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Album Discography

"Zipper" (Susie Q 2003)

1. Get It Crunk
2. Freak in the House
3. Zipper
4. Here We Go Again
5. Take Everything
6. The Way You Love Your Woman
7. You're Gonna Love Me
8. My Man
9. Let Me Count Your Money

"Find Out What She Likes" (Baby Boy 2006)

1. Take a Lil' Risk
2. Find out What She Likes
3. I Ain't Miss U
4. Stop Listen 2 Your Friends
5. What Grown Folks Do
6. Brick House
7. Step'n Interlude
8. Stepn' 2gether Radio
9. Mr. Wright
10. Step'n Club Mix

**1/2 There's always room on the market for another Southern Soul diva and Raine's got the goods as shown on her second independent platter "Take A Lil Risk". "Find Out What She Likes" answers all those Southern Soul brothers talking about how to please a woman. Raine calls them "instruction songs" but if you really want to know how to please your baby all you got to do is ask your lady. Find out what she likes." Other catchy shuffle-bumpers include the title cut & "Stop Listen 2 Your Friends", plus the requisite stepper "Step'n 2gether" and sexy slowie "I Ain't Miss U". Definitely worth checking out. Would score a higher rating with a couple more songs (8 songs, 1 intro, 1 remix).


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