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Sterling Williams

Walter Sterling Williams was born in Bryan, Texas, in 1944. Like so many other Blues and Soul singers Sterling started singing in church before crossing those cracks to the secular world. In his mid-twenties he met "Gene "Bowlegs" Miller who introduced him to heavyweights like Joe Tex & O.V. Wright. Miller started getting Sterling booked but it was Paul Richmond who got Sterling into the studio for his sole 60s recording. Two Richmond songs, "Look What Love can Do" & "You're Too Bust Talking" were cut for a small label but made no noise.
He sauntered on through the 70s performing in the South with his own band, Universal Language Band and on his own throughout the 80s while living in California. It wasn't until 1995 that he got a chance to record again when executive producer Doris Downs had Sterling record tracks for his first LP released on Downs' Everready Records. The LP, "One Day At A Time" was well received in the chitlin' circuit with the song "Grade A Quality" becoming a radio favorite. It got Sterling some gigs but it took another 7 years for his next LP, "My Baby's Love". These sessions were produced for Bob Grady's BGR imprint.

In 2006 Sterling was signed by Ecko Records for "Brand New Man".


Album Discography

"One Day At A Time" (Everready 1995)

1. Grade a Quality
2. I'll Do Right for Your Love
3. Giving Me the Blues
4. One Day at a Time
5. Learning to Live My Life Without You
6. Testify
7. One on One
8. Somethings Happening
9. I Dont Wanta Lose You
10. Thank You

"My Baby's Love" (BGR 2002)

1 Headed to the Casino
2 My Secret Love
3 Wadn't Mine Anyway
4 My Baby's Love
5 Beyond a Shadow of Doubt
6 Second Hand Heart
7 The Man Inside of Me
8 One On One
9 Something's Happening
10 I Don't Wanta Lose You

"Brand New Man" (Ecko 2006)

1. Dirty Woman
2. The Only Habit I Got Is Loving You
3. Brand New Man
4. You Better Know Your Hole from Mine
5. They Don't Know Like I Know
6. I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You
7. You've Got a Booger Bear Under There
8. Heartache Medicine
9. I'm on My Way
10. In the Ghetto

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