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Ruby Andrews

Barbara Jean Stackhouse aka Ruby Andrews' tuneful late-'60s sides established her as a seductive Windy City soul singer. Andrews debuted on the Zodiac label in 1967 and scored her biggest seller, "Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)," the same year. The song peaked at #9 on the R & B Chart (#51 Pop). Successful follow-ups on Zodiac included "You Made a Believer (Out of Me)", which reached #18 R & B in 1969.  "Everybody Saw You" managed a #34 R & B placing the next year. An album named after the latter also appeared in 1970. A second Zodiac LP appeared in 1972, followed by a Disco-slanted album for ABC in 1977. Neither produced any charting singles.

She recorded sparingly since then including some bluesy material for Ichiban and an album for Quinton Claunch's Goldwax label in 1992.

Album Discography

"Everybody Saw You" (Zodiac 1970)

1 Everybody Saw You
2 Help Yourself Lover
3 I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser
4 Gotta Break Away
5 You Made A Believer Out Of Me
6 Casanova 70
7 Can You Get Away
8 You Can Run But You Can't Hide
9 Uh! Uh! Boy That's A No No
10 Since I Found Out
11 Tit For Tat

"Black Ruby" (Zodiac 1972)

1 (I Want To Be) Whatever It Takes To Please You
2 Overdose Of Love
3 The Love I Need
4 Didn't I Fool You
5 You Made A Believer Out Of Me
6 Good 'N Plenty
7 You Ole Boo Boo You
8 Just Lovin' You
9 My Love Is Comin' Down
10 Hound Dog

"Genuine Ruby" (ABC 1977)

1 Queen Of The Disco
2 A Love Feeling
3 My Imaginary Eye
4 A Change Is Gonna Come
5 A Little Fixin Up (Will Keep Him From Messin Up)
6 Lets Make Every Second A Memory
7 Merry-Go-Round
8 Cinderfella
9 I Wanna Be Near You

"Kiss This" (Ichiban 1991)

1. I Want To Rock With You Baby No. 2
2. Since I Met You
3. Que Pasa
4. To The Other Woman (Iím The Other Woman)
5. Kiss This
6. Lovey Dovey
7. Throw Some More Dirt On Me (The Shacking Song)
8. Loving You No. 44
9. I Got What I Want At Home
10. As In Always

"Ruby" (Goldwax 1992)

1 Dead To The Right To The Wrong
2 Getting Out Of Your Bed & Getting Into Your Head
3 Footprints on the Ceiling See All 2
4 Cheaters Can't Be Choosers
5 Casanova See All 5
6 I Don't Want To Wake Up
7 Trying To Love Two
8 When You Love Somebody
9 Time Ain't Healed The Pain

"Casanova" (Collectables 1994)

reissue of the 1970 LP "Everybody Saw You"

"Hip Shakin' Mama" (Ripete 1998)

1. Fishin' for a Man
2. You'll Miss Me (When I'm Gone)
3. You Can't Play the Blues (In an Air-Conditioned Room)
4. Hip Shakin' Mama
5. I Found You
6. Somebody Touched Me (In the Dark Last Night)
7. Strange Things Happening Every Day
8. Chance
9. A Lesson in Leavin'
10. Yousa Hard Dog (To Keep Under the Porch)
11. Danny's All-Star Joint
12. Footprints on the Ceiling

"Just Loving You" (Vivid Sound 2004)

1. Uh! Uh! Boy, That's a No No
2. Help Yourself (Lover)
3. (I Want to Be) Whatever It Takes to Please You
4. Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)
5. Can You Get Away
6. Since I Found Out
7. I Just Don't Believe It
8. Tit for Tat
9. You Got to Do the Same Thing
10. Good 'N Plenty
11. Let's Get a Groove Going On
12. You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)
13. Gotta Break Away
14. Just Loving You
15. I Let Him Take Me (In His Arms)
16. The Love I Need
17. Everybody Saw You
18. Come to Me
19. Wonderful Nite
20. My Love Is Coming Down
21. Away from the Crowd
22. Didn't I Fool You
23. You Ole Boo Boo You
24. All the Way
25. I Guess That Don't Make Me a Loser
26. You Made a Believer (Out of Me)
27. Where Have You Gone
28. Hey Boy (Take a Chance on Love)

Ruby Andrews & Goria Lynne "Swamp Dogg Presents The Boss Ladies Of Soul" (SDEG 2008)

1. Ruby Andrews - I Want To Rock With You Baby
2. Ruby Andrews - Since I Met You
3. Ruby Andrews - Que Pasa
4. Ruby Andrews - To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman)
5. Ruby Andrews - Kiss This
6. Ruby Andrews - Lovey Dovey w/Swamp Dogg
7. Ruby Andrews - Throw Some More Dirt On Me (The Shacking Song)
8. Ruby Andrews - Loving You #44
9. Ruby Andrews - I Got What I Want At Home
10. Ruby Andrews - As In Always
11. Gloria Lynne - Whatever It was You Just Did
12. Gloria Lynne - How Did You Make Me Love You
13. Gloria Lynne - Can You Take What I'm Gonna Do
14. Gloria Lynne - If You Don't Get It Yourself
15. Gloria Lynne - I Just Gotta Tell Somebody
16. Gloria Lynne - Love's Finally Found Me
17. Gloria Lynne - What Else Can I Do
18. Gloria Lynne - Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
19. Gloria Lynne - Don't Tell Me How To Love You
20. Gloria Lynne - I'm So In Love
21. Gloria Lynne - I'll Take You All The Way There

Linda Jones Meets Ruby Andrews "s/t"  (Colletables 2009)

1. Hypnotized(Linda Jones)
2. I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby(Linda Jones)
3. Not On The Outside(Linda Jones)
4. Fugitive From Love(Linda Jones)
5. You Hit Me Like TNT(Linda Jones)
6. Casanova Your Playing Days Are Over(Ruby Andrews)
7. Everybody Saw You(Ruby Andrews)
8. Help Yourself Lover(Ruby Andrews)
9. I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser(Ruby Andrews)
10. Casanova 70(Ruby Andrews)

"Hits Anthology"  (EMG 2014)

1 Let's Get A Groove Going On Part 2
2 Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)
3 Just Loving You
4 Hey Boy (Take A Chance On Love)
5 You Made a Believer out of Me
6 Everybody Saw You
7 You Ole Boo Boo You
8 My Love Is Comin' Down
9 (I Want To Be) Whatever It Takes To Please You
10 You Got To Do The Same Thing
11 All The Way
12 You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
13 Hound Dog
14 Help Yourself Lover
15 The Love I Need
16 Can You Get Away

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