southern soul blues

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1 The Next 1 (feat. The Soul Man Bill Bland)
2 Wendell B Sounds
3 Advertise Me
4 Confusion
5 Nothing Else to Talk About
6 Where Were You Last Night
7 When She Stood Next ta Me
8 Fooled Arounds and Fell in Love
9 If You Don't No
10 Imon Put It Down ta Night
11 Sunshine
12 Do You Think About Me (feat. Lacee)
13'Til You Come Back to Me
14 The Day That I Met You
15 I Can't Hardly Wait Until the Weeken


1 In the Club
2 Make'em Mad
3 Beautiful
4 Check Now
5 Get'cha Head Right
6 That's What We Gone Do
7 Staying in Love Ain't Easy
8 Still Learning Bout Love
9 Can We Just Talk
10 Missing U
11 Love Directions
12 Cadillac Willy

1. Intro
2. Celabrate Cho-Day
3. We Stepping Out Ta Night
4. When It Don't Make Sense
5. Cough Up in Depression
6. Unforgettable Girl
7. This Ones for You
8. I Just Wonna Love You
9. Made for Me
10. Good Man
11. Get to Kno Me
12. Do Me Like That
13. It Was Good
14. Work
15. Outro
1 Don't End Up Like Me
2 Everything Gon' Be Alright
3 Mississippi Girl
4 I Can Deal With the Leaks
5 I'm Stayin'
6 The Best Time I Ever Had In My Life
7 Workin' On the Building
8 Put'em Down On the Table
9 When I Did What I Did
10 Superlady Superman
Looking For More Wendell B. CDs? WENDELL B

1 Stand Strong
2 Around the Corner
3 Dranks on Me
4 Laundry Mat
5 Cleaning Up [Explicit]
6 When You Get Home
7 If You Want to Leave
8 Chick on the Side
9 Let's Go
10 Won't Be Missing You
11 Do Her Thang

1 Willing & Able 4:25
2 Pregnant Again 3:46
3 Don't Blame It On Jody 3:45
4 That Don't Mean 3:02
5 Took It All Away 3:03
6 Take Care Of You 4:55
7 Let's Make Love 3:17
8 End It All 4:12
9 Not My Woman No More 3:53
10 Stop Telling Your Business 4:15
11 Dirty 2:38
  1 Intro
by Beat Flippa
2 Is It True
by LJ Echols
3 Naked
by The Louisiana Blues Brothas
4 Mr. Nukie Fixer
by Big Cynthia
5 Use What I Got
by Miss Portia
6 Ol' School Love
by Napoleon Demps
7 What You Go Do for Me
by Nicole Jackson
8 Something About That Lady
by Tyree Neal
9 Tighten Up
by Lady Soul
10 Them Country Girls (feat. Crystal Thomas)
by Jeter Jones
11 Come Saddle Up
by Big Cynthia
12 Groove It How You Move It (feat. Tyree Neal)
by Veronica Ra"Elle
13 Let's Get the Business Clear
by Rosalyn Candy
14 All I Do Is Cry (feat. Miss Portia)
by Isaac J
15 Classy
by Sharnette Hyter
16 I Taste Like Candy
by Laylla Fox


1 Intro Beat Flippa
2 If It Ain't the Blues Pokey & Cupid
3 I'll Be the Other Man Tyree Neal
4 Lets Do It Adrian Bagher, Veronica Ra'elle & Big Cynthia
5 I Want Your Body Mz. Pat
6 If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It Pokey
7 Lets Go Adrian Bagher & Level
8 You Can't Handle This Ms. Portia, Veronica Ra'elle & Rosalyn Candy
9 T.G.I.F. Pokey, Vince Hutchinson & Adrian Bagher
10 Sugar Daddy Veronica Ra'elle
11 I Still Do Her Wrong Pokey
12 The Best You Ever Had Rosalyn Candy & Veronica Ra'elle
13 I'm Here for You Big Cynthia
14 Do Your Diva Dance Rena' The Diva
15 You Chose the Wrong Chick Ms. Portia
16 Please Be My Love Jones Pokey, Lysa & Charlene Neal
17 Pretty Girl Big Isaac J

