Born January 25th and raised in Mendenhall, Rhonda McCullem first came on the music scene as a background singer for Nathaniel Kimble then went on to background for Sir Charles Jones , Bobby Rush and Jeff Floyd. During this time she opened for a number of different artists on a number of shows from the year of 1995 when she first won a talent show in Vicksburg, MS until presently. Her first album  was entitled "Call Me." Her second Album Release entitled Come Back Kind of Love,

Album Discography

"Ya Know" (The Orchard 2000)

1. Ya Know
2. The Groove
3. Faithfully
4. Ya Know (Instrumental)

"Call Me" (Allison 2006)

1. Do You Want
2. Let's Shake It
3. Call Me
4. Hit It
5. Love Grows
6. Cheatin' On Me
7. Not Gonna Beg
8. Freaky
9. Fool On My Hands
10. Can't Stop a Good Thang'
11. Same Thang' It Took
12. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

*** Being billed as "The Sexy Lady Of Southern Soul" could make you suspicious she's just another pretty chick selling sex n' style over substance. In other words: to compensate for a lack of talent she'll intoxicate you with booty. Not so with Rhonda McCullum aka "Roni". Yes, she's got the look (and that don't hurt) but she's the complete package. Her 12-track debut "Call Me" is a well-produced set of slick Southern Soul and kickin' dance music. The genre has it's formula. "Do You Want" & "Hit It Right" are dancers. "Call Me" and "Fool On My Hands" are smooth slowies. The trick is doing it a bit better than the competition. "Let's Shake It" is a safe choice for a single- a head bobber with finger snaps and a call out to "shake your shaker" that appeals to the party circuit but the retro "Freaky" should be the smash here. "You can call me all kinda dirty names/One thing's for sure ain't no shame in my game/I need a man who's a freak and not in a little boy/And when he can't play I can play with my toy". Alrighty then. Despite the cheeky lyrics, the midtempo feel good groove punctuated by electric piano, synths and sexy swagger is irresistible. Dig the breathy backups on the refrain. This, like 8 other songs, was written or co-written by Roni. Track 10 is an autobiographical tale of making it on the Chitlin' Circuit. She says you "Can't Stop A Good Thing" even if the road to success is rough. It's true the "Chitlin Circuit" has pros and cons. The pro is you can buck the mainstream and still make a name for yourself. The con is you get marginalized as merely a sub-genre of Soul music. Well, Roni you've made it.

"Come Back Kind Of Love" (Allison 2008)

1. Get Away
2. Mr. Right
3. Come Back Kind of Love
4. What It Takes
5. In the Middle of the Night
6. He's My Man
7. Swinging All Night
8. Let's Party
9. I'm Leaving
10. Good Man
11. I'm Tired

"This Christmas" (Allison 2011)

4 song digital ep

1 This Christmas
2 Send My Baby Home for Christmas
3 Hey Baby (Social Network Bonus Song)
4 Machines Have Taken Precedence (Poetry)

"I Love You Too Much" (Allison 2012)

1. Body Rockin'
2. I Love You Too Much
3. Love You Baby
4. How Would You Feel
5. The Way You Make Me Feel
6. That's the Kind of Love We Got
7. Can You Light My Fire
8. Already Mine
9. I'd Be
10. It's Saturday Night