're Going To Need Someone 2:25
A Long Time 2:30
All Right Now 2:16
This Is My Confession 2:20
For Those Who Love 2:28
I Cried Like A Baby 2:41
So Deep 2:21
Give Me Your Love 2:20
Too Shy 2:55
Down In The Alley 2:30
My Baby Knows 2:44
Baby Cry, Cry Baby 2:47
What's Come Over You Baby 2:38
Baby I Got News For You 2:30
Apple Of My Eye 2:15
The Hole I'm In 2:43
Nobody Can Say 2:37
Coal Miner 2:24
Hoonie-Boonie 2:32
Any Time Is The Right Time 3:05
Don't Be Angry (Alt Version) 2:07
I've Had My Fun 3:19
Didn't You Know 3:01
The Lock On The Door 3:12
So Glad I Don't Have To Cry No More 2:56

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