2 CD Set 27 Songs


1 Intro 0:15
2 Hate On-Pokey Bear/OB Buchana 3:39
3 Talk Of Our Love-Isaac J 4:01
4 Can I Take You Home-Ghetto Cowboy/Tucka 3:23
5 I'll Pay For It-Tyree Neal 3:21
6 A Good'n-Jeter Jones 4:01
7 We SteppinDerrick Salter 3:58
8 In The Morning- Cupid/Highway Heavy 3:52
9 My Bed-Omar Cunningham 4:12
10 No Drawls On-Lil Jimmie 3:48
11 Mind Made Up-Magic One 5:09
12 Nose Wide Open-Benito/LadyQ 4:08
13 Is It Ova-Hisyde/Avail Hollywood 4:36
14 Tell Me Is It Love-Sir Charles Jones 4:40
15 My Rockin Chair- Tip The Singer4:17
16 Turn That Thing Around-Ghetto Cowboy 4:17
17 I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love-Donnie Ray 4:04
18 Ol' School Love-Napoleon Demps 4:08
19 99 Problems -Fat Daddy/Msgic One4:15
20 We Doin Alright-Wilson Meadows 4:01
21 Is It Real-Bishop Bullwinkle 2:44
22 You Can't Have My Man-Jinda 3:58
23 Can I Come Back Home-Choppa Law 4:54
24 I Could've Stayed At Home-J-Fitz 3:31
25 I Got A Thing For You-Mose Stovall 4:18
26 I'm Tired-Veronica Ra'elle 4:06
27 Leaving You For Me-Sir Charles Jones 5:21

1 Cotton Candy
2 Can I Get Some
3 Go Get A Room
4 Love Ingredients
5 I'll Pay The Shipping Cost
6 Confessing My Love Pains
7 Love U Better
8 Good Woman
9 Home With Me Tonight
10 Pretty Lady
11 Thinkin' Bout
12 Make It Right
13 Bouji Booty
William Bell "The Very Best Of"  
1. You Don't Miss Water
2. Any Other Way
3. Share What You Got (But Keep What You Need)
4. Never Like This Before
5. Everybody Loves a Winner
6. Eloise (Hang on in There)
7. Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday
8. Tribute to a King, A
9. Every Man Oughta Have a Woman
10. Private Number
11. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
12. My Baby Specializes
13. My Whole World Is Falling Down
14. Happy
15. Born Under a Bad Sign
16. All For the Love of a Woman
17. Save Us
18. Lovin' on Borrowed Time
19. I've Got to Go on Without You
20. Getting What You Want (Losin' What You Got)

William Bell "New Lease On Life"


1. New Lease on Life
2. Playaz Only Love You (When They're Playing)
3. Part Time Lover (Full Time Friend)
4. My Body Don't Know
5. Honey from the Bee
6. You Got a Hold on Me
7. Keep a Light in the Window
8. Got an Island Feelin'
9. Treat Her Right (Like a Lady)
10. Up Close and Personal
11. Save Us
12. Every Sunday Morning

Jim Bennett "Southern Soul Highway: The Essential"

The ultimate Jim Bennett cd with 14 tracks of his best plus a couple new tracks


1 Mr. Right On Time Dr Feelgood (4:44)
2. Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It (4:44)
3. Jody Got It All (4:33)
4. My Dear (4:27)
5. Southern Soul Highway (4:37)
6. You Can Use Me Up (4:11)
7. If He Wonít, I Will (4:47)
8. If I Canít Have Your Love (5:09)
9. She Laid A Freak On Me (4:22)
10. Just Keep Backing It Up (4:43)
11. Itís You That I Need (4:20)
12. The Body Roll (4:37)
13. Sleep Walkiní Jim (4:24)
14. Goldylocks (4:49)


1 What Happened To Jody
2 Why Baby
3 That Come Back Kind Of Love
4 I'm Still Partying
5 I Need Some Body
6 WE Got To Take Time
7 It's Just So Long
8 Your A Thing Of The Past
9 Who Say
10 It's Just So Long

Featuring "Black Lives Matter", "Bump And Roll", "JB's Groove" and more..

