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Sharnette Hyter

Sharnette Hyter of Dallas got her first record deal with in the mid 1990’s with a European label, K4B Records on the 90s. She was party of a group called Guilty. She was doing House music at this time. The two girl group released an EP entitled "Jungle Booty", which included the cut  “Hooked On Luv”, which garnered air play in European markets. After Guilty disbanded Hyter went solo under the stage name Jayla Jewel and released a Hip-Hop track ("I Like What You Do To Me"). She took a break from singing and managed a club called Diamonds in Dallas.

In 2009 she returned to music with own label, Serious Inc. Records, and began releasing Southern Soul, Gospel and Jazz music. Her first full length was "Southern Soul Party Every Night", followed by the Gospel album "Keep The Faith" and a Jazz album "Shar Jazz". It took another six years before she released another LP. this time on Lockdowne Records. The album, "Grown Folks Talkin'" proved to be her most successful. The cut "Stilettos And Jeans" became a hit and she won the 2017 Blues Critic Award for" Best Vocal Performance Female".

In addition to being a veteran music recording artist and producer, Sharnette has worked in radio, film, entertainment and promotions, and has managed several other successful recording artists. Sharnette worked for KAZI radio station in Austin, Texas. Her first show was “Lady Sports Talk.” Sharnette then went on to produce her own television show, “Jus Shar Show,” where she interviewed up and coming artists.

Album Discography

"Jus' Shar" (Serious Inc 2009)


1. Hit It!
2. Counterfeit Love
3. Love Token
4. Loving Love Again
5. Swang' On
6. Steppin' Out Tonight
7. I Won't Wait
8. Love Glow


"Southern Soul Party Every Night" (Serious Inc 2009)


1. Intro
2. Rock Steady
3. Southern Soul Party Every Night
4. Hit It!
5. Counterfeit Love
6. Love Token
7. Swang' On
8. Steppin' Out Tonight
9. Loving Love Again
10. I Won't Wait
11. Love Glow
12. Outro


"Keep The Faith" (Serious Inc 2010)


1. Amazing Grace
2. In the Upper Room
3. Get Away Jordan
4. Touch Me Lord Jesus
5. The Winner
6. I Know the Lord Will Make A Way
7. Precious Lord
8. How I Got Over
9. He's Mine
10. When I've Done Wrong
11. Every Day
12. Keep the Faith

"Shar Jazz" (Serious Inc 2010)

1. Summertime
2. This Bitter Earth
3. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
4. 'Deed I Do
5. Someone To Watch Over Me
6. The Man I Love
7. What A Difference A Day Makes
8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
9. Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Love Glow
11. Misty

"Grown Folks Talkin'" (Lockdowne 2016)

1 I've Got a Love
2 I'm Not Her
3 Put It on Paper (feat. Patrick Henry)
4 Hold on (feat. Joe Tex II)
5 Need a Mr. Do Right (feat. Big Cynthia)
6 So Much Better (feat. Jeter Jones)
7 Stilettos and Jeans (feat. JJ. Callier)
8 I'm Classy [Explicit]
9 Got Me Going in Circles
10 Still Don't Pay My Bills
11 Hit My Spot Right [Explicit]
12 You Ain't Getting It [Explicit]


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