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Robert Ward

Robert Ward (October 15, 1938 – December 25, 2008) from Luthersville, GA moved to Dayton, OH  and was known for founding the Ohio Untouchables, the band that later would become the Ohio Players. The group released series of singles including "Your Love Is Amazing" which would become one of Ward's signature songs. Ward left the group in 1965. Ward left the music scene but is said to have been a session guitarist for Motown in the 1970s. He re-emerged in 1990 with the Black Top label for his first ever LP, "Fear No Evil" in 1991. He released two more albums in the next four years for the label. After the label folded Delmark Records recorded him and released "New Role Soul" in 2000. In his last years he faced a series of health problems, including two strokes, which prevented him from performing or recording. He died at his home in Dry Branch, Georgia, Christmas Day 2008.

Album Discography

"Fear No Evil" (Black Top 1990)

Your Love Is Amazing 4:15
Born To Entertain 2:27
Forgive Me Darling 3:02
Your Love Is Real 3:02
Something For Nothing 4:08
Fear No Evil 3:05
Trying My Best (Not To Never Do Wrong) 3:52
Strictly Reserved For You 3:37
So Tired Of Wandering 2:40
Blessings 3:50
Newborn Music 3:13
K-Po-Kee 3:08
Lord Have Mercy On Me 5:03
Dry Spell 3:57

"Rhythm Of The People" (Black Top 1993)

1 A Good Man 3:42
2 The Real Deal 3:58
3 Say What You Mean 4:27
4 White Fox 4:22
5 You Can't Stop My Lovin' Now 3:22
6 Children Of The World (Don't Forget To Pray) 4:39
7 All Proud Races 2:10
8 I Do What I Want 3:25
9 What A Friend We Have In Jesus 3:46
10 Some Things 4:48
11 Soap Opera Blues 3:49
12 I Found A Love 4:15
13 Twiggs County 4:26

"Black Bottom" (Black Top 1995)

1 Living In The Danger Zone 3:25
2 Drawers 5:00
3 I'm Doing Fine 4:32
4 Life Is Hard 4:24
5 I Don't Need Nobody That Don't Need Me 4:53
6 We'll Be Together Again 3:41
7 Soldier For The Blues 4:25
8 You Ain't Bullet Proof 4:18
9 It Takes A Whole Lot Of Money 3:48
10 Don't Wanna Go Home 4:31
11 It Ain't The Same No Mo 3:51
12 I Got Sick One Day 5:09

"Hot Stuff" (Relic 1995)

1 –Ohio Untouchables I'm Tired
2 –Ohio Untouchables Forgive Me Darling
3 –Ohio Untouchables Up Town
4 –Ohio Untouchables Your Love Is Real
5 –Ohio Untouchables Something For Nothing
6 –Ohio Untouchables Touch Me Not
7 –Robert Ward I'm Gonna Cry A River
8 –Ohio Untouchables Workout
9 –Ohio Untouchables You Love Is Amazing
10 –Ohio Untouchables Hot Stuff
11 –Benny "Coffee" McCain* and The Ohio Untouchables She's My Heart's Desire
12 –Benny "Coffee" McCain* and The Ohio Untouchables What To Do
13 –The Falcons With Wilson Pickett Let's Kiss And Make Up
Backing Band – Ohio Untouchables
14 –The Falcons With Wilson Pickett Take This Love I've Got
Backing Band – Ohio Untouchables
15 –The Falcons ,With Wilson Pickett The Swim
Backing Band – Ohio Untouchables
16 –The Falcons With Wilson Pickett I Found A Love
Backing Band – Ohio Untouchables
17 –Robert Ward My Love Is Strictly Reserved For You
18 –Robert Ward Fear No Evil
19 –Robert Ward Deeper In Love

"Twiggs County Soul Man" (Black Top 1997)  

1 Your Love Is Amazing
2 Newborn Music
3 Real Deal
4 Something For Nothing
5 White Fox
6 You Can't Stop My Loving Now
7 Silver And Gold
8 So Tired Of Wandering
9 Lonely Man
10 I'm Gonna Cry A River
11 Black Bottom 4:19

"New Role Soul" (Delmark 2000)  

Put Yourself In My Place 3:41
New Role Soul 4:05
Never Found A Girl 4:28
I'm So Proud To Have You For My Love 5:15
Peace Of Mind 4:37
The Chicken Jerk 4:00
Whatever I Receive 9:58
Don't Make No Sense 3:01
I Come To Save You 3:27
Ark Of Safety 3:11
Chittlins Con Carne 3:55
I Ain't Drunk 5:52
Somethin' Funky's Goin' On 4:33

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