1 Wanna Party With You
2 That Kinda Woman
3 One Man's Trash
4 I Need A Bootee Call
5 I Wanna Make Love To You
6 Love TKO
7 We're Going Out On The Town
8 Turn Back The Hands Of Time
9 Try Me
10 It's So Good To Be Home


Eric Bibb "Dear America"



1. Whole Lotta Lovin' (feat. Ron Carter)
2. Born Of A Woman (feat. Shaneeka Simon)
3. Whole World's Got The Blues (feat. Eric Gales)
4. Dear America
5. Different Picture (feat. Chuck Campbell)
6. Tell Yourself
7. Emmett's Ghost (feat. Ron Carter)
8. White & Black
9. Along The Way
10. Talkin' 'Bout A Train, Pt. 1 (feat. Billy Branch)
11. Talkin' 'Bout A Train, Pt. 2
12. Love's Kingdom (feat. Tommy Sims & Glen Scott)
13. One-ness Of Love (feat. Lisa Mills)


1 Grown and Sexy Jazz
2 Grateful-Thankful-Blessed (feat. Kurt "KC" Clayton)
3 Looking for a Country Girl (Smooth Mix) [feat. North 2unes Woodall]
4 Thats My Job
5 Take It Off (feat. Wendell B)
6 Chianti-Wine-Cheese
7 Song for Roger (Smooth Mix)
8 Relax
9 Riding n Thinkin (feat. Darnell "Showcase" Taylor)
1 Sailing (feat. Kurt "KC" Clayton)
11 Step for Me (Ballroom Groove)
12 Bid Whist n Spades
13 Carla's Song (Long Version)
14 Take It Off (Bigg Robb's Bedroom Mix) [feat. Randy Villars]

1 Born (Intro)
2 I Need a Drink
3 Pop It in the Middle
4 If Loving You Is Wrong (I Dont Want to Be Right)
5 Thick 'n' Juicy
6 Leaning
7 Born 2 Do This
8 Stay in Your Place
9 Good Thang
10 Bear Meat (Blues)
11 Haters (They Don't Want to See You Win)
12 Swing Out
13 My Best Friend Died
14 Mess Wit Me / Moments in Love (Medley)
15 Mr Groove (Line Dance Funk Remix)
16 All Night Long
17 10-4 (Zydeco)
18 Twitch
19 I Love You (Baby Please Don't Go)


1. Welcome
2. Sugar Shack (Extra Long Remix)
3. Good Good
4. Blues and BBQ (feat. Denise Lasalle)
5. Hotter Than Fish Grease
6. Getting It In
7. Showtime
8. Singing the Blues
9. Turn It Up / More Bounce to the Ounce (Medley)
10. We Can Do It (The Big Man's Anthem)
11. Please Don't Judge Me
12. Biggrobbdotcom
13. Good Love (Remix) [feat. Mz Jackson]
14. Good Good (2 Step Remix)
15. Fill It Up (Line Dance Remix)
16. Keri's Song (Bigg Robb's Love Theme III)


1 Bigg Robb Loves U
2 Salt 'n Pepper
3 Cuttin' Up (feat. O.B. Buchana)
4 Sexy (feat. Lebrado)
5 Slide in It
6 Let Me Put My Name on It
7 That's My Job
8 Love You Down (Bigg Robb's Remix)
9 Good Music (1970's Mix)
10 Looking Good Tonight
11 Medley: I Did My Time / Hung up on My Baby
12 Don't Be Ashamed (Swingout Mix)
13 Mama and Daddy (feat. Vick Allen)
14 Don't Let the Rain (feat. Shirley Murdock)
15 Song for Roger Troutman

 1. Intro
2. Partytime
3. Get a Room
4. Fill It Up
5. Im so Glad
6. Let's Straighten It Out
7. Thirsty / I Cant Wait (Medley)
8. Slow Motion
9. Not Ashamed
10. Dont Let the Gray Hair Fool Ya
11. Booty Pop
12. Bigg Robb Loves You Commercial
13. Looking for a Country Girl
14. Swing It for Me (Swingout 2step Mix)
15. Slow Motion Remix
16. Work That Sexy (Zydeco Mix)
17. I Got Ya
18. Carla's Song (Bigg Robb's Love Theme Ii)

