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Sammie Relford

Despite only having three LPs to his name (1979's  7 track "We Are Stronger Together", "Rooter To The Tooter" and this one) Houston's Sammie Relford's career stretches back to the 70s. There was the aforementioned 1979 album plus various 45s like 1974's "Mi O Mi" credited to Sammie Relford & The Avengers Of Soul, and "Breaking Ice". In 2002 he recorded an album produced by Mel Waiters released on Mel's label, Brittney, but it took another eleven years for "Solo Flite" to drop. It ranked #6 in Blues Critic's "Top 20 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums" list in 2013.

Album Discography

"We Are Stronger Together" (Space City USA 1979)

Brand New Man
You're Everything A Man Wants In A Woman
We Are Stronger Together
Disco Lady Getting Down
Free At Last
Hey Love
Is My Love Over Due

"Rooter To The Tooter" (Brittney 2002)

1 Rooter To The Tooter
2 She's Doing Her Thang
3 Cheating On Me
4 Let's Groove Tonight
5 How Could We Help
6 Big Daddy
7 All Of Me
8 One Time A Smile
9 Keep It Simple
10 Love Is Not For Sale

"Solo Flite" (1 Stop Graphics 2013)

1 I Been Thinking About You
2 I Want You
3 If You Like Candy
4 I'm Blessed
5 I'm Not Trying to Chase You
6 I'm so Glad You're Here
7 Let's Dance
8 My Brother
9 Life Is a Blues Thang
10 Gotta Do Right
11 Do It Slow
12 Love Is Not for Sale


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