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Nathaniel Kimble

Nathaniel Kimble was born in Beniot, Mississippi, an area town of Greenville, Mississippi. He scored a hit with the title track to his  first album "Can U Bagg It Up?" and has carved a niche in the modern "Southern Soul" market.

Album Discography

"I Can Bagg It Up" (Nathaniel Kimble 2001)

1. Sexy Lady
2. I'm Gonna Wait
3. Where You Want Me to Put It
4. Can You Bagg It Up
5. She Wants My Money
6. She's My Kind of Girl
7. Do Me Baby
8. Can You Bagg It Up
9. I'm Gonna Wait
10. Do Me Baby

"Please Don't Go" (Susie Q 2003)

1. Please Don't Go
2. Ride the Brown Horse
3. I Wanna Slow Dance
4. Let's Have Some Fun
5. Ghetto Club
6. Let Me Make It Right
7. Tell Me Where You Want Me
8. Let's Get Serious
9. Let Me Live My Life
10. I'm Gonna Wait

"Better Get Ready" (Mardis Gras 2005)

1. I'm Lonely
2. Better Get Ready
3. Let Me Live My Life
4. Let's Get Down Tonight
5. Can You Bagg It Up 2?
6. Feel Like Making Love
7. U Don't Want To Be Loved
8. Push It Up
9. Let's Get Serious
10. Do Me Baby

"I'm Back" (Kimbarn/Brimstone 2006)

1. I'm Back
2. Back in the Streets
3. Let's Party Y'all
4. You Are the One
5. Gotta Get You Back
6. Shake Your Groove Thang
7. I Can Do Bad
8. Dancing Shoes
9. Gotta Move On
10. You Make Me Happy

*** It's amazing what a hit can do for a career. Nathaniel Kimble scored with a infectious dancer called "I Can Bagg It Up" a few years back (also a hit for Sheba Potts-Wright) and has proceeded to release countless carbon copies of the track since then. None of them really clicked but he lets us know "I'm Back"  for album number 4 and it's his most consistent record by far. The first single, "Back In The Streets", is another one of those fast booty wigglers similar to his past club jams "Bagg It Up", "Ride The Brown Horse" & "Better Get Ready'. The disc has more dancers like "Let's Party Y'all", "Shake Your Groove Thing", "Dancing Shoes", "She's My Kind Of Girl" with better than average production for programmed music. Credit goes to Jimmy Barnett & Eldridge Jenkins. Kimble delivers a couple decent slow rollers with "You Are The One" & "Gotta Move On". Like the Mystery Man, he's a very limited singer only tolerable for about two or three tracks. I can only imagine what a better singer would've made of this generally strong material. In fact somebody should send Clarence Carter the track, "Gotta Get You Back"!

"Sensational" (Kimbarn 2008)

1. 2 Steps
2. Tell It
3. Something Real Good
4. Been There
5. My Lady
6. Happy
7. Dance With You
8. I'm Ready
9. Party 2 Night
10. Love Me In The City

** For only having one certified hit ("I Can Bagg It Up") Nate has been able to continue releasing albums and working the chittlin' circuit quite regularly. Like his other sets you will like this new 10-song set if you like his past work and/or his unremarkable singing voice. For the rest of us we might find a cut or two that interests us. The first single, the lackluster "2 Step", isn't catching on as I write. There's more slow jams than usual here. Being he's not a singer, fairly well-arranged numbers like "Tell It" and the Tyrone Davis-inspired "Been There" sound like songwriting demos.

  "Mama" (Kimbarn 2010)

1. Interlude
2. Mama
3. Let Me Love U
4. Sexy Lady 2
5. Get With It
6. Stay With Me
7. Dance With You 2
8. Put It On Me
9. I'm Ready 1
10. Is It Over

"Destiny" (Kimbarn 2012)

1 U Got The Vibe
2 I'm Leaving
3 Full Of That Juice
4 Don't Leave
5 Innerlude
6 If U Want My Luv
7 Let Me Luv U
8 Stay Wit Me
9 Come Party Wit Me
10 One More Chance
11 Bass It Up remix

"Still Here" (Kimbarn 2014)

1. Rock It Slowly
2. Stay With Me 2
3. 1 More Chance
4. U Got Me Walking
5. Give Me Yo Luv
6. Move Baby Move
7. Can't Let You Go
8. Let's Get Serious
9. Bad Mama Jama
10.Man To Treat U Right


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