1 Got My Whiskey
2 Blues and BBQ (feat. Denise Lasalle)
3 Party 'N' Step
4 Green Crown (feat. R-3)
5 My Best Friend Died
6 Shothouse / Clean up Woman (feat. Toia Jones)
7 Don't Let the Gray Hair Fool Ya (Memphis Mix) [feat. Da Problem Solvas]
8 Singing the Blues
9 I Love You (Baby Please Don't Go)
10 Call the Bigg Robb Hotline
11 Good Good (Long Version)
12 Byob (Feat. Mel Waiters)
13 You Can Get It (feat. Toia Jones)
14 Backtracking
15 Work That Sexy Zydeco (Long Version)
16 Pop Dat Monkey (Extra Bass Mix)
17 Please Don't Judge Me
Looking For More Bigg Robb CDs? BIGG ROBB

1 Come and Get It (feat. J Wonn)
2 Cowgirl (feat. J Wonn & T Baby)
3 Booty Talkin' (feat. Dave Mack)
4 4 Play
5 Lay Around (feat. Dave Mack)
6 Allright
7 Just Like Heaven (feat. Napoleon)
8 I Look Good on You
9 Stepping Out
10 The Remix
11 Ride (feat. Coco & Suga Kee)

1 On the Track (Intro) 0:51
2 Get It 4:07
3 Cake 3:10
4 The Boots on Song 4:00
5 I'm Your Man 4:30
6 New 2 Someone Else 3:12
7 Grown Man Business 4:03
8 A Little Freaky 4:34
9 Bedroom Rodeo 2:53
10 I Need a Freak 3:17
11 Don't Whip It 3:18
12 She Wants a Man 3:23
13 No Getting over Me 3:23
J. Blackfoot "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over"  
1. It Ain't Over till It's Over
2. I'm Just a Fool For You with Lenny Williams
3. Keep It in the House
4. L.O.V.E.
5. Stop, Drop & Roll Over
6. Two Different People with Ann Hines
7. Picking up Pieces
8. Man Made Over
9. Same Woman
10.I'm Just Fool For You with Sir Charles Jones
11. Just Can't Tell Nobody
12. Let It Flow
13. If It Don't Make Dollars

J. Blackfoot "The Very Best Of"

1. Taxi (Live in Selma, Alabama)
2. I'm Just a Fool for You (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
3. Mr. Bus Driver
4. Meow
5. More Than a Woman
6. Two Different People (feat. Queen Ann Hines)
7. I'm Just a Fool for You (feat. Lenny Williams)
8. Picking Up Pieces
9. Put a Little Something Down on It
10. The Sweeter He Is (feat. Soul Children)
11. L.O.V.E.
12. Long Ride Home (feat. Soul Children)
13. I'll Understand
J. Blackfoot Looking For More J. Blackfoot CDs? J. BLACKFOOT
1. I Can't Go on Mrs. Jones
2. Dip My Dipper (What U Say)
3. I'm Satisfied
4. She Works the Night Shift
5. I Want Some More of Your Love
6. Into Something
7. It's the Blues Uprising
8. You're No Good
9. Here Comes the Heartaches
10.Let Jesus Lead You
11.Be Careful With my Heart
12.Damn Fool
13.We're Gonna Have A Party
14.Yes I Do
15.It's You I Need
16.Get The Hell On

Bobby Blue Bland "Unmatched: The Very Best Of"

 1. I Just Tripped On A Piece Of Your Heart
2. I'm A Blues Man
3. I Need Your Love So Bad
4. Tonight's The Night
5. Ain't No Sunshine
6. If I Don't Get Involved
7. Members Only
8. I Just Won't Be Your Fool Anymore
9. The Truth Will Set You Free
10.Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time
11. Second Hand Heart
12. Sad Street
13. When Hearts Grow Cold
14. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
15. After All
16. Heart Open Up Again

Bobby 'Blue" Bland "Live On Beale Street" DVD

with Johnnie Taylor & Bobby Rush


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Billy Soul Bonds "Cat Daddy"



Much Right Man
Cat Daddy
Get Her With My Twitter
Every Time My Neighbor Walks His Dog
Here Puppy Puppy
He Went To Bed With A Woman (But Woke Up With A Man)
She's The Woman I Love (This Is It)
I Owe You One
Whose Foolin' Who
Use It (While You Got It)


