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Sorrento Ussery

Sorrento Ussery was signed to Senator Jones' Hep Me Records label, which issued Ussery's debut album, "Make Sweet Love" in 2004.  The title cut and "Swaying To The Beat" garnered some Southern Soul attention and appeared on a Mardi Gras Various Artists collection, "Hot Southern Soul Hits ll" later in 2004. Two more cuts ("She Put That Thang In Motion" and "Let Me Take You Out") appeared on the Sir Charles Jones & Friends release "Southern Soul Party" the same year.

In 2005 Hep' Me issued his second CD, "Dead Giveaway", which receive very little promotion and fell into obscurity. Jones died in 2008 and that marked the end of any new music for the his label.

Sorrento wasn't heard from again until 2015 when Robert Henderson Jr. (now deceased) featured two new Ussery tracks ("Right Kind Of Woman" & "Let's Party Tonight") on the various artists compilation "Hot Spot Records Volume 4".

Album Discography

"Make Sweet Love" (Hep' Me 2004)

1 - Make Sweet Love
2 - I'm in the Mood for Love
3 - You Can Count on Me
4 - Swaying to the Beat
5 - Swaying to the Beat [Super Hot Mix]
6 - Leavin' Me
7 - Bird in the Hand
8 - Put That Thang in Motion
9 - Let Me Take You Out
10 - Let Me Take You Out [the Hot Girls Mix]

"Dead Giveaway" (Hep' Me 2005)

1 - After the Party
2 - Stranger in My Home
3 - Dead Giveaway
4 - Hold On
5 - Good Time Lover
6 - Man She's My Angel
7 - Don't You Take Your Love
8 - Bedroom Feelin
9 - Part Time Lover Man
10 - Anybody Want to Party

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