Billy 'Soul' Bonds "Here Kitty Kitty"


 1. Scat Cat, Here Kitty, Kitty
2. Movin' on Again
3. Bedroom Workout
4. It Took Someone Like You
5. Give Them Their Flowers
6. Wedding Song
7. I'm Gonna Do Betta, Baby
8. I Ain't No Gopher Rat
9. I Failed
10. Bedroom (remix)


Andrew Booker "I Miss My Mom & Dad"


 1. Bingo Lover
2. I'm About to Get Old, I Got to Slow My Roll
3. 20 Hard Days
4. Don't Tell Me, I Don't Need to Know
5. Policeman Coming 'n' You Going to Jail
6. Oow, Wee
7. I Miss My Mom 'n' Dad
8. Bed Lawyer


Reggie Boone "Made Of Love"


1 Stand
2 It's Your Time
3 Tell Me
4 Gonna Be Alright
5 Made of Love
6 Bless Our Love
7 I'm so Proud
8 I Love the Lord
9 Lord Thank You
10 Trying and Trying
11 Love One Another
12 What Christmas Means to Me
13 He's Coming
14 Me on Me
15 Living Life Ain't Easy
16 When It Comes to You
17 Do It

Toni Braxton "The Very Best Of"

He Wasn't Man Enough 4:21
Hit The Freeway 3:48
You Mean The World To Me 4:55
Un-Break My Heart 4:30
How Could An Angel Break My Heart 4:20
Maybe 3:08
You're Makin' Me High 4:27
How Many Ways 4:47
Seven Whole Days 6:20
A Better Man 3:58
Breathe Again 4:29
I Belong To You 5:53
Let It Flow 4:25
Spanish Guitar 4:10
1 Kitty Whipped
2 Nothing Like Good Sex
3 Club Booty
4 I'll Do Me a Big Girl
5 I'm Taking a Stand
6 Daisy Dukes with Thigh High Boots
7 Sexy and You Know It
8 Gonna Have a Good Time [Clean]
9 Buckle Up
10 I Want to Show You Girl
11 Club Booty (Zydeco Remix)
1 Dance with Me
2 I Drinks My Whiskey
3 My Outside Woman
4 I Got You
5 Southern Soul Party
6 Sidepiece Motel
7 I Ain't Goin' Nowhere Tonight
8 She's a Freak
9 Give Me All Your Love
10 You Got to Make a Change
1  I'm Hot in Mississippi
2 Can You Do It Again
3 You're Making Me Want Some
4 This is the Real Blues
5 I'm Getting You Ready
6 I Didn't Know You Was a Freak Like That
7 I Got Love
8 I'm An O.G.
9 Diamond In The Middle
10 Come Back To Me
11. I Didn't Know You Was A Freak Like That (Club Mix)
David Brinston "Two Way Love Affair & Other Hits"

Best Of On Ecko Records

1 Two Way Love Affair
2 You've Got Something I Want (Remix)
3 Dirty Woman
4 Booty Humpin' Grind
5 Pay the Cost
6 Here I Go Again
7 You Caught Me with My Drawers Off
8 I'll Be There
9 Beat It Up
10 I Came to Party
11 Back It up and Put It Here
12 After Party
david brinston somebody's cuttin my cake Looking For David Brinston CDs? DAVID BRINSTON
Shirley Brown "Woman To Woman: Deluxe"

Deluxe remaster with bonus tracks


1. It Ain't No Fun
2. Long As You Love Me
3. Stay With Me Baby
4. I've Got To Go On Without You
5. Woman To Woman
6. So Glad To Have You
7. Passion
8. I Can't Give You Up
9. I Need You Tonight
10. Between You And Me
11. Yes Sir Brother
12. Ain't No Way
13. Respect
14. Rock Steady
15. Sealed, Delivered Signed


Shirley Brown "Unleashed"


1. Upside Down
2. I Don't Wanna Leave
3. Clean House
4. You Should'a Known Better
5. I Wish You Didn't Love Me So Good
6. Let Me Relax You
7. If You Can't Hit It Right
8. Sample Of My Love, A
9. You Gave Me Hell
10. Why, When I Hear Your Name
11. You Ain't Gonna Get No More Of My Love
12. Watch What You Tell Your Friends
Shirley Brown "The Soul OF A Woman" *  
1. Why You Want to Love Me Like That
2. You're Never Gonna Find Another Love Like Mine
3. Don't Go Lookin' for My Man
4. Power of a Women, The
5. Who Is Betty?
6. Female Player
7. Search Is Over, The
8. Last Time I Cry, The (Over a Man)
9. You Left a Good Woman for a Good Time
10. I Caught You With Your Pants Down
11. He Looked Beyond My Faults
Looking For More Shirley Brown CDs? SHIRLEY BROWN
1. There's A Right Way To Do Wrong
2. I Like The Way You Swing
3. You're The One, Baby (with Lomax)
4. I'ts Booty Shakin' Time
5. They Were Gone
6. Swing On (Remix)
7. Why Can't I Be Your Lover
8. Good And Grown Lovin'
9. Until Next Time
10.Freak In The Sheets
11.The Last Dance
1. I Wanna Get With You
2. Parking Lot Love Affair
3. Teach Me How To Swing
4. Goody Good Good Stuff
5. Jam On With Me
6. Get On Up
7. Keep On Rollin'
8. Teach Me How To Swing (remix)
9. Las Vegas Mississippi
10.The Mule

1 Ghetto Funk
2 Tasty Girl
3 Tip It Up
4 If We Steal Away
5 Mississippi Folks
6 Getting You Ready for Me
7 Swing On
8 Tasty Girl (Remix)
9 Body Drain
10 Rooster Rooster Guinea Guinea
11 You Don't Want a Good Man

O.B. Buchana "The Best Of"

 You're Just Playin' With It
Back Up Lover
She's Got The Best Lovin That Ever Put On A Pair Of Drawers
I'm Goin' Back Home
Let's Get Drunk
Booty Scoot
Come And Get It While He's Gone
Just Because He's Good To You
Let Me Knock The Dust Off
Just Go Dancin'
I Can't Stop Drinkin'
You Might Have To Hurt [Previously Unreleased]
Did You Put Your Foot In It
I Was Searching

O.B.'s 15th release on Ecko Records which contains 10 tracks and features Pokey Bear and Omar Cunningham.

Looking For More O.B. Buchana CDs? O.B. BUCHANA

Bishop Bullwinkle "The Da Vinci Code"

Bullwinkle's only official album release features "Some Preachers", "Is It Real", "No Woman No Cry". "Hell Naw" and others

1 Tennessee Whiskey
2 Thank God It's 2021
3 Booty Shakin' Resurrection
4 Somebody Stole My Honey (RNB Version)
5 Sprinkle My Love
6 I Can't Breathe
7 Drivving Me To Drink
8 Pouring Water (w/ Bishop Bullwinkle)
9 I'll Be Broke This Christmas
10 Somebody Stole MY Honey (SS Version)
11 Thank God It's 2021 (Instrumental Version 2)
12 Tennesse Whiskey (Instrumental Sax Version)
 1 Too Much Booty Shakin'
2 Everybody Step to the Steppin' Song
3 No Bones About It
4 Southern Soul Showdown
5 You Could Lose It All
6 The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get There
7 Meat on Them Bones
8 Born to Sing Southern Soul Blues
9 Can't Help the Way I Feel 'Bout Cha
10 Can't Touch This (Remix)
11 The Hole Inside the Hole in the Wall
12 Full Time Man
13 Beach Music Lover
14 New Swing Soul
Looking For More Sir Jonathan Burton CDs? SIR JONATHAN BURTON
1. Third of the Month
2. Who Said the Grass Is Not Greener on the Otherside
3. Juke Joint Shack
4. Whine It Up
5. Preacher Was a Home Wrecker
6. I Left My Woman
7. Take Me to the Bootlegger
8. I Let a Woman Take My Woman
9. Trust Me Baby
10. Took My Grandma to the Club (Remix)
11. Got Me a Country Girl (Bonus Track)


Stan Butler "Back To Basics"


1. Respect Intro
2. Respect Your Woman
3. Got Me a Woman (feat. Ron G)
4. Took My Grandma to the Club
5. Caught Up
6. Tootie Boot
7. 3rd of the Month
8. Woman Must Be Cheating


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